Video – Prisoner 19 ‘White Lycra, Chains, Straps and Handcuffs’

The prisoner was made to wear skintight white lycra cycling shorts, a blue hooded Adidas training top, white soccer socks and shin pads and Nike Shox trainers. His wrists were handcuffed behind his back and a long length of coaxial cable was used to restrain his arms and upper body. His ankles and knees were belted tightly. Ropes were passed around his waist, up over his shoulders and then pulled tightly through his legs either side of his crotch. He was then placed on a bed and his ankles were connected to the bed frame with a length of chain. A ballgag and head harness were tightly strapped in place and a tight rubber zip-up hood with only two small nose holes was used to provide partial sensory deprivation.

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3 Replies to “Video – Prisoner 19 ‘White Lycra, Chains, Straps and Handcuffs’”

  1. i really love this blog of urs 🙂
    btw, i’ve been following ur bliptv. vids for a very long time (last year or more) won’t u be posting anymore new vids?

      1. welcome 😉
        it would be great if we could see the process of you tying up your prisoner. especially the gagging part 😀

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