Story – ‘The Rules’

He awoke with a jerk, his head snapping up and filled with the scent of leather and the taste of latex. Confused, he felt himself slung forward, an ache in his shoulders, his muscles stretched and tired. The world around him was total blackness. He realized his arms were suspended and holding up his body, knees slightly buckled. Struggling through consciousness, he found his balance despite his inability to move his legs or arms much, instinctively pulling himself upright, finding footing on a cold stone floor.

He was stretched tight. His arms were aching and his hands numb, hanging limply over some type of cuff. His wrists were raw and throbbing and had little give in the restraints. Gingerly, he tried to move them and felt cold metal at the tips of his fingers. The ankles were also cuffed and able to only move a few inches on each side.

As he emerged from his confusion, he tried to speak and found his mouth was stretched open and aching. Something rigid had been forced between his teeth and the source of the latex taste was now apparent. His tongue found a thick rubber object lodged in his mouth. As he struggled to understand this invader, he felt around the indentations and curves. He instinctively knew the shape.

It was the head of a penis.

Jeremy yelled and pulled on his bonds, desperate to escape. He’d never had a cock in his mouth before and he shook his head trying to get thing out of his mouth. His entire jaw was encased in leather and he became aware of straps on the sides of his face and around his head. He breathed deep, filling his head with the smell of the leather gag and screamed again. Even to his ears it sounded muffled and pathetic. Whatever blindfold he was wearing encased his eyes totally and he spent minutes furiously shouting and writhing to no avail in the silent dark. The only sounds were the small clink of a slight chain rattle and his own muted shouts that died instantly around him.

His struggles gained him nothing but frustration and new abrasions on his wrists and ankles. His arms and legs could move mere inches and it was only then that he realized he was naked. Fear had drawn his testicles as tight as possible to his body as he understood how truly exposed he was.

Then, panic.

Anxiety overtook him and his spent several minutes desperately yanking at the bonds as fear welled inside him. The muscles of his college football career had not yet faded and his efforts nearly lifted him off the floor as he pulled against the chains at his wrists. A fury passed across his body, wracking his tired muscles as he struggled against the restraints. This lasted for several minutes until, exhausted and scared, he stood with his arms slackened and his body coated in a very fine film of sweat. He felt the leather cuffs on his hands grow a bit slicker and even in his fear he had a vague recognition of the feel of those restraints against his skin. They had the same feel of his old, leather carpenter gloves, the inside made supple and smooth from years of sweat. He wasn’t the first one that had worn these cuffs. His body shivered.

Jeremy tried hard to figure how he had gotten here. He remembered arriving back to his apartment after a date with Cheryl and logging onto the Internet. She hadn’t been up for anything and he went online to his usual chat locations. He vaguely remembered turning toward some movement behind him, a quick a sharp pain, then nothing.

He felt the fear creep up again. In the seeming hours that followed he kept hoping for the blindfold to be taken off, revealing his buddies or even Cheryl, a victim of an elaborate joke. Each passing moment killed that hope died a little more. He was naked and expertly chained. His only options were to fear the worst. And he did.

Like his initial attempts to feel out his restraints, Jeremy reluctantly found himself exploring the phallic bit in his mouth like his tongue had a mind of its own. Some type of solid leather ring kept his mouth wide open, his jaw firmly set in a leather binder that encased his lower face. His mouth was very dry and his chapped lips could only move slightly against the tight leather surface. The cock only extended maybe an inch into his mouth but was impossibly large. Even with his mouth forced widely open, the thickness of it filled the entire space. Jeremy realized that he was lucky there was so little of it in his mouth. Much more of it and he would have not be able to move his tongue. Despite the rubber taste, the head felt incredibly life-like and he found himself feeling the surface give just like flesh might. In this lonely darkness, he began visualizing the ridges and veins he thought he could just barely make out with his tongue. Then he brushed the cock head and felt the hole slightly open and the tip of tongue slip just inside. Nauseated, he fought the urge to choke as he realized just how realistic the dildo was in his mouth. Again he shrugged his head, desperate to cast of this artificially intimate intruder. He heard felt himself gag and tried to calm down, terrified of getting sick and choking to death.

He pulled against the fetters once, twice and again to get his bearings, steady his mind and calm his breathing, focusing on keeping his tongue under his mental control.

Jeremy felt like he had been hanging for hours but it could have been minutes or days. He mind drifted and he realized that it was the beginning of the weekend. He often went away so it could be days before even his girlfriend realized his was missing. Suddenly, Jeremy remembered that he had logged onto his computer when he was taken. He groaned in fear about what they would find if anyone went over looking for him and the adult sites he belong to. Even enmeshed in his current predicament, he was worried about what others would think of him if he got out of here.

His mind raced. Why him and why was he here? Who could have done this and why? He refused to let himself think even deeper, more damning thoughts.

Exhausted and with seemingly no end to this ordeal, his body had no choice but to relax into the restraints. His breathing returned to normal and his body made its discomfort known once more. He felt scrapes on his wrists and ankles, the ache in his muscles and had to keep moving his limbs to ease fatigue and keep blood flowing. He also had near unstoppable urge to piss. He had no idea of the time he’d been strung up but he did remember the beers he consumed at dinner and regretted each one of them. He made a few more shouts in vain and rattled his confinements as best he could. Nothing had changed before with these efforts and it still didn’t. The movement made the need even worse and all he could do was bite hard on the ring around the cock bit in his mouth, willing himself not urinate.

It didn’t work. With sigh of dismay, he could no longer hold himself together. The feeling of release in relieving himself was unbelievable. He heard the slight gurgle of the discharge on the floor and then the splash of his own piss against his calves. The sense of relief turned to dismay as his flow continued unabated and the warm urine reached his feet. Even as he felt it puddle around him, Jeremy couldn’t stop himself. The act of controlling even this small thing felt liberating at first then dismaying as he realized his was standing in a puddle of his own piss. He lifted his feet in an already defeated effort of keeping them clean, picking up each one and finding it increasingly sticky as the urine cooled.

The sobs came them. Giant, wracking heaves. He had never been a crier. In his family, on his team, in his life, it just wasn’t possible. But he cried now for where he found himself and for what others would find when he was missing. His chest heaved with sobs and tears pooled around his eyes, filling his sockets, until finally finding an escape in some small place in the blindfold. Head sagging, he leaned against the knot his shoulder formed from the stretched binding. Surprisingly, he fell into a dreamless sleep amidst the sharp smell of his own piss, a stifling silence and tears drying on his cheeks.

“Ah, the breaking point.”

For a moment, Jeremy thought he was dreaming. His head moved and the pain in his body exploded all over again.

“It’s what I wait for and, while it is always slightly exhilarating, so rarely unique. This was no exception. You’ve made quite a mess.”

Confused at first, Jeremy realized someone else was finally in the room. His mouth cotton, he writhed alive again, emitting high pitched wails of pleading, of help, of mercy.

“Really, there is no need for that. Truly, there is no need.”

The animal instinct in Jeremy exploded when he realized, at last, that this was the source of his imprisonment. His plaintive noises replaced with sharp, angry noises of useless threats. He gathered his empty strength in attempt at fierce expression. This dark, baritone voice speaking to him was his unknown enemy.

“Nor for that.”

The fire across his ass was the most intense pain he had known and delivered without warning. Even after the blow, he felt a burning line across each cheek. He stamped each bound foot, wiggling his butt and wailing at the pain. The cutting sting shifted into an aching throb.

“You are in no position to offer anything but complete submission. I understand it feels unreasonable now but for your own sake you need to understand that I can do anything I want. I can do this whenever I want. ”

Another blow, a slightly lower strike than the first that lands closer to his thighs. Jeremy writhed in his bondage, shocked at the intensity of the blow. For the first time in his life he truly felt it. This was pain.

He gasped and bit hard on the gag. He heard mewling cries and couldn’t believe they were his own. Whether in exhaustion or shock, he settled down and felt tears streaming down his face for the second time in a few hours.

“That was a cane rod and can leave permanent marks. It is not the hardest rod I can use but it is close. I use it reluctantly only because I don’t necessarily like the aesthetic effect on the skin of my initiates.”

“You need to understand, I know who you are, who you really are. You need to understand that we’ve been communicating for months.”

“I am DungeMast72.”
“I am HoodedMan.”
“I am Fatherfigure3.”
“I am whipSmart30.”
“I am ThEbInDer.”

Jeremy felt himself sink against his bounds with a strangled gasp. He knew each of those names and what they meant. He had chatted with all of them for months. Every secret part of himself had been revealed in mostly drunken late night chats with these men. The exchanges were his darkest shame.

“You revealed yourself so early. It is easy enough for me to tap into your IP address, discover who you are, find your pathetic little long-ins then engage your fantasies. I don’t do this lightly. I used each persona to dig more out of you, to find out what you truly fear then truly want. Peeling the veneer off your desire was so effortless. It’s a simple procedure to find where you live and the lies you tell yourself and everyone around you. Even now, your girlfriend and your brother are finding out what you’ve been up to, the things they do when you are alone.”

At this outrage, Jeremy yelled again and launched on last attempt at the disembodied voice that knew more about him than he wanted anyone to know. The fetters held firm. The reply came in the form of a crack across his ass that felt worse than the previous blows. It was lightning. Jeremy howled.

“Please spare me the bravado. Even if you could yell, no one can hear you. This room is soundproof.”

The voice was even and unflinching.

“The last e-mail on your computer was a reply to HoodedMan to join him out West and leave your current life behind.
You accepted.”

Jeremy shook in despair. This man knew his fantasies and left them open to discovery for the closest people in his life. He was ruined.

“You need to also know that this isn’t temporary. This is now your existence. This is not a life to return to. Your things will be sold and your identity forgotten. You now need to understand who I am.”

“I am iron.”
“I am steel”
“I am stone.”

“I don’t care if I ever hear you speak again. Your acquiescence or you rejection is nothing to me. It is water against a granite wall. I don’t need anything from you that acknowledges your belief in me. That is imbecile. I am all and you are nothing. Rejoice in the fact that your life is now out of your control. How liberating that must be. How lucky you are.”

“You can’t understand this yet but you will. You will learn how your mouth and your ass are only repositories. Your body exists only to accentuate those two things in relation to what I need from them. Nothing more.”

“I gave you a many gifts tonight. The first is the very tip of my cock. You will learn the full extent of this gift later and will never be without it in your mouth or your ass. The second part of the gift is that I just gave you a taste of what your delight will soon be. I will eventually give you it all.

“When your training is complete in this matter, when your apprenticeship is over, you will be sold on how absolute your devotion is. This is what you want. You’ve said it to me a thousand times in hundreds of chats.”

Jeremy shook with fear. It was true that he had spent countless hours masturbating while chatting away to these ideas but never could fully commit to doing anything. He had never even been with a man.

“I am a man who believes in absolutes and the undeniable laws of the universe. One of the key governors of our existence you’ve already begun to learn: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. At a primitive level, you make noises or moves that offend me you get the lash. But there are far more elegant ways to demonstrate the principle.”

Jeremy immediately recognized the language and depth of his thoughts. Looking back, he realized each of the persona’s had just this type of approach to his interactions. He remembered the extent of the conversations and became increasingly worried.

Jeremy instinctively tried to step back as a hand clenched his testicles and pulled down sharply. Despite his previous blows, he couldn’t help but fight against the first man that had ever grabbed his balls. His grunts and jerks meant nothing. He felt something being strapped around them as they were forced away from his body and heard a faint but definitive snap. There was a slight click then a tug on his sack. Whatever it was, the device had effectively isolated his balls and captured them together.

The smack on his scrotum made him jump and even though it was slight, it hurt like hell.

“Stand on your toes.”

The next continuous strikes were less extreme but insistent and Jeremy found enough give in the bindings to rise up on the balls of his feet. All the while, he felt an uncomfortable but not yet painful pull on his testicles.


Another sharp smack on his distended balls made him gasp. He used his arms to help lift him higher on his toes, afraid of yet another blow.

He heard a roll of what might be pulleys than a hand along his face. The contact was alien yet welcome at once. He felt another definitive tug on his balls then a click.

“As I said, you need to begin to realize the immutable laws of the universe and also know that pain is now essential to your fundamental existence.”

Jeremy could almost feel his presence leave the room and he began to relax; recognizing that the intense pain of a smack on his balls had left with the voice. He let himself begin to sink back to the floor.

It was a brand new kind of pain.

As he relaxed his feet, he felt a sharp tug on his balls and realized that he was somehow hooked from his face to his balls. The cost of relieving his pointed feet was a painful payment from his testicles. He tested the situation again by slightly lowering his ankles and immediately felt his balls pulled down and pressed together.

Jeremy had been struck down there before as every athlete had been racked at one time or another. This unfolded that sharp moment of pain into a lengthy, gut-wrenching, constant pull. As he lowered himself, Jeremy felt the instinctual need to double over and tried to pull himself up again. He did so with his last bit of arm strength and found a way to steady himself again on his toes. Even then, he could only last a few moments and found he losing to gravity. Immediately, the slight pull on his muzzle resulted in a drastic yank on his ball sack and excruciating pain in his gut. He gathered his strength to pull himself up on his toes yet again.

He knew that he had to work to gradually let himself down and allow his balls to be gradually pulled out. There was no relief coming and no other way. After hours of holding himself up, he had to find new levels of perseverance.

Recognizing the mistakes he made and the bind he had gotten himself into, Jeremy bit down on the gag, pressed his tongue against the rubber cock in his mouth and slowly lowered himself through the pain. He understood the lesson. His actions had reactions. As his increasingly tired feet eased ever slowly down, he felt his balls distend ever more slightly away from his body. Waves of ache and a sharp, shooting pain washed over his body and Jeremy knew that his ordeal had just begun.

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  1. Incredibly HOT! I’m looking forward to reading the delightful details of Jeremy’s training! CONGRATS!

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