Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 16

‘Jordan’s Tale’ Part 2

Continued from ‘Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 14’

Jordan screamed but the ball of material in his mouth and the duct tape gag muffled the sounds of his pain. He thought he heard the sound of laughter but the sounds of his own panicked breathing inside the tight rubber hood prevented him from hearing what was going on around him.

He felt hands lift the canvas sack which contained his cuffed body… and then seconds later drop him on a cold floor. He landed on his side. The sudden movement causing his cuffs to dig painfully into his wrists and ankles. The chain connecting his wrist and ankle cuffs kept him in a painful hogtie.

His heart was racing. He concentrated on slowing his breathing…allowing his body to take in just enough air through the small nose holes in his rubber hood. He understood totally why the hood had been used. It added a further level of control which enhanced his bondage. And being inside the canvas sack merely added to his breathing difficulties. He felt the urge to struggle…but he knew it was futile. In the kidnap games he had played with his brothers, there was always a chance of escaping from the rope bondage. But not now. His cuffs were locked on… tight, unrelenting steel which gripped his wrists and ankles painfully and would only allow freedom if keys were provided.

He felt something heavy drop beside him. He felt movement…struggling. Something else was dropped almost on top of him. A large, heavy body sized weight which briefly lay on top of him and then rolled off to his side. Had others been taken? His team mates? Who?

He suddenly felt vibration…and movement. He realised that he’d been dropped onto some kind of trolley and was being transported somewhere.

Minutes passed. Jordan lay silently…his every nerve ending tingling…fearfully awaiting his fate. He could feel movement next to him. Obviously, he still had company…fellow captives.

The trolley stopped. His sack was grabbed and opened. It was up-ended and he fell painfully onto a cold concrete floor…still restrained by cuffs and chains.

Hands rolled him onto his front and he felt the chain connecting his wrists and ankles being removed. He was no longer hogtied. He was able to straighten out and waves of pleasure washed over his body as his muscles were able to stretch. He groaned into his gag. He became aware of a tingling in his dick…a hardening that demonstrated his body’s response to his bondage. He wished that he was wearing more than just his skintight lycra Sacramento City College shorts. He hoped the bulge wouldn’t be noticed. This was incredible…despite the fact that he was chained up and had clearly been kidnapped…he was still worried about people seeing his ample package. However, things were going to get worse.

He felt hands grip his running shoes and remove them. He was now barefoot. He felt his tight lycra running shirt being pulled away from his body. He captors must have been cutting it with a knife because it was soon pulled off his body completely. He lay cuffed hand and foot wearing only skintight running shorts.

Hands then roughly grabbed him and placed him in a sitting position. He then felt chain being wrapped around his elbows behind his back. It was yanked hard pulling his elbows painfully close together and causing pain in his shoulders. He yelled into his gag and tried to pull away but it was no use. More chain was added, this time around his arms and upper body. Something clicked and the chains were locked in place. His upper body was now fully chained and restrained. He felt chains being wrapped around his thighs and knees.  The cuffs were removed from his ankles and they were then chained tightly together. His wrists remained handcuffed behind his back.

Suddenly, his rubber hood was grabbed and quickly pulled off his head. He winced as a torch light was shone directly into his eyes.

He yelled but the gag remained effective.

He tried to look around. Wherever he was, the lights were off. He was lying on the floor. He became aware of several pairs of legs standing close by. There were several torch lights shining. He lifted his head and realised that he had been right. He wasn’t on his own. To his left, there was Jamaul, already stripped down to his skintight running shorts, chained and lying on the floor, staring at Jordan with panic filled eyes. To his right was Conrad, he was in the process of being chained up as Jordan watched…and a little further across there was someone still imprisoned inside a canvas sack. The sack’s occupant was struggling violently…trying desperately to escape.

‘Okay, boys, time for you to go into storage…’

As Jordan watched, a couple of their captors lifted Jamaul’s chained and struggling body and placed it onto a surface nearby. There were a couple of flashes. Photographs?

Jordan couldn’t see what happened next. He heard a muffled yell of fear, loud clanging and then silence. His looked to his right. Conrad was now stripped down to his tight shorts and was fully chained. Whoever was in the last canvas sack had now been removed but Jordan still couldn’t see who it was because the rubber hood was still in place. He could just dimly make out the skintight track and field gear which they had all been wearing prior to their capture.

Hands grabbed Jordan’s chained body and he was placed on his side onto a cold, metallic surface. The chains dug painfully into his body. He lifted his head and looked towards the wall and realised with horror where they were.

They had been brought to an old hospital. They were in the morgue. His chained body was about to be placed into a storage space normally reserved for dead bodies. He struggled violently but the chains weren’t going to give up their victim. He yelled and yelled but his gag remained fully effective…the tight layers of duct tape keeping the contents of his mouth firmly in place.

Sudden flashes blinded him momentarily. His photograph was being taken.

He had little time to consider why photos were being taken before the surface upon which he lay was gently pushed and he slid quietly into his new prison cell. It was barely larger than a coffin. Complete darkness fell as the metal doors to his prison clanged shut and were locked.

Jordan lay on his side in the cold darkness. His firm muscled body tightly restrained by painful chains and handcuffs. He was cold, his skintight shorts offered little protection against the chilled prison. Jordan realised that his dick was rock hard.

His body gave into fear…and…once again…in the pitch black darkness of his tiny prison cell…Jordan screamed…

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