Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 14

‘Jordan’s Tale’
(continued from ‘Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up and Gagged – Part 12’)

He knew that he had to calm himself quickly. His heart rate was too high. The beating of his heart was loud in his ears…only matched by the sound of his own rapid breathing. The tight rubber hood obscured all external sound, but amplified the sounds of his own body. He had to calm down and control his breathing. The tiny nose holes in his rubber hood only allowed a certain amount of air in. If he sucked in too quickly the rubber formed a vacuum against his skin and no life giving air would reach his nose. He couldn’t take in air through his mouth. It was stuffed with material and held in place by layers of duct tape wrapped around his head. The tape pulled painfully on the hairs on his neck.

The bastards had been clever. They’d used the rubber hood because it was as effective as a source of control as it was at removing his sight. He breathed slowly…the air came in…just enough…the sound of the air rushing through the noseholes obscuring any external sound…

He shifted the position of his body. He was in pain. The handcuffs dug painfully into his wrists. They’d been locked on too tight. He could feel his thumbs going numb. There was risk of permanent nerve damage if they stayed on too long.

His ankles cuffs were also too tight. Again, he could feel a numbing down the side of each foot.

The chain between his handcuffs and ankles cuffs kept him in a reasonably tight hogtie. The stress of the hogtie added further tension and pain to the cuffs around his wrists and ankles.

He was lying on his front. There was no way he could shift his position. He knew that lying on his side would bring relief from the pain and the tension of the hogtie. But the thick, canvas sack in which he was imprisoned prevented any real movement.

This wasn’t his first time hogtied. He’d spent many hours in tight, rope hogties when he was younger whilst playing kidnap games with his brothers. He always wanted to be the victim. He enjoyed the tight embrace of the ropes on his body…the lack of control…the passing of the responsibility for his well-being and safety to someone else. But this was different…

The rubber hood was a problem. Not only was it restricting his air flow but it was filling up with sweat. It was incredibly hot inside the canvas sack. His lycra clad body was soaked with sweat. If he lay face down with his nose to the floor then all the sweat would quickly pool around his nose. When he breathed in he would take in water and not air. He lay with his head on its side…the sweat pooling around his ear. Jordan realised that he couldn’t remain captive like this for much longer…he feared for his life…

He lay on his front…acutely aware of the sensations and pain caused by his claustrophobic bondage. He was very aware of his dick and balls grinding into the metal floor of the van. His lycra gear offered him little protection. The lycra gear the Sacramento Team were made to wear was a constant source of embarrassment to him. It was very tight. And his assets were always clearly on display. It was a running joke between him and his team mates…he was the shortest guy on the team…but he was clearly the biggest in terms of the size of his dick…that was obvious to all observers. He was embarrassed at having his package on constant display, but deep down…very deep down…he enjoyed the attention it brought him.

He realised that his dick was slightly hard. He knew why. His body was responding to its bondage…another little secret he kept deeply hidden. He’d always enjoyed being tied up in his childhood kidnap games…and even now, as he lay there fearing for his life, working hard to control his breathing and stay alive…his body was taking some kind of perverse pleasure from his predicament.

The ever present vibration from the van engine suddenly stopped. He froze…desperately listening for some hint of what was to come. Seconds…minutes passed…he suddenly felt the sack in which he was imprisoned being lifted. His body twisted painfully…his handcuffs dug into his wrists like knives. His head cracked painfully against some sort of metal surface as he was roughly manhandled. The panic surged back…his heart rate soared…he screamed…

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    1. Thanks for the kind comments. I’ll keep an eye on the ratings and comments for each little story I write. If people like them…let me know and I may continue the narrative…

    1. I will be. But since Blip deleted years worth of work I’ve lost heart a little. I’ll be posting some of the old ones again soon. And there may be new material to follow. Check out this blog for links to some of the reposted videos on xtube.

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