Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 22

This guy is already in the right position to be restrained.

Lock some heavy steel manacles around his wrists and chain them to the bar above his head. Spread his ankles wide and chain them to the wooden posts. Lock a heavy steel collar around his neck. Fix a chain to each side of the collar and stretch them to the posts on either side and padlock them in place.

Anything else? Gag? Hood?

What do you think?

3 Replies to “Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 22”

  1. I like your idea but im a gag-fanatic and could not allow this beautiful specimen to go without an additional piece. A bright red ballgag wedged between those gorgeous lips would do nicely, or perhaps a spyder gag to keep it wedged open for play

  2. put him ‘southern style’,LAY ON A TABLE,HOOK ANKLES TO LEATHER CUFFED ROPE,SPREAD LEGS,AND HAMMER THE PADDLE TILL THE BUCK CRIES AND SOBS,did this once in garage,huge bull hung to eyehooks i drilled to ceiling beam,lovely to see his huge legs kick helpless,as paddle burned up his nasty lust,,partner,on other side cocksuckin said the juice just flowed like wine

  3. If you restrain him, then I’ll be happy to lick his body from head to his toes and back to his balls again. Licky, licky, licky. Ticklish? That’s what makes it fun for all.

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