Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 15

This story is continued from ‘Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 13’…

He enjoyed wearing his skintight, black, shiny Nike skinsuit because it made him feel almost naked as he ran around the track. He enjoyed the admiring glances he would get from other athletes – both female and male – as he trained hard and worked himself up into a sweat. He never wore underwear beneath the skinsuit, that was part of the fun.

But today, the thin lycra skinsuit offered him no protection as he lay face down, bound tightly in his hogtied position, his dick and balls grinding against the metal floor of the small white van in which he lay captive.

His ropes showed no mercy. They dug into his flesh as they gripped his body – his wrists, arms, thighs, knees and ankles all held in their firm, unrelenting grip.

He dared not move. The noose around his neck prevented that. Struggling would only serve to tighten the noose and add tension to the ropes passing between his legs either side his lycra clad package.

He lay very still and concentrated hard on maintaining control of his breathing. No air could enter his stuffed and duct taped mouth. He could breathe through his nose but the tight rubber gas mask which encased his entire head and his duct tape gag controlled very precisely the amount of air which passed into his body and lungs. Obviously, this was a deliberate move by his captors.

There was no way he could escape from his bondage. He waited…trying to listen to anything which might give away what was to happen next.

He knew that he was travelling. He could feel the vibration of the engine through the floor. He could feel every bump in the road. The sound of his own breathing was ever present in his ears…amplified by the gas mask in which his head was contained. He was in a world of darkness…his every sense was sharpened by his lack of sight and hearing.

He sensed that the van was slowing…perhaps arriving at its destination. The vibration through the metal floor suddenly ceased. The van had stopped and the engine had been turned off. He waited…his every sense alert and ready…

Hands suddenly grabbed his waist and legs and he felt himself being pulled along the floor. The noose suddenly tightened around his neck…and then loosened again.

He suddenly felt the rope between his wrists and ankles being loosened and taken away. His legs dropped to the floor and he groaned as both relief and pain passed through his body as his muscles were allowed to stretch and recover from the tight hogtie in which he had been held.

He felt the ropes around his ankles, knees and thighs loosen and fall away. He was roughly grabbed by several pairs of hands. He felt himself being pulled out of the van and then stood upright on his feet. He wobbled. His body was unable to cope with suddenly being placed in an upright position. He fell to his knees but was immediately placed back in a standing position by rough hands. He felt the noose being lifted over his rubber clad head. The tension between his legs immediately lifted. His crotch ropes had been removed.

Although his legs were now free from bondage, his wrists and upper body remained tightly roped.

Hands pushed and guided him and he walked. The ground seemed soft beneath his trainer clad feet…as though he were walking on leaves or grass. Soft ground changed to something like concrete and then he felt himself being guided down steps…many steps. He was stopped briefly and then his journey continued along another concrete floor. After several minutes of walking he was grabbed firmly and forced down onto his knees. He waited.

His breathing sounded loudly in his ears . However, if he listened carefully he could just make out voices. Was that laughing…and the creaking of a door opening?

Many hands suddenly grabbed him and his whole body was lifted off the floor. He tried to lash out with his feet but he was held firmly by strong hands. He was placed in a sitting position back down on the floor…but something felt different.

He immediately felt bars digging into his back and tied arms. He felt the ropes restraining his upper body being loosened and taken away. The ropes binding his wrists were removed. His wrists were grabbed firmly and pulled though the bars behind him. He felt metal being locked around his wrists…heavy metal. The bastards were putting manacles on his wrists.

He tried to straighten his legs but was prevented by something. A chill passed down his spine as he realised where he was. They’d placed him in a cage…a small cage judging by the fact he could not straighten his legs. He felt his ankles being pulled apart and he again realised that shackles were being locked in place…this time around his ankles. It soon became clear that his ankle restraints were attached to the bars on either side of his cage. He was sitting in a small cage, his wrists shackles through the bars behind his back and his ankles shackled to the bars either side of him.

He felt further metal being locked around his neck…a heavy metal collar. He felt his neck being pulled back and it was clear that they were chaining his collar to the bars behind him.

A hand grabbed his head and pushed it forward slightly towards his knees. A metal clang suggested to him that his cage had been closed. He tried to straighten his head back up but immediately banged it against bars above him. They had closed his cage. There wasn’t even enough room to sit up properly.

His self control suddenly evaporated. He became an animal…wild and desperate to escape. He struggled desperately and pulled on his manacles and chains. The bars behind him dug painfully into his back. His head banged against the bars above him. His ankles yanked on their chain bondage.

He continued to struggle…panic set in…his heart raced…his breathing quickened but his gas mask and gag prevented him from taking in the necessary oxygen. His whole world was consumed by the sound of his panicked breathing and his desure to escape from his cage and his chains…he began to black out…

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