Story – ‘Student Movie’

“Please step out of the car!” the uniformed young officer commanded the teen driver.

“Officer, what seems to be the problem?” the young man asked after rolling down his window.

“You just raced through a stop sign without stopping”, the officer continued.

18-year old high school senior Cole straightened his school uniform necktie as he stepped out of the car.

Cole was just returning home from school and the blond teen looked handsome in his white school uniform shirt, red & gold striped tie, and dark gray uniform slacks.

The officer who stopped the blond teen was not much older than Cole.

22-year old Jake looked sharp in his light blue police uniform shirt, black uniform necktie and black uniform trousers. Jake’s uniform contrasted well with his dark brown hair and boyish good looks.

“I am sorry Officer”, Cole said. “I will remember to stop in front of Stop signs in future.”

The officer shook his head. “Please put your hands on the hood and spread your legs”, Jake continued, ignoring Cole’s pleas. Cole did as he was told and got patted down by the young officer.

To Cole’s surprise, Jake held out a small white pouch seemingly containing drugs.

“What is this?” Jake asked Cole. “Are you doing drugs young man?”

“That is not mine!” Cole protested realizing that the officer may have planted the item.

“I will need to take you into custody”, Jake continued to Cole’s amazement.

“The drugs are not mine!” Cole repeated while being shocked that he was about to be arrested.

Jake ignored Cole’s pleas, took a piece of rope and began tying Cole’s hands tightly behind his back.

Cole grew immediately suspicious. Instead of being handcuffed, his wrists were crossed behind his back and being tied tightly with rope.

“What’s happening? Why aren’t you using cuffs?” Cole asked trying to understand what was going on.

“Kidnap victims don’t ask too many questions”, Jake said calmly. “This is not an arrest. You are being kidnapped!”

Cole immediately panicked and just as he was about to yell, Jake warned, “If you don’t co-operate, I will make sure you don’t survive this.”

Cole immediately gave in and remained silent as Jake finished tying the last knot holding the teen’s wrists securely crossed behind his back.

“Now purse your lips”, Jake ordered the boy and cut a strip of black duct tape. Jake then securely plastered the tape over Cole’s lips and added another strip of tape just below the first one.

Jake then took a black bandanna, rolled it up neatly and tightly blindfolded the uniformed boy.

“That should hold you”, Jake said satisfied with his handiwork as the uniformed teen stood next to him tied up, blindfolded and gagged.

“Now lets take you home”, Jake said smiling as he put the teen in the back seat of his police car, and looked back at the video camera that was staring right at him, that his friend Josh was holding.

“Cut!” yelled Josh, as he put his camera down while smiling at the two main cast members of his student movie.

“We are done for this morning. Great job you two”, Josh complimented Jake and Cole.

18-year old Josh went to the same high school as Jake and Cole, and was in a film class that had given each student an assignment to make a movie.

“I am going to make a movie about Kidnapping”, Josh had told his friends a day earlier.

“The story goes like this – A kidnapper, that would be you Jake, pretending to be a cop kidnaps a young high school kid, that’s you Cole, and holds him hostage. The kidnapper is outwitted by a clever police officer, that’s me, and the kid is returned safely to his home.”

“Jake, to make it look believable, you will star as a 22 year-old police officer. I know we all are the same age but we need you to play an older part to fit the role of the kidnapper”, the 18 year-old brown haired Josh told his buddy Jake.

“That shouldn’t be a problem”, Jake said.

The boys had stopped by a uniform supplies store and purchased two identical police uniforms that fit both boys perfectly.

“I will need you to wear our school uniform for this shoot and you will be tied up during this movie. Is that ok?” Josh asked Cole.

Josh, Jake and Cole grew up playing tie up games, and each was secretly turned on by bondage though none of them had ever admitted it to each other.

“Hell yeah”, Cole told Josh. The thought of bondage got all three boys turned on immediately and got them excited about the movie shoot.

They improvised by borrowing an off-duty security vehicle and making it look like a police car.

With the Saturday morning’s film shoot of Cole’s kidnapping in the can, Josh looked very satisfied.

His buddy Jake opened the car door and was about to let Cole out to untie him when Josh said, “No. Keep him tied up. We need to shoot the next scene in my basement and Cole needs to look exactly as he does now.”

The three boys were already sporting boners having Cole tied up, gagged and blindfolded.

With Josh’s suggestion to keep Cole tied up, their boners were at full mast, and each boy did his best to hide his boner from the other boys.

In anticipation of shooting the rest of the movie, Josh too was dressed identically to Jake, in a light blue police uniform shirt, black necktie and black police uniform pants.

Josh took Cole’s car, while Jake drove the fake cop car, and both headed towards Josh’s house, with Cole securely tied up, gagged and blindfolded in the back seat of Jake’s car.

When the three boys arrived at Josh’s house, Jake and Josh helped Cole out of the car and into Josh’s basement. Josh’s parents were off on a weekend getaway and Josh had the house and basement all to himself that weekend.

“Are we shooting the entire movie today, or are we leaving some for tomorrow?” Jake asked Josh when the three boys were inside the basement, knowing that it was just Saturday morning and they had plenty of time left during the weekend.

“Lets finish as much as we can”, Josh told Jake. “If not, we can continue tomorrow. But we will need to tie up, gag and blindfold Cole again if we do.”

“Lets assume our positions and get started”, Josh told Jake and Cole. Cole was now seated on a chair with his tied hands resting behind the back of the chair.

Cole was still tightly gagged and blindfolded and the knots on his wrists were as secure as they were when Jake had tied him earlier.

Josh turned on his camera and yelled, “Action!”

Jake and Cole went back to being kidnapper and prisoner.

“No one knows we are here”, Jake told Cole. “I will remove your gag to give you some water but don’t shout or say a word, or the gag goes back on. Is that understood?”

Cole nodded yes.

Jake delicately peeled off the strips of tape holding Cole’s lips shut and let Cole flex his jaw muscles.

“Your blindfold will remain on.” Jake told Cole. This was improvisation on Jake’s part as the script that Josh had provided allowed for Cole’s blindfold to be removed.

Jake did not want Cole to see how hard his boner had gotten in his police uniform. Keeping the blindfold on, ensured that Cole didn’t notice that Jake was enjoying this a lot.

Jake, however, noticed Cole’s boner in his school uniform pants. Jake loosened Cole’s uniform necktie slightly, and opened up his shirt collar button. The end of Cole’s necktie now rested on the noticeable bump of his hard boner in his uniform slacks.

Josh noticed Cole’s boner too and continued to watch behind the camera in awe at the two handsome boys play their respective parts.

Jake helped Cole drink some water and then told the boy, “I need to gag you again unfortunately”

“I understand”, Cole said, his voice quivering with excitement. He couldn’t resist how turned on he was and thought his boner would explode in his pants.

He pursed his lips and waited his fate. Jake tightly gagged Cole using two new strips of black duct tape.

“Cut!” yelled Josh.

“It is now time for the final act”, Josh told Jake and Cole.

“Spotting the kidnapper’s suspicious looking police car, I will come as a police officer to this location and arrest Jake and release Cole”, Josh continued. “I have adjusted the camera to run on automatic mode while we film the final act.”

“Action!” Josh yelled as he stepped away from the camera and towards the basement entrance, to begin his role as a police officer about to rescue Cole from the kidnapper.

The camera began shooting the film automatically, as Josh appeared in front of Jake and Cole and yelled,

“Freeze Police!”

Jake immediately held his hands in the air and let Josh come near him. Josh reached into his belt and grabbed a pair of handcuffs.

Just as Josh was about to cuff Jake, Jake decided to improvise on the script yet again. “Not so fast”, yelled Jake as he quickly tackled Josh to the ground.

Before Josh realized what was happening, Jake took Josh’s handcuffs and tightly handcuffed Josh’s hands behind his back.

Jake then took two strips of black duct tape and tightly taped Josh’s mouth before he could yell, “Cut!”

Josh began protesting unsuccessfully through his gag at his buddy while Jake took the uniformed cop and put him in another chair across from Cole, resting Josh’s handcuffed hands behind the chair.

Jake then tied Josh’s legs tightly to the two front legs of his chair, and repeated the same by tying Cole’s legs tightly to the two front legs of the chair he was sitting on.

Jake then took another length of rope, briefly un-cuffed Josh’s hands, and then tightly tied up Josh’s wrists crossed behind his back, just as he had tied up Cole earlier.

Jake then took another black bandanna, rolled it up neatly and tightly blindfolded Josh with it.

“There! That’s much better!” Jake said admiring his handiwork.

Jake then went outside the range of the camera, and watched as the two tied up, gagged and blindfolded uniformed boys struggled to get free.

All three boys were ready to explode in their uniform pants, and had the strongest boners yet.

Jake then yelled, “Cut!” and turned off the camera.

“Now this is the kind of ending I like in my movies”, Jake told Josh and Cole.

“Don’t worry. I will let you out before classes start on Monday morning”, Jake told his buddies who tried hard to yell but couldn’t say much from their tightly sealed lips.

“This weekend should be a lot of fun”, Jake thought to himself as he walked up to his buddies.

“I will treat you better than a normal kidnapper would”, he said to his buddies as he tested their bonds and ruffled through their hair.

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