I’ve posted this photo before but here it is again because I’ve found a much higher resolution copy. Every time I look at it I wonder if being kept like this would be too much for even the most dedicated bondage enthusiast…and imagine what it would feel like being kidnapped and finding yourself in this predicament. You have to wonder what kind of gag is being used under the hood and all those straps.

7 Replies to “Intense”

  1. I too wonder if it would be too much, because personally this photo gets me instantly hard, so i know id LOVE to try this! But i have to wonder….could i handle it? And i totally agree about the kidnapping part, that would make this a thousand times hotter, but also a thousand times scarier.

  2. I like it. My friends at have all the gear, though probably not this exact hood. I’ll see if they’re willing to put me into this. I’m always up for bondage that’s intense and different.

  3. I tried replicating this in leather, but it came out a little different. Instead of connecting the straps from the hood to the feet, Dalton Ott at seriousbondage connected them to an overhead hoist and hoisted me up. Dalton likes to make all the straps as tight as he can, which is also what I prefer. The stresses I felt were from my lower back, my nose and my knees. I’d just finished lifting and carrying 2.5 tons of weight prior for my business, which probably explains the lower back, and I have virtually no cartilage left in my knees due to a series of accidents while a teen, which probably explains the knees, that and the extra thick leather. The nose was because of the hood being strapped on extra tight. Otherwise, I could have stayed in this for many hours. It was comfortable.

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