Story – ‘Attack’

I was so excited! The time had come!!!
It had taken a couple of months for me to put the cash to one side ready for the purchase. But I knew that it would be worth it. All those little sacrifices I’d made to make sure I had the right amount of money saved.
Living in London I’d decided that it was time to take advantage of the wealth of fetish shops on offer. I’d decided that I wouldn’t buy a bit here, a bit there, but jump into it big time.
I’d never bought any fetish clothing before, part because of the shame I felt from my passion for the “fetish” and part because I’d never lived by myself before so I couldn’t really indulge myself in my true passion.
The magazines I’d looked at time and time again during my youth, showing all kinds of male rubber bondage had all excited me, and I new that I wanted to explore this further. I managed to collect quite a collection of magazines and images, and keep them all hidden from my family and subsequent flatmates.
But now that my job had bought me down to London I found myself living on my own with time and money to spare.
I hadn’t worked out what I was going to buy, only that I was going to spend every last bit of the savings on rubber / bondage items. It was to be a momentous day.

The butterflies in my stomach on the tube journey across London were almost intolerable, but the thought of what was to come kept my going. Even though I was in my early twenties, I felt like a school kid going on a day trip.
Entering the shop I’d selected to blow my savings, I had to stop myself from running around the shop grabbing everything from their hangers and trying them on.
The shop assistant was really helpful in here. I’d been in a few times previously and tried a few things on. He’d helped my with the fittings but was used to me walking out of the shop without buying anything. He was in for a real shock today.
I didn’t know where to start.
When the assistant smiled over and asked if he could help me today, I just asked “Is there anything new in?” Quite a calm response for somebody so worked up inside.
A huge smirk crept across the assistants face as he led me over to a rail at the back of the store. “Only this“he said, as he picked up an incredible garment from the rail.
It was the most wonderful straight jacket I had ever seen. It was made out of medium weight black rubber, had straps hanging off every part of it, two crotch straps and even a built on hood.
The overall look of the jacket was incredibly menacing. Such a limp looking item that could hold somebody in inescapable bondage.
I couldn’t wait to try it on. I’d already decided that I was going to buy this item if it fitted, despite the fact that I probably wouldn’t get a chance to wear it. As I was still new to London, I had not yet been brave enough to try and find others who shared my passion, so all my rubber enjoyment was experienced on my own.
The assistant led me over to the changing rooms, though I knew exactly where they were from previous visits. After removing my shirt and jacket, I stood there, arms out waiting for the jacket to be offered to me. It was a strange feeling as my arms felt the cold rubber engulf them and I watched as they slowly disappeared into their homes.
Moving around me, the assistant pulled the bulk of the jacket up and started to fix the straps which went across the back, securing me inside it. Tightness was felt all over the jacket as strap after strap was fixed tightly. The hood was then pulled up and over my head. Within seconds, the gag was seated into my mouth, and I felt myself staring out of the plastic eye pieces.
The whole fit was brilliant. It couldn’t have fit me any better if it had been designed just for me. When the crotch straps and the strap around my neck was finally fastened, I doubt that I would have been able to get out of the jacket if my life depended on it. It was stunning. I wished there and then I could just stay trapped inside the jacket for the rest of my life.
I was left and allowed to enjoy the jacket for a good five minutes. The assistant probably thought I was getting my dose of kicks for the month, so left me to enjoy it. His face was a picture when he released me and I told him I’d take it. His jaw almost hit the floor. I told him to put it to one side as I still hadn’t finished. I was really enjoying this.
So to my next purchase. Lots of them as well. By the time I had finished I could only just hold all the black rubber in my arms as I bought it forward to the counter.
The astonished face on the assistant didn’t subside, but he must have been calculating the commission he was going to get from such a big sale.
Slowly, all the prices were entered into the till and he started putting the various items into the store bags. I was having so much fun that I told him to keep a few things out as I wanted to wear them home. His surprised face was replaced with a smirk which went from ear to ear. Obviously he approved.
With the total done, I paid the assistant cash, told him to keep an eye on my bags while I slipped into the items I’d decided to wear home. I just thought, in for a penny – in for a pound. I’d never thought of wearing this stuff home, but what the hell I told myself – you only live once.
So I went through the undressing stage once again, and started to done the gear I’d just bought. With the help of some lube to ease the fitting of the garments, I first pulled on a pair of shorts. These were a really hot item. They completely covered my ass and extended from a high waistband to just above the knees. My penis found its home in the waiting sheath, and with the help of a fair amount of lube, the butt plug slid into its home as well. Then the shorts were secured onto my body. There were straps around the thighs and waist which fitted through loops and were then locked shut with small padlocks. There was absolutely no way to remove the shorts without the key, not unless you cut them off.
Then I put on a long sleeve shirt, which had a fairly high collar. The coolness over my body was making me tingle all over. Then I donned a stunning one piece catsuit. This had attached feet, and only had two small zips on the shoulder areas for access. With the suit pulled up and zipped closed, it added to my excitement further as I realized that to get the shorts off that were padlocked on, I’d also have to remove the suit.
I’d have loved to have gone the whole way, and put on a rubber hood and gloves, but that would have been impossible to get home in. As it was, with my socks, jeans and roll neck jumper back on, you couldn’t see any of the black rubber I was wearing.
The sweat was now building, and I was feeling very warm indeed. My penis was rock hard trapped as it was inside tow rubber prisons. I left the changing rooms, picked up my bags and left the store.
Luckily, being a typical October day in London, it was on the cold side, so this cooled me down slightly as I walked back to the tube station. It wouldn’t be long before I was home, just the short twenty minute tube ride before I could unpack all my other goodies.
My mind raced with the fun I could have with my new toys. I’d bought three different hoods, all with different levels of bondage, hand cuffs, leg cuffs, various other bits of clothing, including a full catsuit with gloves, socks and hood, and a could of magazines which I hadn’t seen before.
I’d spent a fortune, but it would be worth it. The experience of walking down the main street wearing the two items of rubber clothing which I had on was priceless. I would have paid the money just for this moment.
The tube was absolutely empty. It wasn’t the best part of London I had chosen to live in, but I never got used to the emptiness of the train which always making me feel slightly on edge. Stupid really. I closed my eyes and tried to visualize the image of myself when I got home and donned my second catsuit over the suit I already had on. I started to relax and just enjoy the journey home.
We’d only gone two stops when I was joined on the train by a group of people. About five males, aged between eighteen and twenty two boarded the train at the far end from me. Their entrance broke my trance like state I had entered, trying to envisage the fun I would have when I got home.
They were in boisterous mode, and were sharing a few jokes between themselves. I kept my head down. The last thing I wanted was human contact now. I was a small step from home, and wearing some pretty outrageous fetish clothing concealed under my street clothes. Human contact could spell being found out. I had enjoyed the day so much up until now, but I suddenly became aware of my position, and I wanted the train to move on and get me home as soon as possible now.
I don’t know whether at that point I started to give off a scent of fear, but the gang of five spotted me and started to move towards me. We’d just moved from the station, and with no stop for another ten minutes, I’d be stuck in the same carriage as them whether I liked it or not.
As they closed nearer to me, I started to sweat more with fear. The sweat was starting to build up quite extensively now in my suit, and I became very aware of it.
The gang was now standing right by me. One of them started talking to me. His question was quite friendly, asking if I’d had a good day shopping, but I just flipped. I don’t know why but just put it down to the stressful situation I now found myself in. I told the guy to get lost. But quite aggressively so.
Looking back, this was not a good move. It was out of character. It was impolite. And it provoked the kind of response I didn’t want.
The guy who had spoke tome lashed out, and kicked the bag he had been looking at when he spoke. The bag flew into the air and landed about ten feet away, spilling its contents on the floor as it landed. I immediately jumped up to gather my newly bought goods, but not before the contents had revealed themselves to my unwanted guests.
I couldn’t move fast enough to gather the goods. I managed to get some bits back into the bag, but there were a number of goods on display, and as I looked across to the gang of five, they just looked on in almost disbelief. Spread all over the floor was a couple of items that I wouldn’t have a hope of getting back in the bag before they were discovered. Leg cuffs were lying half out of there box, and my pride and joy straight jacket lay in a heap with buckles and straps pointing in every direction.
I was shocked to my core.
Here I was on a train, with fetish gear all over the floor, wearing a skin tight black rubber catsuit, faced by a gang of five I’d just insulted.
The result was, I suppose, to be expected.
The gang went straight to the goods lying on the floor, picking them up, laughing at the find, and making some strong comments to me in the process. I was called everything under the sun, from freak to gay boy.
One of the gang stood directly I front of me, and every time I went to get up and gather my bits, he would push me back down again. I didn’t put up much resistance, as if I had, then I’d have to fight past five people to get to my possessions and then to safety.
I decided to bide my time.
Which was to prove very costly.
Ten minutes later, nothing had changed, apart from the fact that every single item I had bought was now being inspected by the gang. They seemed fascinated by everything. Every time they discovered something new, they would open it up, inspect it, hurl more abuse at me and laugh amongst themselves.
I couldn’t take this any more.
I started to hurl the insults back at them, and told them all to fuck off. Again, in hindsight, this was probably not a good move.
Three of them were talking among themselves, but I couldn’t here what they were saying. They seemed to be hatching a plan, obviously involving me.
One of them stood up, and walked over to me. Quite abruptly, he kicked me in the stomach. “We’ll leave you alone, but first we just want to see what some of this stuff looks like on, so you’re going to model for us, OK!”
I swore at them all again, but just got another kick to my body for my troubles. The thought of wearing some of this stuff in public didn’t worry me too much; in fact if they had asked nicely, I’d probably have jumped at the chance, especially as three of the five were drop dead gorgeous guys. But being asked this way was not how I wanted it to happen, and now that I had been demanded to wear some of the stuff, I resented it.
But as I lay there I couldn’t see a way out. If I waited and timed it right, I could probably make a dart for it when we got to the next station, but there would be no way to gather all my possessions and I’d have to leave them behind. I decided that it had taken me long enough to save for these items, so there was no way I was going to leave them come hell or high water.
I was going to have to go along with their little game. With any luck, it would be over soon, or somebody else would board the train and stop them in their tracks.
My participation in their plan went down well, especially with the one who had made the demand. He was probably the best looking of them all, and I noticed a smile cross his face when he had first discovered all my goodies.
“Right then, we want to see how all this stuff looks like on, together. We want you to put as much as possible on, then model for us”
That meant putting my straight jacket back on, along with other bits of clothing and locking straps. It would take a while to get it all on, but I guessed I might have one or two willing helpers in placing them all on me.
“Strip”, came the next command. “We can’t have you putting the straight jacket on over all those clothes now can we!”
Horror. By removing my jumper and jeans they would see my fetish clothing I had on. I guessed it couldn’t get any worse than this.
I stood up, pulled of my jumper and jeans and listen to the gasps from the five in front of me.
I blushed, and stood there in all my glory for all to see.
Yet more laughs, some insults, and an even wider grin from the good looking one.
“Arms out.” said the guy I was now falling for, as he picked up the jacket and walked toward me. I held my arms out and watched as they slid into the ends of the sleeves. My hands started to feel useless, as they couldn’t move much trapped in the closed ends of the sleeves. The jacket was then pulled up on me and the guy moved behind me. As he started to fasten the straps, I felt something press against my back. It went straight up from my backside to my shoulder blades. I struggled to think what it was for a moment, but as he finished pulling the neck strap tight, I realized that he had strapped me into the jacket and against one of the rails which went from the floor to the ceiling in the middle of the train floor.
I was tightly strapped to the pole. I couldn’t move. The hood was then pulled up over my head, and the gag expertly fitted. Within seconds, I was gagged and looking out of plastic eyes at the four other lads in front of me. The last crotch straps were pulled tight, and then I felt straps being fixed around my ankles. Again, the straps were tightened around the pole. Five more of my purchase straps were fixed at various points on my legs.
I was absolutely and completely fixed tightly to the pole I the train. I couldn’t move. My arms were then taken and crossed in front of me, with the strap fixed behind me, again behind the back of the pole.
The guy stood in front of me, and smiled.
The others moved around me examining my bonds. They seemed impressed with the quality of which the other had fixed all the straps and secured me tightly. To mention it, I was impressed. He’s obviously had some prior experience which he hadn’t told the others abut. Who knows, he could have been a fellow rubber bondage enthusiast.
With a final check of my bonds, the five of them all walked down to the far end of the train carriage were they had come from, leaving me fixed tightly. I thought this was just done for effect, until at the next station we came to, the five got off the train, waving as they went.
Now I felt vulnerable!
I had about two stops before I would be at my station. I had absolutely no chance of getting out of all this stuff by myself.
I needed help, and fast.
And I needed a bathroom.

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  1. oh good god please post more, a continuation or a story like this, it was absolutely the situation id love to find myself in sometime ❤

  2. This story was posted years ago on the Nifty archives by a guy named Inmate1661. I don’t know wether he is the author or not. And there are two other chapters following this one…

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