Video – Prisoner 25 ‘Kidnapped Footballer – Roped for the Night’

The first in a series of videos detailing a weekend of captivity which the prisoner was forced to endure. The prisoner had always said that he would never again allow himself to be roped like this but once those initial ropes went on he had no choice but to let it happen. For this first session of captivity the prisoner was made to wear an England football strip consisting of shirt, shorts, socks, shin guards and blue Adidas football boots. A ball gag and head harness was fixed tightly to his head and a tight rubber zip-up hood was used to create partial sensory deprivation. A long length of chain was used to shackle the prisoner’s wrists behind his back and his arms were bound to his upper body. The prisoner’s thighs, knees and ankles were tightly roped and a length of rope was used to pull his ankles up towards his thighs. The prisoner’s neck was roped, pulled forward and also attached to his thighs creating a highly restrictive and uncomfortable rope tie. The prisoner was then placed in the corner of a room and left to his own devices. There is no realistic method of escape from this form of restraint and struggling can only enhance the feelings of claustrophobia and make them feel much worse. Following this was a period of night time captivity for the prisoner. His arms were again bound to his upper body and he was placed in an office chair where his wrists were pulled behind the back rest and roped there. His knees were pulled apart and roped to the chair whilst his ankles were left roped together and attached to his knees via the base of the chair. This simple but effective rope work, whilst allowing minimal movement and comfort for the prisoner, was inescapable and was perfect for a night time of captivity. It’s worth pointing out that the prisoner was expecting to be released far sooner that he actually was. He did not realize that he would be spending the early hours of the morning tightly roped in his football strip. A fade to black in the video indicates the passing of time (as it does in all the prisoner videos). A close up of the rubber hood has been included to demonstrate how over-anxious breathing can cause the rubber to cling to the face and create a vacuum – an effective addition to any form of restraint because it prevents the prisoner from struggling too fiercely against the bondage.

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