Story – ‘The TAG Kid’ Chapter 27, 28

Chapter 27

January 10, 2001

To My Diary

On New Years Day Julie and I got up late. She untied my hands and let me use the bathroom, brush my teeth, shower, and generally clean up. Then she led me into the living room. Hanging from one of the hooks along the wall I saw a figure bound entirely in black leather – there were only little holes for eyes and a nose. The leather was skin tight with the person’s arms held snugly at his side. His legs were bound together as if they were one thing. I’m sure the person inside couldn’t move at all.

“What do you think?” asked Mrs. Peterson.

“Who’s in there?” I asked.

“Rick, of course,” she laughed. “Who else? It’s his bondage cocoon – snug as a second skin and very tight. Do you want to get into yours?”

“I don’t have one,” I said, very relieved as it looked awful.

“You do now,” Julie laughed. She held up a wad of black leather with straps and laces hanging down. I realized with horror that it was my cocoon “You’re going to join Dad for the day,” Julie said with a big smile.

Mr. Peterson made no sound but I could see his eyes watching what was happening. I wanted to shout, “NO!!!!” but didn’t dare.

I wasn’t naked although by then I was used to going around either nude or almost nude and didn’t let the fact that someone was watching bother me – most of the other slaves were in the same boat. But Julie had me put on a tight black leather thong which she fastened in the back. Julie and her mother helped me into the leather cocoon, starting with me sitting and sliding my legs into the leg sheath that they laced up in back. I stood and they continued to wrap the leather around me, my arms down at my side. Soon the tight leather shroud covered me up to my neck and they laced it as tight as they could. Julie had me open my mouth, and in went my leather plug gag. Then the leather cover continued covering my face leaving my eyes and nose open.

Julie and her mother laced up the suit making it fit me perfectly like a second skin. As I had suspected, the thing, once tightly placed, didn’t allow any room for movement. I only hoped that I wouldn’t be in it for long. I was wrong!

Julie and her mother carried me over next to Mr. Peterson, and there they hung me beside him. Only then did I think to ask how long this would go on, but by then it was way too late. I was bound and gagged for however long they wished.

That was for sure. Julie and her mother ate a leisurely breakfast (and I realized I hadn’t had anything to eat yet), while we hung and watched.

At Noon, Julie and her mother went outside and brought in two hand trucks – the things movers use to haul refrigerators and the like. Julie and her mother unfastened Mr. Peterson, and attached his black cocoon body to one hand truck.

Then they did the same with me using the second hand truck. Then they could wheel us about wherever they wished.

Julie and her mother wheeled us out of the cabin and into the bright warm sunny day. We headed for the lodge which wasn’t too far. I could see a couple of other women wheeling carts with their slaves bound exactly like me and Mr.

Peterson. Inside the lodge the women were assembling and lining their slaves up against the wall. Over thirty of us.

Then the women had lunch and their final meeting. They agreed to gather again the following year. They dealt with other business, and at the end, all stood and took a long solemn oath. They vowed to be good but firm mistresses to their slaves – to keep their slaves in bondage for long sessions and to tolerate no disobedience. When it was over, Julie and her mother wheeled Mr. Peterson and me back to our cabin and into the kitchen.

By then I was really hungry. Julie and her mother undid our hoods and gags and fed us.

“How long will we be in these leather cocoons?” I asked.

“Oh, a while,” said Mrs. Peterson with a big smile. “Do you like it?”

“Oh yes,” I lied. “It’s great.”

Then the gags and hoods went back on and they removed us from the hand trucks and hung us back in the living room. Then the two women started packing.

At dinner time, they released us from the leather bondage, and Mr. Peterson and I dressed in our jocks and slave chains and hurried to the lodge to serve dinner. It was quiet, our last dinner at the retreat. Back in the cabin Julie tied me up for the night.

Although I still really enjoy being tied up, I have to admit that the tight leather cocoon wasn’t any fun at all. It is so tight I that when it’s laced up I can hardly move. It presses in all over and gives the sensation of being in something that is shrinking and getting tighter. I think it was expensive, but I hope Julie won’t put me in it any more.

Early the next morning we finished packing, loaded the car, and headed for the airport. I realized it was the first time in nine days that I had worn clothes. It was quite a change. Sadly, I knew I had to return to school. The retreat was over. But something new had happened. Now I was a bondage slave. I had signed a legal binding contract in front of many witnesses. I wondered if I had made a big mistake.

Mrs. Peterson asked me what I would be doing over the next months toward the end of the school year. “Just finishing my graduate classes,” but I explained to the Petersons, my aunt and Derek were scheduled to go on a very long trip starting at the end of the first week in February. They would be gone almost two months and maybe longer and I would be alone in my aunt’s house.

“Oh,” said Julie. “He could stay with us.”

I thought that would be a bad idea, but didn’t say anything. My staying and house-sitting for my aunt was already decided, so I figured the Petersons couldn’t do anything about it. I was glad the retreat was over, and happy to be getting back to college.

Chapter 28

January 20, 2001

To My Diary

As soon as I returned home from the retreat with Mr. and Mrs. Peterson and Julie, I went home for the last few days of vacation before college started. I told my parents about most of what had happened. I detailed how much I had been kept tied up in different ways, my ordeal in the cage, the transparent mummy costume where we won second prize, and that I had become Julie’s bondage slave. I admitted that some of it hadn’t been fun, and that I no longer wanted to spend long periods tied up or be tied up so much. I confessed that perhaps I had had enough bondage and had gotten over my need to be tied up. Ruth, my step-mother, said that she was happy to hear that part. Only slowly, however, did I realize that my step-mother, especially, and also my father were not so happy about what I was saying. They were very quiet, and when I sensed there was some problem, I stopped saying anything more. Besides, I had to get back to school and into my routine.

Once I was back with my aunt and uncle at college, I saw Julie frequently, and we made plans to spend some time together the following weekend, but out in public without me being tied up.

Mid-way through the week, while we were eating dinner, my aunt commented to my uncle that perhaps he should check out the chastity device to be sure that it was properly fitted and not causing any problems. My step-mother had called and said that she wanted to be sure that it was on and secure. My heart jumped into my throat – the Petersons had forgotten to replace the device! I was in trouble. I hoped they would forget, but after dinner Derek took me to the bedroom and told me to drop my pants and underpants – he was holding the original key. I had to confess that the device was gone – that the Petersons had taken it off.

My aunt notified my parents who were very upset, but didn’t say too much.

After breakfast Saturday morning, Derek asked me to follow him into the basement. There in the back room he had set up the heavy chair he tied me to a few times before. “Put this on,” he said handing me an adult diaper.

“Why?” I asked. “What are you going to do?”

“Sam,” he said firmly, “we have an agreement. We can tie you up any time we want, any way we want, for as long as we want. Right?”

“I guess,” I mumbled, but I’m tired to being tied up so much. I think I want to change the agreement. I think I’ve had more than enough bondage.

“No way,” said Derek. “You made a bargain, and it stays. Now strip and put this on.”

So I put on the diaper. Next he strapped me into my straitjacket, put on the leather gag and buckled it in place. He bound my legs, then had me sit in the chair. He tied me very tightly to the chair. He wrapped my body with duct tape covering the ropes. More duct tape held my head to the chair wrapping over my mouth and forehead. When he was done, I could barely move anything. It was as bad as some of the tie-ups I had endured at the retreat.

“Now,” said Derek once I was secure, “Your parents and the Petersons are coming here to talk and your step-mother and we have decided to tell them that we don’t want you seeing them or Julie again for a while. We are very unhappy that they removed the chastity device – especially your step-mother who thought something like that had happened. We think your schooling comes first, and we don’t want anything to interfere.”

As Derek walked away I protested as much as I could through the gag, but of course, it was of no use. And so I sat there wondering what would happen.

After a long time, I heard sounds upstairs but I couldn’t understand anything that was being said. I sat, wondering, unhappy. Now I knew why I was tied up and gagged in the basement. My parents and my aunt didn’t want the Petersons to see or hear me. Then, to my surprise, my parents, my aunt and Mrs. Peterson and Julie came down the stairs. They stood very quietly looking at me.

Finally, my father said, “Mrs. Peterson has apologized for taking the chastity device off of you. We all realize now that it was a mistake. Fortunately, Julie isn’t pregnant. We have accepted her apologies, and you will be replaced in the device and it will stay. Meanwhile Mrs. has asked if you can stay with them while your aunt and Derek are gone in February and March.”

I was shocked. I didn’t want to spend that long with the Petersons for fear of what they might do to me. I waited to see what they would say.

My step-mother continued. “We’ve made this agreement. Sam, you are not to see Julie except at school for the rest of January and the first week of February.

(I was relieved – no more bondage for a while). Your graduate classes are most important as they are the key to the job in your father’s company. If you get good grades this first semester, you can go with the Petersons but if your grades drop, you will stay here alone and you will stay away from Julie.”

They all looked at me. “Well,” said my step-mother firmly, “Do you agree with the terms?”

I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to lose Julie, or upset her. The Petersons had been very nice to me. I wasn’t sure I wanted to stay with the Petersons either. Too much bondage. I needed to keep my grades up – they were right about that. In the end I decided to agree and tell Julie how I felt later. I tried to grunt into my gag and nod my head but the tape held me firmly.

“Grunt once for yes, twice for no,” said my father.


“Then it’s a deal,” said my step-mother.

My parents, my aunt and Derek began to return upstairs. “Aren’t we going to untie Sam?” asked Julie.

“No,” said my father firmly. “Sam is to stay tied up for most of the rest of the weekend. We’ll let him go in time to do his homework on Sunday. And even then he’ll be bound in some way. We intend to keep him here except when he’s at school. It will help him keep his part of his bargain.”

Oh God, I thought!! Now my parents are having my aunt and Derek keep me tied up as much as the Petersons did. This is getting awful.

So all of them went upstairs leaving me still trussed up and lashed to the chair. And so I stayed that way until evening when Derek came down, removed the gag and fed me dinner and water. I tried as best I could to tell him that I was really tired of being tied up so much and don’t care if I was never tied up again. But he just smiled and shook his head. “You’re in this too deep to back out now,” he said slowly. “You’ll just have to face whatever happens.”

He replaced the gag and used more duct tape to fix me to the chair. And that was the way I spent the night.

On Sunday they put cuffs and a chain on my legs, freed me from everything else, including the soiled diaper, and had me do my homework. Derek also replaced the chastity device and put a new lock on it. He said that only he and my step-mother would have keys and that would be true while I was with the Petersons.

I will behave and get good grades because I want to get the good job that my father’s company has promised. When I go to the Petersons in February I will explain to them how I feel about no more bondage.

I’m sure they will understand.

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  1. Oh how I’ve longed for a boyfriend,preferably a switch,but he could be my master/dad/big brother. I’d be HIT with a stun gun or be overpowered.I’d be given a little boy’s haircut and my haircolor would be changed and I’d be made to look smooth and hairless.
    Then I’d be forced to listen to messages,including subliminal ones,
    that would humiliate me and even age regress me. trying to be a
    diaperboy sex slave would be interesting too.

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