Story – ‘Youthful Outlaw’

CALIFORNIA. I thought that I’d share a bondage experience that was a major event in my life—where a boy’s game of cowboys opened up a new aspect of being tied up… The story I have in mind takes place when we were 13 years old or so.

My first bondage experiences go back to when I was 7-8 years old, playing “cowboys.” Although the cowboy games we played were pretty simple and tame, being just kids running around with toy pistols, shouting at each other, we did dress up like masked outlaws and tie each other up with pieces of rope and cord.

We weren’t very good with rope, and tying up each other at first, but as the years went by I really got into playing cowboys with another kid my age, who became my best friend. There were a lot of other kids who played with us, but they weren’t into tying up “prisoners” like my friend Sean and I were.

We used to practice tying and gagging each other for hours, and got to be very good at doing it, as well as at escaping from our ropes. We used to challenge other boys to try and tie us up—and usually managed to get loose.

Sean and I were the best and the closest of friends. We were the same age, and size, both of us were bright, blue eyed, shaggy blond haired freckle faced kids, with big silly smiles, full of energy. We looked very much alike, and often were mistaken for twins, or brothers. We were active and athletic and had a lot of common interests. We were on the swim team, played soccer, and baseball, played saxophones in the school band, were active in boy scouts, in fact did just about everything together—and were almost inseparable. People called us “the gold dust twins.”

We often even slept together, spending the night over at each other’s houses, and sharing a sleeping bag when we camped out. We showered together many times and felt and compared each other’s bodies on several occasions. But we knew nothing about sex—at al—except that somehow it involved our cocks. We were just starting to go through puberty, and our cocks and balls had started to develop and grow, an event that we noticed and compared each other’s progress. Mine was noticeably larger than Sean’s—(a sign of things to come.)

As I said, Sean and I had regular sessions where we’d play cowboy and tie each other up. By the age of 12-13, we were very good at it—to the point that it was almost impossible to get loose, and we developed a game that was at the same time a test and challenge of skill and endurance. Basically it went like this: One or the other of us would submit to being tied up by the other (sometimes other boys would play with us). The person being tied up had to submit and cooperate with the person tying him up.

When you had finished being tied up and worked on, a metal boy-scout whistle was hung on a chain around your neck so that it hung down onto your chest. If, somehow, you blew the whistle, you would be immediately released and untied, and you would “win” the game—and get to tie up the person who had tied you up (this was hard to do because you were usually gagged and/or masked).

You would be left tied up for 2 hours. If you got loose in that period of time, you would win the game also—and get to tie up your captor. Or you could give up—after an hour had gone by—but you would have to submit to being tied up again the next time the game was played. In any case, at the end of 2 hours you would be untied, unless you still wanted to try and get loose.

At any rate, one weekend I went to stay over at Sean’s, as both of our families were going to be out of town.

I went over on a Friday night. We ate some pizza, and started to watch T.V. At some point during the program Sean left the room and was gone for a long time. I really didn’t pay attention. But after a while he returned, dressed in his cowboy/outlaw costume, masked and holding a pair of handcuffs in one gloved hand—a drawn pistol in the other.

I didn’t resist and let him handcuff my hands behind my back. Then he tied my ankles together with some cord, and gagged me with two blue bandanas. Then he helped me hop down the hallway to his room where he helped me sit down in a chair…

He had a pile of ropes, cord, bandanas and adhesive tape lined up on his desk top and dresser, as well as my boy scout whistle hanging on its chain off one of his bunk bed posts.

I watched as he slowly and methodically laid out the ropes and cords he was going to tie me up with. He looked very much like the outlaw he was trying to be, dressed entirely in black. He had cowboy boots, jeans, leather chaps, holsters & pistols, black silk shirt, kid leather gloves, a black silk bandana over his face and a black rubber eye mask on. His cowboy hat hung down over his back on top of a full length black cape. I really was turned on by him when he dressed up like that. His blue eyes sparkled behind his mask’s eye slits and his blond hair stood out over his black mask as it hung down over his face. As he went about getting ready to tie me up, his boy scout whistle, which hung down over his chest, swung and swayed from side to side across his chest.

Sean removed the handcuffs and told me to take my shirt and T-shirt off. I obeyed, and removed them, and put my hands back behind my back, so Sean could cuff them again.

Next he untied my ankles and removed my shoes and socks. Then he unbuckled my belt and took my pants off, leaving me in my underpants (the way we usually tied each other up). But this time, as he bent down to tie my ankles again, he decided to remove my underpants as well, and pulled them down and off. My cock hung down semi erect, something it had never done before.

Sean looked at it, but pretended not to notice it.

From that point my knees were tied with cord above and below the kneecaps, and my legs were tied at the thighs. Then my elbows were tied with cord and pulled in and cinched about 6-8 inches apart. This was followed by a long piece of cord being wrapped and tied around my arms and chest, pulling my arms into my body.

Sean worked slowly, methodically and took special care when tying the knots. The ropes were snug, the knots tight, and usually double or triple tied.

Now my wrists were tied with cord just below the handcuffs, and then my thumbs were tied together. Then, Sean took another piece of cord, tied it around my waist, knotted it in the small of my back and tied it to and around my handcuff chain, immobilizing my wrists from moving from side to side. Small pieces of tape were put over the handcuff’s keyholes, and then Sean taped my fingers together.

He was definitely enjoying himself, really getting off on tying me up. His big blue eyes sparkled behind his mask.

He sat me down in the chair, removed my gag and wiped my mouth dry with a towel. He went over to his desk, picked up a small bag and dumped its contents out on the desk.

One of the items that fell out was a rubber boxing mouthpiece which Sean worked into my open mouth. Then he picked up two blue balloons, and with a pencil’s eraser end he pushed one balloon inside the other. Then he put a small funnel into the balloons, and poured some flour through the funnel into the balloons. This done, Sean pinched the mouthpiece stem of the balloons and pushed the balloon past the mouthpiece and into my mouth so that the balloon sat on my tongue.

Then Sean began taping adhesive tape over my mouth, lower jaw and face. He left the balloon stem sticking out of my mouth, and taped around it. Finally, when he had my entire mouth, lower jaw and face securely and tightly taped over, he picked up his boy scout canteen, pulled down his bandana face mask, and took a swig of water into his mouth.

He used a piece of string to tie a loose knot around the stem of the balloons that was sticking out of my taped-over mouth. Then he put his lips up, onto the balloon, and squirted water into the balloon in my mouth until it filled my mouth. It was a very effective gag, and while allowing for you to swallow, you could not talk and could hardly make any noise. Sean waited for me to protest as to the balloon’s size, and pulled the string tight, tying the balloon’s stem with a knot. Then the balloon’s stem itself was pulled and stretched into a knot. With his boy scout knife Sean cut the string off at the knot. He taped over the end of the knotted balloon stem, and then, with the tape, he wrapped and taped over my mouth, back around my neck and back over my mouth, three times. I was gagged very well.

To my surprise, and embarrassment, my cock was fully erect. This was the first time that this had ever happened. It felt good, but I wasn’t sure what it meant, when your cock got hard like that. But I liked the feeling that went with it, and was slightly embarrassed by it.

Sean had noticed it as well, but was too far into tying me up to stop and pay attention to it for the moment.

Next Sean got a cloth bandanna and folded it and tied it once over my mouth, knotting it very tightly behind my neck. Then another bandanna was tied over my face like an outlaw mask.

At this point Sean went over to his dresser and retied his bandanna face mask over his face, and put his boy scout whistle into his mouth under the mask, and blew a couple of soft, long blasts on it.

My own boy scout whistle was put around my neck, and the chain hooked tightly. The heavy metal whistle hung down onto my chest.

Sean then got some cotton balls and stuffed them into my ears, cutting off about 80% of my hearing.

Now Sean was helping me up out of the chair and over to the bottom bunk of the bunkbed. He sat me down, laid me on my side and pulled my legs up onto the bed, then rolled me over to a face down position… I was centered on the bed, and ropes were tied from one side of the bed rail to and around my legs, waist and shackles, pulled tight and tied securely. This effectively kept me from rolling from side to side on the bed.

Now my ankles were pulled up towards my back and tied to my wrists, putting me in a hogtied position. Then another rope was tied from a crossboard beneath the upper bed mattress, down to and around my ankles, so that my feet were in a straight up position.

Sean removed my pillow and put a mirror in front of me, so if I lifted my head up and looked forward I could see myself and look at my masked face.

Now Sean pulled out a long piece of big rope and started to make/tie a hangman’s noose. This took about ten minutes and as I watched him making it I couldn’t help but notice how good the weight of my body felt on my hard throbbing cock.

Sean finished the hangman’s noose and slipped it over my head, and made it fit snugly around my neck. Then he tied it off above me onto the bottom of the crossboard beneath the top bunk.

He stood up, blew a couple of low sharp blasts on his whistle, and left the room.

I tried to move but was tied up so well that it was impossible to move more than an inch or so in any direction, save for my head, which I could turn from side to side.

I looked at myself and tried to talk, but the loudest sound I could make was a very low muffled moan through my gag.

Sean had done a good job on me. I’d never get loose. My only hope was to blow my whistle that lay on the bed off to the side of my face. It wouldn’t be easy, gagged as well as I was.

The gag was really a heavy duty gag, the flour and water mix in the balloon had begun to get hard and slowly expand, like dough, in my mouth. I could feel it slowly get harder, and grow larger in my mouth.

The door opened, Sean entered the room holding a black rubber blindfold.

He walked over and stood above me and blew two long whistle blasts (a signal & command for me to try to talk). I tried my best but only a muffled moan could be heard. Sean checked my gag and mask.

Then he blew three long whistle blasts (the command to try to move as much as possible). I really put my heart into it, and moved as much as I could, violently jerking and thrusting in every direction as hard and as best I could. Sean checked my ropes as I strained against them.

At this point, while thrusting about wildly on top of my hard throbbing cock, a new feeling arose in my body, one I’d never felt before. It felt good and was a hot pulsating force that seemed to be working its way up towards and into my cock. It was a very wonderful feeling. I stared into the mirror at my masked face, and watched Sean, who was starting to kneel down alongside of me–I continued to sway back and forth, working the hot feeling in my cock—thrusting and rolling on it, pushing all my body’s weight down on it.

Sean blew a sharp short whistle blast (the command to stop and hold still). I obeyed. He combed my hair back, so he could put the blindfold on. I stared at my big blue eyes, and continued to push my body weight down onto my cock. Then, suddenly, a very hot surge and pulse began to work its way up into my cock. I didn’t know what was happening. Like a pump my cock was moving on its own. One, two hard, strong throbbing surges—the blindfold was being lowered over my eyes, three, four—the black rubber blindfold was being stretched tightly over my eyes and pulled down over my hair, five, six hot strong surges—four loud whistle blasts sounded (the signal that I was to try and get loose). Seven, the door slammed shut—eight, nine hot pulsating hard thrusts of my cock. I moaned a long soft sigh through my gag, my heart pounded and my mind was rocking with this new and unknown pleasurable experience and feeling from my cock.

I realized that I must have ejaculated. I’d heard about it, but this was the real thing. I lay there in total darkness, bound and gagged with my cock still rock hard and realized that being tied up could be more than just a game, and fun. It was a big turn on, and very pleasurable as well.

As I lay there a wonderful feeling came over me. I felt very relaxed and good. Already I was beginning to feel that feeling again deep within me. I started rocking and thrusting again, and I could feel it building, and it wasn’t long until I came again, shooting long hot wads of cum through and out of my newly initiated cock.

I lay there bound, gagged and blindfolded on the lower bunk until around one or two in the morning (Sean had fallen asleep while watching T.V.)

Still dressed and masked in his cowboy outfit he entered the room and removed my blindfold. The sight of him made me hard again, and I almost didn’t want to be untied. But I knew that it wouldn’t be long before we played our game again.

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