23 Replies to “Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 6”

  1. i think this guy needs to be chained spread eagle, so every square inch of his body is open for play, and definitely needs to be ass naked 🙂

  2. Agreed. A standing spreadeagle. A stretched X shape in the middle of a room on display like a prize trophy…but then kept as in the second photo when not on display…with the addition of some heavy ankle shackles and a ballgag and muzzle…in a small cage with his wrists pulled behind the bars behind him, outside his cage, and manacled in place.

    1. hm….i like the way you think, I do believe I might add a chastity device onto that as well. This guy looks cocky, and really needs to be put in heavy duty restraint, so when hes not on display, his cock deserves no better than to be locked up as well. One of the cb series would work, or perhaps something more metal…

  3. Again, agreed, Some attitude adjustment is definitely needed. Perhaps a skintight rubber hood over the ballgag and muzzle…with small nose holes to allow in only the minimum amount of air. Struggling won’t be an option when he realises that he can’t take in as much air as he would like. Maybe an mp3 player should permanently pump white noise into his ears under his tight rubber hood. And when he’s not on display or in his cage he should be chained into a tight hogtie, chains used to bind his ankles, knees, thighs, arms, elbows and wrists. This guy needs a real lesson in objectification.

    1. im sure you get this ALOT but how can I get bound by you? hehe, i truly love the way you think, this guy may not know it but hed be damned lucky to have the honor of being bound by you 🙂

    1. Thanks for that. The collar looks effective but the manacles would probably slip over his hands and he could probably break the chains with his hands. My point still stands…finding black guys in genuine bondage is difficult…it seems to be more of a white guy thing.

      1. It’s late, but I’ll put a few pictures together from my extensive collection tomorrow if you’d like.

      2. its true…ive seen one or two videos and a few photos of black guys in bondage. Maybe to some its an offensive idea, just based on the history? If so, thats very unfortunate..

      1. Okay, I stand corrected. Thanks for sharing.
        Couple of questions…where did all these photos come from…and do you mind if I use some of them on this blog?

      2. I gathered these over the last ten or fifteen years from all sorts of places: websites that are now defunct, various picture-sharing sites, Yahoo groups, peoples’ profiles, and so on. I’m really glad I saved them as pretty much all of those sites no longer exist or have changed their terms and/or search functions so stuff like this doesn’t come up anymore.

        There are also several pay sites that have black guys, foremost bondageforthefitman.com, but also boundguys, dreamboybondage, and several others that no longer exist…

        Feel free to use any and all pictures – they’re there for sharing.

  4. hey Said, Is there a place you could upload those pics to? My fireworks never cooperates with me and id LOVE to see these pics!!!

    1. nevermind! Got it to work, HOT. AS. HELL!!!! Whereever did you find these?? I can never find any good black bondage on the internet!

  5. amazing! Now all i need to do is fine a guy in real life! But until then, these will keep me busy 🙂

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