How To Get 10 Guys Into Straight Jackets

Although some of them knew the routine all too well and were used to it, most of the guys felt uneasy. A few were secretly aroused at the idea and a couple of them were hell bent on not going through with it.

All ten guys had been chosen to be placed into strait jackets.

The selection process was part of the new TSA – Transit Security Authority – program. Rising fuel costs and the growth of the federal debt meant there was decreasing amounts of money left over for airport security. Low tech options were introduced more and more throughout the recent years. Under the low-tech restraint program, airlines retained licensed medical practitioners to prescribe strait jackets to flight passengers that were deemed most likely to be responsible for flight disturbances. Full fledged doctors were expensive, so most of the medical practitioners were advanced medical students or interns on retainer with TSA. Whether anyone, much less college students and interns, could accurately identify plane hijackers or not was debatable. But, putting a few people in to strait jackets for the duration of a flight presented the illusion of aviation safety. If the people felt comfortable enough to purchase their tickets, the airlines were happy.

Daniel or Danny for short was actually a full fledged medical doctor. He agreed to work for Delta Airlines on the side for much less than he could have been making by putting in more hours at his own practice. He was not after more money. Danny liked the thrill of being able to personally select who would be placed in to restraints for a flight. And, he got off on the power of personally over-seeing each guy’s fall in to submission as the jackets went on one by one. As an industry, women were almost always excluded from the program. Danny himself only ordered men, mostly young, to be put in to strait jackets. Issues of political correctness and gender bias were matters that fell outside the realm of “public safety.” They were things one might consider if the nation were not at war with terror.

Of the sixty passengers to board Flight 309, Danny had ordered that ten men be placed in to regulation Posey strait jackets. From the initial TSA security check points, the chosen men were led in to a large back room. Their luggage and shoes were confiscated and they were allowed to sit on comfortable black leather airport chairs. The chairs were the kind with seat buckets that reclined down towards the rear so that one was forced to slouch. A few of the guys that had been wearing sandals sat barefoot. The others were in either black dress or white athletic socks. At the far end of the room, there were two tables filled with white canvas jackets, each with a multitude of heavy canvas straps dangling off all directions of the garments.


After all ten men were held in the room, Danny entered with a few TSA officers. He gave a small lecture on why the program was enacted and what it would all entail. In short, that each of them had been chosen to be placed in to strait jackets whether they liked it or not. If they did not submit to restraint, they would not be boarding the flight. Although technically by purchasing their ticket they had already forfeited their right to opt-out.

Danny explained that he would demonstrate the application of the strait jacket on one volunteer and that he would rely on the help of everyone in the room to get each other in to the rest of the strait jackets. Danny would personally check each strait jacket and then help the last-man-standing in to the final strait jacket.

Most of the guys seemed uneasy. Most of them did not ask any questions. Although, there was a group of three college buddies – Brock, Nathan, and JD – that kept making wise cracks about the strait jackets. Having had their Abercrombie leather sandals confiscated, all three were left barefoot and antsy. So when Danny asked for a volunteer to help him demonstrate how they were all to apply the strait jackets on one another, it was only natural that Brock and JD cracked a joke that Nathan should do it.

Seemingly nonchalant, Danny asked again for anyone to volunteer. Brock and JD backed off a little until Danny’s eyes turned to Nathan and asked if he wanted to do it. Nathan’s face turned bright red and he declined. This caused JD to wrap his arms around Nathan’s shoulders and egg him on to volunteer. Brock kicked his legs behind Nathan’s motioning him to stand up.

“Come on up,” instructed Danny.

Nathan was clearly not willing to be placed in to the strait jacket and held back.

The other seven guys in the room were still too nervous or too unwilling to join in the discussion. Soon Brock and JD had Nathan on his feet and guided him to the center of the room where Danny met them with a medium size Posey strait jacket.

Danny instructed Nathan to hold his arms out. He was still unwilling to go through with it so Brock stood directly behind Nathan and pushed his arms up towards the strait jacket. JD stood next to Danny studying the strait jacket and trying to figure out how it worked in advance. With Brock pushing Nathan’s arms in from the back, and Danny pushing the strait jacket on his arms from the front, the white canvas covered Nathan and turned the Abercrombie college guy in to a mental patient. Following Danny’s instruction, Brock helped Danny turn Nathan so his back was towards the crowd and one by one Danny demonstrated how the back straps were too be applied. Danny threaded the first two through the roller buckles and then synched them tightly. By the third one, Brock had caught on and attempted to buckle it himself. He was cautious and unsure at first but Danny reassured him and guided him. By the fourth buckle, Brock had the idea and quickly synched the strap extra tight. Nathan yelped and Brock commanded, “Easy stud.”

Brock next grabbed hold of the dangling crotch straps and made a smirk.

Danny professionally pointed out that it was not time for the crotch straps yet. JD gave out an uneasy squeal and Brock started trying to figure out the arms.

Danny showed Brock and the group how to push the arms through the front loops of the jacket as well as the loops underneath the arm pits. Brock attended to this task with glee and then expertly and tightly fastened the strap at the back.

Brock asked Nathan how he was feeling and Nathan struggled to breathe and responded with a, “I want out of this thing man!”

Brock just put his hand firmly on Nathan’s shoulder and smiled. He then told JD that he should attend to his friend’s crotch.

At this point some of the rest of the group let out some laughs and Danny started lecturing on how the crotch straps were to be applied.

He showed JD how to apply them and JD reluctantly obliged although JD only managed to apply the crotch straps somewhat lax. Brock got behind Nathan and corrected the straps by pulling them tight and synching up the slack. He knew he was trapping his friend’s member.

Nathan was fully restrained at this point and Danny finished lecturing on a few points about the strait jacket. Danny then had all the guys stand up and start trying to get each other in to the strait jackets.

Brock quickly grabbed another jacket and told JD that it was his turn. JD started to try to back out.

At the same time, an older guy named Matty approached a thin skater boy type in white athletic socks. The skater boy, named Johnathan was very quiet and shy. It was like a hawk capturing a chicken. Matty had the sleeves of a small sized thick heavy canvas strait jacket at Johnny’s arms in a matter of seconds. Johnny hesitated but Matty soothed the boy telling him that he was just looking out for him. He said he wanted to make sure he was done up correctly and comfortably so that someone didn’t end up hurting him or roughing him up. He said he’d place him over off in a corner after he’d been trussed up so that he would be safe. Matty didn’t give Johnny much time to respond. He had the jacket up over Johnny’s arms in no time and was quickly working on the back straps. Matty noticed that Johnny’s cock was getting hard, which in turn made his own cock hard. Matty rubbed his pants a little bit and hoped no one would notice.

But two people had noticed: Branden and Adam. Branden was an athletic man in his late twenties wearing knee high soccer socks with a double green stripe at the top and Adam was actually there with three other college buddies. Branden and Adam had both seen the way Matty took hold of Johnny and once they both saw Matty adjust his pants, they instantly looked at each other and knew they both had to intervene.

Yet instead of both walking right over to Matty, they both instead walked over to the table of strait jackets and pulled out a large, which they both agreed would be adequate for Matty’s muscular frame. By the time they had reached Matty, Johnny’s back straps had been trussed up and all that was remaining was his crotch and arm straps. As Matty reached between Johnny’s legs and gently massaged his hand over Johnny’s member, Branden asked “What’s up?”

Matty wasted no time and simply reached further for the crotch strap and pulled them tightly around to the back of Johnny. “Just helping this buddy out,” replied Matty hoping the two guys would share in his dominance over Johnny.

“Well how ‘bout we help you out,” Branden answered Matty.

Matty became unsure of himself and tried to talk Branden and Adam out of it. He started backing up but was met by one of the leather chairs.

“We all gotta have one of these on man,” Adam interjected.

Matty resigned to defeat after glancing solemnly at his little captured Johnny who had his arms still flapping freely in the sleeves. Matty kept his head down and allowed Adam and Branden to synch the large canvas strait jacket around his torso. The guys worked silently and quickly and after a few points of contention regarding how to thread a buckle or two, they soon had Matty all snug in his new white canvas prison.

They guided Matty down in to the leather chair without a word although Branden hypocritically took the moment to grab and adjust his own groin.

Adam and Branden then turned to Johnny and asked if he was alright. Johnny shook his head yes as Adam quickly guided Johnny’s arms in to the strait jacket’s loops and then in to the buckle at the back. Johnny started to protest but Branden simply said “Shhhhhh, you’ve got to be in this anyway.”

Adam then led Branden back to his group of two other friends named Casey and Jayden. Together they ganged up on Casey and had him swallowed up in a medium sized white canvas strait jacket. Casey was dazed and confused at how expertly Branden, Jayden, and Adam had caught him up.

Meanwhile Brock had dominated JD in to another medium sized strait jacket. Brock was cruel and unusual because he had jammed JD’s crotch strap up his ass so tightly that JD screamed in pain from his wedgie. No one attempted to help him though.

After securing JD, the antics of Branden, Adam, and Jayden caught Brock’s eye and caused Brock to go over to the group and start cracking jokes. Jayden and Branden started egging Casey on as he struggled with his strait jacket. They pointed out how his struggles made his crotch strap ride up his ass.

A guy named Adrian, who had been quiet up until now tried to join in with the group. Brock and Branden picked up on his uneasiness instantly. They asked Adrian what he was so scared about regarding the strait jackets. Adrian just said it was a stupid idea. He explained that this was his return flight from a business trip and that he had never been required to wear a strait jacket on the initial flight. Although Branden, Brock, and Jayden started calling Adrian chicken, Adam tried to reason with him and said he would offer to put him in a strait jacket and that he would let him out at any time if he felt uncomfortable.

Adrian liked the idea of having someone “nice” put him in a strait jacket instead of being subject to god knows what antics. Un-expectantly, Branden and Brock actually backed off and silently watched Adam guide Adrian in to the strait jacket. Jayden attempted to start making jokes but without the support of Branden and Brock, he backed down. Once the back straps were done up Adrian started to comment about how claustrophobic and uncomfortable he felt. Adam tried to reassure Adrian and it seemed to be working. However, once Adam started pinning Adrian’s arms to his chest, Adrian started to panic and Adam agreed that he should let Adrian out at least temporarily. Adam started to unfasten the top back strap.

That was when Branden stepped in and placed Adam in a full nelson. He told him that he could see that Adrian was being a pussy and that now Adam was starting to be a pussy too. Jayden just started making jokes and laughing but Brock told Jayden to shut up and help him with Adrian. “Hold him down!” Brock ordered. Jayden pounced on Adrian and planted his body on his back holding him to the floor. Brock maneuvered around Jayden’s body and efficiently snagged Adrian’s back straps back in to place. Adam started struggling violently against Branden’s full nelson but Branden had more muscle mass and size over Adam. It was no use. Branden simply applied more pressure causing Adam’s body to buckle back in to Branden’s thick body.

As Adrian kept spazzing out, his arms were guided together and closed against his chest as Brock swiftly secured his arm straps to the back of his body. Jayden then quickly reached through Adrian’s legs and latched the crotch strap in to place.

Brock started open handedly face slapping Adrian who was fighting frantically against his bonds. The strait jacket held his body firmly against itself and soon he tuckered himself out.

Adam was still struggling with full force against Branden though. Brock saw his spirit and walked over to Adam and started face slapping him as well. Adam went ballistic.

At this point Danny intervened and said that Branden ought to let Adam go. Reluctantly, Branden and Brock checked themselves and allowed Adam to break free.

The minute Adam got free he swung a punch at Brock at which point Danny ordered the two TSA guards that had followed him in to the room to restrain Adam.

They were too late. Branden had already tackeled Adam to the ground and Jayden already had another strait jacket. Regardless, Danny wanted things to go more smoothly and thus presented a syringe and told Brock and Branden to hold Adam still.

Adam noticed the syringe and started shouting about his rights. Danny just explained that he had waved any option of opting out when he had completed the first leg of his flight.

Brock and Jayden didn’t care about the legalities of the situation and instead just started taunting Adam. They said things like, “It is time for your medicine little Adie” and “Just relax kid, this will hurt you more than it will us.”

“Can you get his pants down?” Danny asked the guys.

“Hell yeah doc we can,” they answered.

Danny was about to guide the syringe in to Adam’s thick meaty thigh but Branden noticed what he was about to do and quickly yanked down Adam’s Abercrombie boxers exposing his ample white butt.

Danny gently poked the syringe in to Adam’s ass and Adam’s roars began to soften.

Soon he was a lethargic pile of flaccid meat.

After a few more taunts from Branden and Brock, Jayden started guiding Adam in to the strait jacket. Adam had no resistance and actually started to drool at the mouth.

In his nonself-reliant state, Adam did manage to ask Branden and Brock for help standing as they lifted him up to get the jacket fully applied. Brock simply answered, “No problem little buddy.” Branden equally answered, “Mmmmmm that’s it.”

After fully synching Adam up in to the strait jacket, they gently placed him in to a leather seat and helped him to rest his head against the wall. Adam fought off full sleep as best he could. Now only Branden, Jayden, and Brock remained.

“Okay,” Jayden started, “Now that the riff raff is secured, what do you say we help each other in to these things?”

“Sure thing!” Brocked began! And before Jayden could fully comprehend what was going on, Branden had Jayden’s arms locked up in the sleeves of a small posey strait jacket that Brock had rushed over. Jayden was definitely not worthy of a small size but there was only a medium and a large left and Brock did not want to have to risk enduring the small size.

Brock helped maneuver Jayden’s arms around his torso so Branden could seal them up in back. As Branden finished synching up all the strait jacket’s slack, Brock commented to Branden: “You’re next!”

Upon hearing this, Branden reached his hand out and punched Brock in the balls. “The more smart-mouthed they are the harder they fall!” Branden mocked.

As Brock keeled over, Branden finished up Jayden’s crotch strap and then grabbed the medium strait jacket. Jayden tried unsuccessfully to negotiate his thick large muscular frame in its new home of the small sized bundle of tightly wrapped canvas.

Still in pain from the blow to his balls, Brock weakly moaned, “No Fair!”

Branden kicked Brock’s gut and back a few times and then bent over to start synching up the medium strait jacket. Brock fought it. But JD and Nathan, still pissed that Brock had seen the better of them, straddled over in their tight strait jackets and used their body weights to help keep Brock down on the ground. This gave Branden the extra advantage and soon he had Brock all neatly packaged in to his strait jacket.

Branden stood over the nine guys all currently struggling in their strait jackets.

Danny grabbed the last large strait jacket and walked over to Branden congratulating him on being the last man standing.

“Now take this like a man,” Danny suggested to Branden.

Still on the high from his alpha male dominance, Branden gracefully extended his arms out and allowed Danny to place the heavy canvas sleeves over his muscular frame. Branden even rolled his arms and shoulders upwards in an effort to help Danny get the garment over his body.

Danny threaded and synched up the buckles with a precision and force not before seen in the room. Danny’s professional skill as well as the heavy presence of the jacket caused a mood change in Branden. His pride began to melt away in to sullenness. Branden’s mind began to swim. Branden didn’t even notice the good doctor folding his arms up around his chest and securing them in back. Branden felt his knees begin to buckle and as he looked down he noticed that the doctor had already done up his crotch strap. It was not overly tight but its presence was definitely known.

Branden started to begin to struggle but began to get lost in a sea of submission the moment the canvas started to rub against itself.

Danny recognized the frame of mind that Branden was in all too well. Danny smiled, checked and rechecked the fit of each of the ten strait jackets, and then nodded to the guards to start loading up the passengers of Flight 309.

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  1. Hehe, amazing, i literally got off a plane on Delta Airlines not even 6 hours ago after a weeks vacation and you post a story about sj’s on airplanes, i love it! If only they had done this to me, i could have actually enjoyed my flight!!

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