Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 10

This muscled boy is clearly in love with himself and needs to have his freedom taken away. His arrogance needs to be totally shattered and he needs to be taught a lesson in humility. He clearly needs to be kept in restraints for several days.

Firstly, he should be kidnapped and taken to an unknown location. He should be straight jacketed, roped tightly hand and foot and then gagged and blindfolded for transport.

Upon arrival at his place of imprisonment, he should be stripped down to tight revealing shorts. During the day, he needs to have his wrists shackled behind his back. A metal collar should be locked around his neck and he should remain chained to the wall in a dark cellar for long periods of time. He needs to be gagged so that he knows his can’t reason with his captor and beg for freedom.

During the night time, he needs to be stretched out and tied securely to a bed.

He needs to know that there is no chance of escape. He needs to spend long periods of time shackled hand and foot and locked behind the heavy bars of a cage.

His heavy metal collar should be firmly locked around his neck and used as a painful way of breaking his will and letting him know that he is an object to be kept under permanent control.

He needs to learn that bondage, restraint and imprisonment is his natural state. There will be no release…

14 Replies to “Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 10”

  1. can you PLEASE kidnap me sometime??? I swear to god i need what this boy needs, it just sounds so amazing in every way…

    1. god i wish. i look nothing like him sadly, white, slightly chubby, a lil hairy actually. Im more bearish. But i am at least young, 19 this coming wednesday actually.

  2. why is it that all in this series have been african-american? you seem really into this idea of taking the freedom away from only black people. it has me really weirded out. ten days in a row. seems racist to me. I like bdsm as much as the next guy, but I think we’ve got to be really careful not to use it as a way to cover up other things, like racism. it’s one thing if you think all hot muscular guys should be tied up. but why only black ones? it seems that something’s very wrong here . . .

    1. You make a good point. The first thing I’d like to say is that judging by the hit counter this series has been the most popular yet with hits having increased substantially over the last week.
      Secondly, I like to try something different. I’ve seen something like this on another website (with white guys only, incidentally) and I thought I’d try it.
      Nine out of the ten guys in this series so far have been black or mixed race. That’s intentional. Some people find these guys very attractive. And let’s be honest, even to a straight guy, some of these lads are works of art.
      And to be fair, on this blog it’s been 99% white guys so far. What comment is that making? I don’t know, really. And where are the women?
      We can all create issues where there are no issues. Sometimes, racism only becomes racism if we call it racism. I think that makes sense. It does to me.
      This series isn’t about subjugating black people. It’s about imagining what a broad group of very attractive people would look like in bondage. There are a lot of different cultures and races on our planet. Why not steer away from the white European look. And I do have some white guys lined up as well, anyway.
      I’m enjoying this series. Other people are as well. I shall continue it for a while.
      But…thank you for your comments. I’d like to see a little more of people being proactive with their opinions.

  3. Hi Pete-
    I appreciate your thoughtful comments. Don’t get me wrong, I think the guys you are posting are really hot. But by the series being exclusively african-american, it fetishizes that one group. And yes, the black body is underappreciated in a white-valuing gay culture. But swinging to the reverse (ie: rice-queens, guys who only date black guys) is nearly as problematic as privileging whiteness (ie: guys who are only attracted to people who look like them). I do agree that the bdsm community is mostly white, and pehaps its worth wondering why that’s so. I must say that often seeing black guys in bondage is too similar to visions of the past of slavery and makes me uncomfortable, unless it is done just right, and it’s CLEAR that the person enjoys and wants this. Which is why when you mentioned taking these guys’ freedom away, it bothered me even more. Now if they asked to be tied up, that’s a different thing, no? Because then, as with any sub, they are controlling the scene!
    As someone who’s dated guys of all backgrounds, and who’s definitely into bdsm, but who also works constantly to fight homophobia and racism, I think it’s important we continue to think about these things. Granted, our desires are not really that much under our control, but how we express them is, and a blog is a public forum. I think desires can also change slowly over time. And I think showing the black body as desirable helps this. But, I think fetishising it can be problematic too.

    1. I’ve been waiting to see if you replied. I’m glad you have. And you present a convincing argument…so I’m going to concede on this.
      My problem is that several members of my close family are mixed race (Jamaican/English mix) and so I tend not to see racism or similar issues simply because they don’t occur to me. But your points are very valid and relevant.
      Don’t get me wrong…I’m still going to present black or mixed race guys here as potential victims for non-consensual bondage…but I’ll also mix in a few white guys…maybe wearing tight speedos…hope there’s no-one out there offended by that…
      And I think you’ll find that one of the early guys in this series was white. Take a look back and see.
      I am going to disagree with one point…you mention being bothered by guys having their freedom taken away. This is a staple ingredient of certain bondage fantasies. I’d quite happily have that guy in Part 10 kidnapped and chained spreadeagle to the wall without hesitation. I mean…have you SEEN some of these guys??!? I go to the gym a lot…some of these guys are my inspiration.
      Evidence is telling me that this series is popular…it will continue for a while…at least until I get a few more of my old Prisoner videos re-uploaded. I pander to the silent majority…but I still listen to the vocal minority.
      And not all the guys are african-american. We have black and mixed race people in the UK as well. I live in Birmingham…Britain’s second city. 60% of the population are non-white. I have a few hoody types coming up…
      What do other people think? Please join in with this discussion!

      1. I have been reading this thoroughly and i have a hard time taking either side. Yes, i agree that its a touchy subject, taking freedom from black men and what not. And being one such guy who is really into this idea, i feel a little bad about it now that its actually been said. But, Petes got a point as well, bondage is usually about having freedom taken away, and to not include black men in that would also be racist. Also, this is just one series, its not as though the entire blog is turning into nothing but removing the freedom of african americans, just this one series that IS turning out to be popular. As for why I personally love it, 2 reasons. 1) These men are HOT. I find dark colored skin so imensely wild and appealing that the idea of seeing a black man in bondage drives me nuts. 2) Black bondage is so RARE these days. Ive scoured Recon and A4A for months and have found a handful of black men into any kind of bondage. This series is very nice as it breaks away from the oh so common trend of white men in bondage. Both sides are valid, but its hard to tell which one holds a better standing. As far as overall popularity Pete, if you want to please me in particular (and i imagine a few others) please continue with the story “The Bet” 🙂 In the meantime, this series is definitely something I am enjoying quite thoroughly.

  4. Hey Pete and Mike, some more thoughts.

    I do agree, there are very few non-white guys (though a decent amount of asian guys) into bondage. One interesting question is why this might be. I’m not sure I have an easy answer for that one, but its an interesting question nevertheless.

    Of course, bondage fantasies are often about the forced aspect. But there’s also a voluntary aspect of being forced. One can arrange to be forced, but with predetermined and negotiated safewords and limits, which is what good subs do, right?

    Part of me also wonders why the fantasy here is always about dominating the guys, and not being dominated BY these guys. That certainly tips the tables a bit!

    I think also that bondage particularly appeals to those folks, myself included, who feel like in some ways our everyday life has aspects of it that we don’t fully consent to, but which we can’t give up because the cost would be too high. We can gain some control and even pleasure over these things if we eroticize them and then control the way we lose control. But I think this only works well if your life is in general pretty happy, except for one or two areas, most likely related to sex.

    But if your whole life sucks, I don’t think being tied up is that much fun. But if you’re a CEO, and people listen to you day in and day out but you never can allow yourself to just be yourself, well, then its fun to get tied up and whipped a bit.

    That’s my theory, at least, tho I’m curious as to what others think.

    Either way, this has been a productive discussion, and yes, a multi-racial spandex crew like was just posted is, at least to me, much less concerning, though part of me wouldn’t mind to be tied up BY these folks as well!


  5. I know it’s quite late, but I thought to leave a brief opinion from an african-american herself — I always thought it was more racist to feature only the white race in large collections of pictures like this. Given that a lot of these scenarios are fantasies only (at least, I think they’re pure fantasy!), I don’t think links to historical slavery play any part in this. Personally, I’ve always had a preference to caucasians (in designer suits!), but I think it’s wise to extend a preference to everybody and anybody! I don’t like to think that I’m racist for finding certain guys more attractive, especially when I’m purely in my fantasy world. And at least it’s not like, white guys get glorified attention while black guys are called wicked names and starved or killed off or anything — or the other way around. Just dropping a line to say I never thought of the Negro features on this blog as portrayals of racism until someone pointed it out. Good on them for seeing to it that there is an element of respect here! But personally, I think it’s a change from most image blogs that have collections of one race as opposed to many. 🙂

    1. Ok. Soooo!!!! I am black and love seeing black men i am attracted to, tied and gagged. Very few sites do that. There is nothing racist about it!!! If u wanna fight racism, u will have more luck in the courthouses, schools, and political structures. Not on some sex site. Come on, gimme a break. Im “black power” all day, but the racism argument is hard for even me to support.

  6. new to this discussion, but I’d like to give my thoughts.
    yup, I also noticed the trend. Never thought about it in a ‘racist’ context…I concluded that there just wasnt a lot of pictures of black males in bondage to choose from for you to post. Why do you or your readers agree or disagree with my conclusion?
    PS…me, I’m more into steel than rope…so the few postings with men shackled get my ATTENTION fast!
    i love this series.

  7. I would love to be a bound gagged naked humiliated slave,with pantyhose stuffed in my mouth and duct taped. made to suck and deep throat my master 3 or 4 times a day and night

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