Story – ‘Soccer Practice’

Hank was a young new coach at his home town’s local high school. The blond 22 year old had grown up in a family of athletes and he had aspirations of becoming a professional soccer player. He had worked hard growing up but a knee accident in his teen years caused him to rethink his career.

Hank was now working towards being a professional soccer coach and he had decided to take up coaching at his local high school as a training ground for his career.

Hank’s students were a group of 17 and 18 year olds. The students were amazed by their young coach who was only a few years apart from them but seemed to have a wealth of knowledge that was helping them to sharpen their game.

Within a short span of time, Hank’s students had shown a strong improvement in their game and had begun respecting and admiring their new coach.

Although every member of Hank’s soccer team was enthusiastic about the sport, two students – Cody and Tanner – looked to be budding soccer superstars. The two 18 year olds were motivated to do a lot more.

Cody looked a lot like Hank with blond hair and boyish good looks. Tanner had dark brown hair and a handsome face. The two boys were the school’s eye-catching studs. They knew they looked their best in their red soccer shirts and black soccer shorts and always hung out in their uniforms long after practice was over.

Cody and Tanner wanted to get to the next level in soccer and knew that they would need to spend more time with Hank than just at their after school practice sessions. They pleaded with Hank to let them practice on weekends.

Hank was impressed with their enthusiasm and agreed to set a few hours on Saturday and Sunday mornings for the two boys. Hank was like an older brother to the two boys and they were excited about their extra sessions.

Every weekend, the boys met Hank at their empty high school yard wearing their soccer uniforms and spent time practicing soccer moves. Within no time, both had quickly mastered the skillful moves needed to make quick goals.

“It is time to make it harder for you two”, Hank said one Saturday morning. “Both of you are past the normal soccer player’s skill level”.

“Bring it on”, Tanner said smiling as he passed the soccer ball to Cody. “Yeah”, Cody echoed.

“Be careful what you wish for”, Hank said opening his bag and showing a sly smile. Hank pulled out two cords of rope. “Let us see how well you play with your hands tied behind”, Hank said.

Cody and Tanner were completely surprised by this and both shouted, “Hell yeah”.

Both boys had played Cowboys and Indians growing up and had been tied up playfully but that was years ago. The prospect of being tied up as adults got both boys boned up in their soccer shorts instantly. Both tried their best to conceal their boners but their soccer shorts weren’t making things easy.

Cody and Tanner put their hands behind their backs and waited for Hank to come behind them. Hank used the first rope to tightly tie up Cody’s crossed wrists behind his back. Hank repeated the knots on Tanner using the second rope.

“You must have been in the boy scouts”, Tanner said as he tested his bindings and realized that the knots were completely secure.

“My wrists have never been tied up so effectively”, Cody said agreeing with Tanner.

“Enough talk, resume practice – try making a goal against me” Hank said bringing the focus back on soccer. It was hard at first for the two boys to get adjusted to playing with their hands tied behind their backs. Even though it was two against one, with their hands tied, they were easily losing to Hank.

At the end of the practice session, Hank motivated them to do better. “Considering this was the first time you played while tied up, you did very well”.

“We will beat you soon”, Tanner said defiantly, “We just need a little time”.

Cody nodded in agreement. “I would like to continue with this practice for the next few sessions”, Cody said. “Me too”, Tanner responded.

Both boys were secretly excited by the idea of seeing their buddy tied up. Their boners had remained steady throughout the game and even as Hank untied them, they couldn’t stop feeling excited.

“Fine, lets see where this practice goes”, Hank said. “The day you make more goals than me, is the day I will make it harder”.

Cody and Tanner went home that evening resolving to beat Hank with their hands tied behind.

At each weekend session, the boys were boned up even before practice started, thinking of the prospect of being tied up and the prospect of seeing their buddy tied up. Each boy ensured that his boner was concealed well, before coming to practice, not realizing that the other boy was thinking the same thing.

The games were mostly one sided in the first few sessions that the boys were tied up, but soon the boys learned to work around their disadvantage.

They shouted cues to each other, secret words that only the other was able to interpret. Hank didn’t know their codes, and was puzzled by the boys’ secret language on the field. They were now able to pass the ball past Hank and start making goals.

Soon, it was obvious that despite their hands tied behind their backs, the boys had found a way of defeating their coach.

After a few sessions, of successive defeat at the hands of the tied up boys, Hank decided, it was time to make it harder.

“The two of you have proved that with team work, anything is possible”, Hank praised the boys as they stood before him sweating and puffing while their hands remained securely tied behind their sweaty backs.

“Are you ready for a tougher session?” Hank asked. Both boys nodded strongly, feeling proud of their accomplishment. They would have given a thumb up, had their hands not been tied up. Hank untied them and asked them to come prepared for a tougher day of practice the following weekend.

The following Saturday morning, Hank met the boys as usual and as always, tied their hands behind their backs. After both boys were securely tied up, Cody asked eagerly, “So what is new this time?”

“You won’t be able to use your secret codes”, Hank said smiling as he pulled out duct tape from his bag.

Both boys were already sporting huge boners that were concealed as best possible in their soccer shorts, but the thought of being gagged kept their boners uncomfortably hard..

“As you can tell, you will be gagged from now on during our weekend sessions, so that you can play without your secret codes”, Hank said as he cut a piece of black duct tape.

“You are a sly one”, Tanner said. “Definitely”, Cody agreed, while both boys couldn’t stop thinking about their raging boners.

Hank went up to Tanner, and asked, “Any last words?” Tanner shook his head and Hank tightly gagged the boy with the black duct tape. The length of the tape was long enough to go from ear to ear.

Cody had nothing to say either, and Hank securely gagged Cody ear to ear, just as Tanner had been gagged.

“Stomp your feet if you want to stop the game or be untied at any point”, Hank said. “Otherwise, practice starts now!”

The two gagged and tied up boys went on the field defenseless against Hank. They were no longer able to use their secret codes and their uncomfortably hard boners didn’t help either.

After an easy defeat against Hank, both boys stood before Hank breathing strongly through their noses, with gags still plastered tightly on their mouths, and ropes securely holding their wrists crossed behind them.

“Are you ready to go through more sessions at this skill level?” Hank asked.

Both boys nodded and mmmffed “Yes” as best they could.

Both Cody and Tanner secretly looked forward to being tied up and gagged. Secretly each felt no rush in getting past this skill level of their training

Each boy thought to himself to prolong their stay at this level at as many future sessions as they could. Their mind would soon change when Hank said, “If you beat me at any future session while tied up and gagged like this, we can switch roles – You will have the advantage of playing one-on-one with me while I am tied up and gagged.”

Both boys instantly changed their secret plan of prolonging their sessions, and got very motivated to beat Hank in their tied and gagged state at a future session.

Hank untied their hands and each boy peeled off his gag.

“You will be tied up and gagged soon coach”, Tanner proclaimed smiling. Cody looked at Tanner, with his mind racing towards a way to defeat Hank soon.

Despite no longer being tied up and gagged, the boys went home with uncomfortable boners, thinking about ways of defeating their coach and getting an opportunity to tie up and gag him for a change.

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