Story – ‘Captured’

I struggled against the straitjacket but it felt like my struggles just made it tighter. The rubber was unforgiving, I could strain against it all I liked but it just pulled me back into my helpless position. I tried to yell for help, surely someone would hear me and come to my aid but the formidable gag that had been strapped onto me would not allow much sound to escape from my throat. All I could do was wait and think about how stupid I had been to have placed myself in this situation…….

He was absolutely beautiful! I wandered into the bar that night purely by chance, and there he was sitting up the back. Blonde hair and the most piercing blue eyes I had ever seen. His body was amazing and the black rubber jeans he wore left little to the imagination. I had to talk to him so I went to the bar and bought a bottle of Moet, asked for two glasses and headed over to his table.
“Hi I’m Paul. I saw you sitting over here by yourself and was wondering if I could join you?”
“Hi Paul” he replied. “I’m Steve. If you intend to ply me with some of that champagne I’m more than happy for you to take a seat”
My lucky night I thought. As I lay here in complete darkness strapped into unyielding black rubber I was now reassessing that thought. The night had gone really well. We talked and drank and then he invited me back to his place. How could I resist. As we climbed the stairs of his incredible house to what I thought was his bedroom my excitement was increasing.
“Paul, I was wondering if you would indulge me a little and allow me to give you a sexual experience that will take you to a place you have never been. I have an outfit that I think you will look amazing in and I am sure you will really appreciate it. ”
“OK” I said “I’m willing to try anything!”
“Fantastic! You are in for the ride of your life”.
I moaned into the gag. He was right this was the ride of my life, maybe the last I may ever have as I lay in the darkness unsure of where I was headed.
He had opened the door to the room and led me inside and told me to strip. He opened the closet door and pulled out a rubber catsuit, with shoulder entry zips and feet, gloves and a very formidable looking hood attached to it attached. There was a zip at the crotch that led around to the lower back of the suit which I assumed would allow him access to my cock. I was incredibly aroused by the thought of wearing this suit, as I had always wanted to try some rubber on but had never had the opportunity. He sprinkled some talc into the suit and handed it to me. “Here you put this on and I will get into an outfit of my own”
I took the suit from him and when he closed the door I started to push my legs into it. The rubber gripped my legs tightly and it took some work to ease my legs inside but the rubber felt amazing. My cock began to harden immediately and I knew that this was going to be a very amazing experience. Once my legs were in I pulled the rest of the suit up my body and worked my arms into the sleeves. After a little squirming I managed to get my arms and shoulders into the suit and noticed that the hood was now dangling at the front of the suit. At that moment Steve entered the room. He was wearing his own catsuit and an amazingly high pair of boots. He looked amazing!
“Here let me help you with that.” Steve walked behind me and reached around my neck and grabbed the hood. He pulled it up over my head and zipped it shut. My head was now encased in the thick rubber. The hood had eyeholes that were covered in clear plastic nose holes and a mouth hole and the sensation of having it on was incredible. He then tucked the back of the hood into the suit and deftly zipped up the shoulder zips. I was now encased in tight rubber. Steve walked around me to survey the results. “Not bad at all you will do nicely. Lets just up the ante a little though.” He produced a heavy rubber collar with several D rings attached to it and fastened it around my neck and then secured it to the zips of the catsuit with two locks.
“Hey what’s going on?”
“Relax Paul, it just adds to the sensation. If you can get out of it too easily then it’s not the real thing. There’s something else I want you to try on.”
Again he went to the closet and pulled out a thick black rubber straitjacket. Suddenly my cock felt like it was about to burst out of the suit it was trapped in. He held the jacket out and open towards me and I thought what the hell and pushed my arms into it. Steve again walked behind me and began to fasten the straps of the jacket. He started at the neck confining it in even more rubber, and then he fastened the five straps at the back. I flapped my arms about like Jim Carey in the final scene of Batman Returns. He laughed and his laugh was so infectious I felt at ease suddenly.
“Are you ready for some fun?”
“Ready as I will ever be”
He grabbed the strap at the end of the sleeve pulled it around behind me and pulled it tight and then buckled it to the back of the suit, and then repeated the process with the other arm. He then moved around the front of me and buckled the front strap over both of my arms pinning them in front of me. There was no way I would be able to move my arms over my head to attempt to free myself.
“Move over to the bed” He said.
I obeyed and was suddenly pushed towards it. I landed on my stomach on the bed and felt my legs kicked apart, my weight pinning me in place. He quickly attached a spreader bar to my legs to make it impossible for me to move. The next thing I knew the crotch zipper was opened and my cock and balls were pulled out of the suit. In a matter of moments he had them encased in a thick rubber sheath.
“Hey that feels great I said, won’t it stop any sensation?” I said.
“Shut up Slut. From now on you only speak when spoken to!”
He busied himself tying a short length of rope around the base of my cock and balls and pulled it cruelly down to the spreaderbar before tying it off there, pinning me down further by my rubber encased genitals.
Next he lubricated my ass and reached over to a huge buttplug on the bedside table.
“Hey wait a minute; I’m not sure I like the idea of this!”
He ignored me and pushed the plug into my rectum; I tried to fight and squirm but had no choice. I had to accept the plug. Suddenly my cock and balls were freed and the crotch zipper was closed, forcing the plug further into my ass. I yelped in pain.
“That’s it slut. I have had enough of your noise!” Steve once again went into the closet to get something.
“OK Steve. This is getting way too weird for me so let’s just forget about”
I turned my head to see what he was doing when I saw the gag. I immediately closed my mouth. There was no way that was going into my mouth.
Sensing that I was going to resist he decided that the only way to get me to co-operate was to kick me sharply and mercilessly in the balls. I screamed in agony as the pain filled my whole body, my mouth open wide. The gag went into my open mouth effortlessly and was quickly secured behind my head via heavy leather straps. My screams were very effectively muffled. I looked at him through wild eyes over the gag. What had I gotten myself into?
“That’s better. Maybe next time you will think first before you speak. You must realize that you are now nothing but a rubber slut.”
He was behind me again. He reached through my legs and grabbed the crotch straps of the jacket and pulled them tight sending a new wave of pain through my balls. I let out another muffled scream.
He walked over to the wall and pressed a button on an intercom. “He is just about ready”
Ready for what I thought.
Suddenly the door opened and two hooded men appeared. I screamed through the gag but it was futile. The spreader bar was removed from my legs and the men lifted my effortlessly off the bed. They removed the spreader bar from my legs and dragged me to the middle of the floor by my legs. I tried to kick them but again my attempts to stop what was happening were futile. They forced my legs into an incredibly tight body bag and then pushed the rest of me into the bag. They zipped it up and then secured it further with some very tight straps. I was completely helpless. I squirmed futilely in the bag.
“Get the hood” Steve ordered.
The next thing I knew another hood was being attached to my head this one only had nose holes. I could no longer see what my fate was to be.
“Welcome to the world of the rubber slut Paul. You are no longer a free man. I claim you as my slave. You no longer decide what your destiny is, I do. I am going to enjoy training you.”
I moaned into the gag and struggled to free myself but it was useless.
The two men lifted me effortlessly and placed me in what felt like a heavy wooden box. I heard a lid being close on it and locked shut.
That’s how I got where I am now. I no longer control my destiny and have no idea where I am headed. I am locked and strapped into tight rubber and can only wait to see what happens next.

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