Story – ‘The Bet’ Part 6

Marcus lay back in his chair, eyes closed, drifting in and out of something close to sleep, trying to shut out his world of chains and captivity. He was startled by a voice.

‘Drooling a bit there, bro,’ laughed Adam as he leant over Marcus’s face. The oversize ballgag meant that Adam couldn’t swallow. His face had been dripping with sweat and saliva since this whole situation has started.

‘Let’s give you some dignity back.’

Adam grabbed the waist of Marcus’s tight rubber shorts and pulled it up and over his cock and balls. He let go. The rubber snapped back into place painfully. Marcus looked down at the outline of his junk clearly showing through the tight, shiny black rubber. What was the point? The cock rings made sure that his balls and dick stood proud of his body. He felt his dick start to grow hard again under the rubber. He’d never worn rubber before (obviously), his body, however, clearly responded to its feel and embrace.

Adam crouched down and looked under the chair frame.

‘Whoah…those wrists look a bit raw…and I bet those shoulders are killing now…you’ve been cuffed for around six hours.’

Six hours, Marcus thought. He’d left the pub around 1.00am for the walk home. He’d been jumped shortly after. It must still be early. Around 8.00am.

‘Let’s see what we can do about that, bro.’

Maybe he’s going to take the cuffs off, thought Marcus. Maybe he could get free. He looked down at the chains holding his arms and body in place. He thought about the idea of photos of his rubber and chain bondage being posted on his Facebook page. Maybe not, he thought.

Adam walked over to the wall in front of Marcus. It was difficult to see this wall. The lamp still shone directly at him. In the shadows, Marcus saw Adam reach up and grab something. He heard the clank of metal.

Adam turned round and held something up.

‘How about these? Haven’t tried them, yet. Let’s see if they fit you.’

They were manacles. Large, heavy manacles. Thick rings of two inch wide heavy steel designed to lock around the wrists. There seemed to be around 12 inches of thick, heavy chain between them.


‘Oh, come on bro, like you’re gonna stop me.’

Adam picked up a couple of large padlocks off the table and walked towards Marcus. Once again, he crouched down at the side of the chair.

Marcus felt cold metal on his skin as the first manacle was placed around his wrist. He heard a clank and then a click as a padlock was locked through the rings on the manacle. It was a snug fit. It must have weighed around 4lb.

Adam was obviously taking no chances. The manacles were going on before the cuffs came off. Marcus felt the second manacle lock into place and he heard the tell tale click which made his heart sink. Adam collected the cuff keys from the table, leant under the chair and removed the cuffs from Marcus’s wrists.

The length of chain between the shackles was much longer than the handcuff chain. As Marcus’s chained hands pulled apart, he immediately felt the tension on his wrists, arms and shoulders relax. He groaned as a wave of pleasure swept through his upper body. He felt his dick twitch and harden a little beneath the skintight rubber shorts. What the fuck was that all about? He was acutely aware of the sensation of his dick rubbing against the inside of the tight rubber. He felt his dick continue to harden and became aware, again, of the metal cock ring growing tighter around the base of his shaft.

‘Oh, yeah. I bet that feels good. The human body’s not designed to have the wrists cuffed behind the back for long periods of time. It hurts. Trust me, I know…and lookee what we have here.’

Adam had spied the growing bulge under Marcus’s shorts.

‘Bro, I am learning a lot about you today. You like all that rubber and the chains, don’t you.’

Marcus shook his head, violently.


Adam grabbed Marcus rubber covered dick and began to squeeze it rhythmically. He felt it grow quickly.

‘Damn, bro, you packing some heat.’

Marcus wrenched his body in an attempt to get Adam’s hand away from his growing cock. The chains held him firmly in place.

‘I like it when you struggle, bro, makes you look sexy…’

Adam grabbed some more keys and reached beneath Adam’s chain. Marcus heard the click of more padlocks. The chains holding his upper arms to the frame slid around his arms and fell away with a rattle. A few more seconds passed and Adam stood up and grabbed Marcus’s crotch chains, he gave them a yank and they came away from Marcus’s body.

The relief was enormous. Marcus was able to squirm around and stretch to a degree. He looked at Adam and pulled at his chained ankles.

‘No way, bro, the ankle chains and manacles are staying on. But you should be able to relax now.’

Adam suddenly looked Marcus straight in the eye.

‘Something missing…’

He moved over to the wall and collected another object. Another bigger padlock was collected from the table. He turned around.

‘This came as part of a set with your manacles. Might as well put it on you.’

He held up a large, steel collar in front of Marcus’s face. Like the manacles, it was approximately two inches wide and around half an inch thick. It had four rings placed equally around the outside as well as a ring for the padlock.


Marcus shook his head violently.

‘Marcus, I’m sick of you trying to tell me what to do. You’re the fucking prisoner. Deal with it. Now let’s get this bad boy locked in place.’

There was a hint of anger in Adam’s voice.

Adam grabbed Marcus’s head by the straps on the ballgag. He pulled it forward. The collar went on quickly and Adam snapped the padlock in place. Like the manacles, it was a snug fit. Marcus felt the cold, heavy steel against his skin, weighing down his neck and shoulders.

‘Fuck me, it’s made to measure,’ Adam laughed. He walked behind Marcus and out of the room. Marcus lay back in his chair and stretched as much of his body as he could. He was almost comfortable…apart from the dull ache in his balls caused by the tightness of his rubber shorts and the various pieces of metal locked around his junk.

Adam walked back into the room and over to the table. Marcus watched as he placed a tray on the surface. The muscles in Adam’s back rippled as he moved. Up until today, Marcus had been glad of Adam’s friendship. Adam was a cage fighter and they’d been in a few scrapes over the years. It had been good to have Adam at his side. Marcus wondered if things could ever be the same again.

‘Now, you ain’t gonna utter one word, you get me bruv, not one fuckin’ word, I got a brand new profile pic for your Facebook page ready to go. I think people gonna be really interested in your new rubber and chains look. You understand, bro?’

Marcus slowly nodded his head. Adam reached round the back of Marcus’s neck and released the small padlock.


‘Don’t fuckin’ test me, bro. DON’T FUCKIN’ TEST ME!!’

Sudden anger. Adam made a fist, placed it on Marcus’s balls and started to grind down, hard.

‘I tell you, bruv, you disobey me and you’re gonna be in a world of hurt. If you think you got it bad now, you just wait. You do as you’re told, you hear.

The pain in Marcus’s balls was unbearable. He felt tears squeeze out of the corners of his eyes.

Adam took his fist off Marcus’s balls. His placed his hand directly over Marcus’s ballgagged mouth, sealing off the air. He pinched Marcus’s nostrils shut with his other hand. He lay directly over Marcus, their bodies touching. Adam could feel Marcus’s chained body straining against his. He could feel his dark grow harder beneath his rubber shorts. His own dick started to harden as he could see panic start to register in Marcus’s eyes.

Marcus couldn’t breathe. Adam was smothering him. He could feel Adam’s hard, muscled body weighing heavy on his own. He desperately tried to move his head but Adam was way too strong. He started to see stars. Time began to slow down…

To be continued…

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