Video – Prisoner 25 ‘Kidnapped Football Player – Held Hostage’

The second in a series of videos detailing a weekend of captivity which the prisoner was forced to endure. The prisoner had just spent a night time roped to a chair and so this daytime of captivity was designed to allow him time to relax whilst still being kept in restrictive bondage. During this period of captivity the prisoner was made to wear a blue Adidas training hoody, blue Nike track suit bottoms, white football socks, Adidas shin guards and blue Adidas football boots. A ball of cloth was placed in his duct taped mouth and a tight zip-up rubber hood was placed over his head. His hands were tied behind his back and his upper arms were roped to his body. His ankles and knees were roped and his ankles were pulled up towards his thighs and roped there creating a partial hogtie. His boots were also tied together. He was then placed on a bed and then left there for a considerable length of time. Following this the prisoner was stripped of his track suit bottoms and left in his white Adidas football shorts which he had been wearing underneath. The prisoner was then allowed to lay down on the bed and have his wrists handcuffed separately to the frame at the top of the bed. His ankles were then also roped separately to the frame at the bottom of the bed. The prisoner was again left restrained in this position for a considerable length of time to allow him time to build up his strength for his next session of endurance bondage. This can be seen in Part 3.

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