Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 13

He knew he was fit. He knew he was desirable. What he hadn’t realised was how desirable.

He’d been walking home from the track. He hadn’t bothered to change. He was his black, shiny Nike skinsuit with a black t-shirt over the top. He enjoyed how his skinsuit made him feel. He felt empowered. He wore nothing under it…no underwear. His dick and balls were clearly outlined through the tight black shiny material. He enjoyed the secretive glances he would get from the other athletes as they caught sight of his package. He enjoyed the groups of girls who would giggle and point when he walked past. And he especially enjoyed catching sight of some guy with a long lens camera hoping to catch a good shot of his manly bulge…he would strut like a peacock when he knew he was being photographed. What he was unaware of was the fact that somewhere on the internet, photos of his fit body had been posted and prices were being discussed…

He’d been walking down a quiet side street…strolling past a small white van when it happened. He was jumped.

It happened quickly and almost silently. Three guys launched themselves out of the back of the van. Two of the guys immediately grabbed his arms and pulled them behind his back. The third guy grabbed his head and stuffed a large ball of material in his mouth. Duct tape was then wrapped over his mouth and around his head over and over again tightly holding the material in place.

They dragged him into the van. He yelled in vain but the duct tape gag was too effective. They forced him down onto the floor of the van, face down. His wrists were crossed. Ropes were tied around them over and over again. He felt them cinching off his bound wrists painfully tight.

He struggled and kicked but one of the guys lay across his legs whilst another held his head down, grinding it painfully into the metal floor of the van. He continued screaming into his gag but his gag was too effective and the noises that came from him were pathetic and futile. He felt his ankles being bound…then his knees…then his thighs.

Ropes were tied around his elbows behind his back, pulling them painfully together. Two guys lifted him away from the van floor slightly whilst the third passed roped around his upper body, tying his arms firmly to his sides.

He was dropped back to the floor and he felt his ankles and feet being pulled up towards his wrists. He felt them pass a piece of rope through his ankles and wrists ropes. It was yanked hard and he was pulled into a tight hogtie…his hands could almost touch his feet.

They pulled him up into a kneeling position. He tried struggling but his bondage was too effective. He saw one of his captors grab a rope which had been tied into a noose. He screamed again into his gag and yanked on his tight rope bondage…but to no avail.

The noose was pulled over his head and down onto his neck and pulled tight against his skin. The loose end of the noose rope was pulled down the front of his head and passed between his legs. It was yanked tight and he felt it being tied to his wrists before it was again pulled back through his legs, up the front of his body and then finally tied to the ropes restraining his upper body. The ropes between his legs were painfully tight…passing either side his dick and bulge and highlighting them perfectly through the thin, shiny black material of his skinsuit.

He saw one of the guys grab something which was pasty white in colour. It was a rubber gas mask…full head coverage. They pulled it over his head and he felt the tight rubber grip his skin. He couldn’t see…they’d blacked out the eyes pieces. He became acutely aware of the sound of his own breathing and the smell of old rubber.

They roughly pushed him back down on his front. His ropes suddenly pulled tight and his hogtie bondage became painfully restrictive. He felt them attach a final rope to his wrists, pull it hard and tie it somewhere above him to the roof of the van. The tension of the rope between his legs became painfully tight. He tried to move.The noose around his neck suddenly tightened. They’d been clever. If he moved or struggled the noose would tighten and restrict his air passage. He suddenly felt very…very afraid…

It had taken minutes…he felt the van engine start and the vehicle pulled away.

He screamed. His gag was too good. No-one heard…

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