Prisoner 26 Part 1 – ‘Cuffed, Chained And In The Closet’

Prisoner 26 Football Player In Bondage Part 1 – Cuffed, Chained And In The Closet

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Once again the prisoner was captured and forced to undergo several consecutive lengthy sessions of sometimes extremely uncomfortable bondage and captivity. For this first period of imprisonment the prisoner was made to wear soccer boots, shin guards and soccer socks, an Adidas hooded training top and a very small pair of 1980s blue silky Umbro Birmingham City football shorts. As can be seen from the video the style of shorts worn during the 70s and 80s was considerably different to modern football shorts. They were much smaller and much more revealing. Unfortunately, the shorts were so tight on the prisoner that a split appeared down the seam at the front and after much struggling from the prisoner they became unwearable. They were eventually replaced by a pair of skintight white PVC shorts which were also extremely small and revealing. These PVC shorts along with the rest of the soccer kit remained on for the bulk of the prisoner’s captivity. The prisoner’s wrists were restrained behind his back with a pair of handcuffs which were attached to a chain which was passed through the prisoner’s legs, up his chest and then looped around his neck and padlocked in place. The length of chain was slightly too short which resulted in the prisoner having to lean forward to prevent the chain digging into his groin area, riding up between his legs and causing the cuffs to dig into his wrists. However, he was prevented from leaning too far forward by a further chain which was locked around his neck and then attached to a wooden frame placed in the cupboard behind his head. Another chain was locked around his waist and again attached to the frame behind him. These chains would prevent him from wandering and also pull tight around his neck should he attempt to sit. A metal bar was attached with rope between his knees spreading his legs slightly and placing his thigh muscles in a state of tension. The hood on his top was pulled up over his head and down over his eyes where it was duct taped to the skin on his face. A ballgag and head harness was fixed over his head to prevent him from speaking. The prisoner was then left on his own to contemplate his uncomfortable bondage and captivity (and also worry about how little his shorts actually covered him).

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