Story – ‘The TAG Kid’ Chapter 18, 19 and 20

Chapter 18

November 2, 2000

To My Diary

My girlfriend, Julie, knows about my love of bondage, and she has actually tied me up once. A few days ago she reminded me about the Halloween Dance held at a popular club nearby. It’s something they do every year here at the college- a costume dance where couples are supposed to come dressed as famous couples from history or literature.

“I know we agreed to go,” I said to Julie, “But I don’t have any ideas for costumes.”

“I do, – Beebee,” she said with a smile. “What?” I said. I was startled that she called me BeeBee.

“We’re going to go as a nurse and a patient from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

I didn’t know anything about the book, but Julie explained to me that it was a story about people in an insane asylum. She would be a Nurse Cratchett, and I would be her patient. She said she could get ahold of a really cute nurse’s outfit with a tight top and really short skirt. Really sexy.

“What would my costume be?” I asked.

“You,” she said, “Will be the best part. You will wear your straitjacket.”

“I don’t think so,” I said. “Not out in public.”

“Sure you will,” she said. You’ll wear loose white pants, and we’ll put you in the jacket, and I’ll lead you around with a kind of leash. It will be cool, and everyone will love it. And we’ll put a big piece of duct tape on your mouth.”

Well, I finally agreed, and so we attended the dance together with me bound in my straitjacket with my mouth taped shut. Julie was right, everyone thought it was really neat, and some of the girls asked to dance with me and watched me squirm around in the tight jacket.

Once in the car on the way home, Julie removed the tape and produced my leather gag, and put it on, then tied my legs too. She took me home, helped me hop into the house, and then hog tied me on the living room floor. I thought she would stay a while and talk, then untie me, but she left and I found that I was bound and gagged for the night. In the morning my aunt found me, and, after taking a few pictures, released me. She laughed and said that it was clear that Julie liked to tie me up, and she hoped I hadn’t gotten in over my head. But she was happy that I had found a girl who understood bondage, my need for it, and had the ability and willingness to tie me up. I’m delighted too.

Chapter 19

November 15, 2000

To My Diary

My girlfriend, Julie, took me to the dance bound in my straitjacket, and apparently my costume drew a lot of attention. A few days later I played soccer with some friends, and after we showered and dressed, six of them came over to my aunt’s for a while. During the conversation, Tim asked me if I still had the straitjacket that I wore to the dance. I said that it was around somewhere. He asked if he could see it, so I went to my room and got it.

Tim asked if he could try it on, so I strapped him into the jacket.

“This really feels odd,” he said. “I feel really secure like I was hugging myself, and can’t stop.”

“You sound like you like it,” said Ron.

“It’s different,” agreed Tim. “Didn’t she put tape on your mouth too?”

I said that she had taped my mouth shut and Tim asked me to tape his mouth, so I went to the garage and got a roll of duct tape. I tore off a large strip, and put it over Tim’s mouth. He struggled in the jacket for a few minutes, then we let him out of it. One after the other, all six of my friends took turns being strapped into the jacket, and they said it felt really strange to be so tightly restrained. Two of the others wanted the tape gag also.

Then they said I should try it. I said they had already seen me in it, but they insisted that each of them had tried it on, so I let them strap me into the jacket. Tim said they should tape my mouth too, so I let them. They didn’t just tear off a little strip, they wrapped the tape around my face about four times. I tried to protest, but they had me gagged before I could say very much. Then they wrapped the tape around my legs too. That was unexpected because none of them had had their legs bound.

With me bound and gagged, all of us watched television for a while. Then my friends said they had to go. I indicated that they should release me, but they just laughed, and walked out of the house despite my gagged protests.

Around six o’clock, my aunt and Derek came home. Derek unwrapped the tape from my mouth, and I told him what had happened. He laughed, and then released me from the jacket. I couldn’t believe that my college friends had done that to me, but I am sure they saw it as a great practical joke. Derek warned me to be careful that I didn’t get into something that I couldn’t get out of. I said that he and my aunt had already done that to me, and that the chastity device my step-mother and father had put on me also had me into something I couldn’t get out of. He laughed and agreed.

I don’t think I’ll let any of my “friends” tie me up again. I’ll leave that to my parents and my aunt and Julie who I trust.

Chapter 20

November 28, 2000

To My Diary

Since my aunt and Derek started tying me up, I’ve really discovered how much I enjoy bondage. I’ve also discovered that the biggest thrill is when I’m tied and don’t want to be, and can’t get free. That happened back at the end of the school year when I graduated and my aunt and Derek kept me away from drinking parties. It happened to me again a couple of days ago.

Friday after Thanksgiving I was alone at my aunt’s house with Julie who had come over to spend the day with me – supposedly to study. My parents trust us together alone since they have locked a chastity device ( on me.

After lunch, Julie was talking about my love of bondage, and she asked me what my favorite tie-up had been.

“I think it was when dad tied me to a heavy wooden chair,” I said.

“What did that look like?” she asked.

“It’s hard to describe,” I said, “But it was really strict and he kept me that way for a long time.

“Show me,” she said.

“What do you mean?” I was puzzled.

“Well,” she thought, “Tell me what to do and I’ll tie you up that way and I can see what it looked like.”

“I don’t know,” I said. “Didn’t you see the pictures my aunt showed you? It’s a really difficult and strict tie-up.”

“You let your soccer friends tie you up in your straitjacket and you’ve let me tie you up already,” she said. “With you telling me what to do,” she added, “I’m sure I can do it.”

After a while, I agreed.

First I took her into the basement and showed her a chair much like the one my father had used, then I got the ropes and tape.

“Were you dressed like that when he tied you?” she asked. (I was then in my Levi’s and a tee shirt.) “No,” I said, “I was naked except for a diaper.

Julie laughed. “A diaper!! You’re kidding.”

“No,” I said. “He made me wear a diaper. One of those disposable kind for adults.”

“Do you have one?” she asked.

“Oh yes,” I said. “He and my aunt use them on me whenever either of them intends to keep me bound for a long time or over night.”

“They keep you tied up over night?”

“Sometimes. Even longer. I really like it,” I confessed.

“Wow,” she said. “Well, go strip and put on a diaper. I want to see what this special tie-up looks like completely.”

We argued about the diaper for a while, but again, finally I gave up and went up to my room, took off everything and put on one of the Depends. Then I returned to the basement.

I showed Julie how my dad had tied my arms up behind my back with each wrist at the opposite elbow, and how he taped my fingers and hands so I couldn’t untie any knots of I should be able to reach them. She did a nice job duplicating the rope work and in a few minutes I was starting to feel the familiar feeling of dad’s bondage.

Next I sat in the chair and showed her how to wrap rope around my upper body lashing me to the chair.

“That’s really loose,” I complained. “I knew you couldn’t do it. It needs to be tighter.”

She redid the rope and this time it was really tight. Next I had her tie my legs up to the sides of the chair. That she did very well. Then there were wraps of rope over my thighs around the chair and under my bent legs. When she was done, I was tightly bound to the chair. She had done a good job, and I had to admit it.

“Is that it?” she asked.

“Well,” I said cautiously, “There was a gag, but we don’t need to do that.”

“Oh yes we do,” she insisted. “We want to do it all.”

I told her where to go in my room to find my red ball gag, and she returned with it in a few minutes.

“That’s it,” she asked.

“No,” I admitted. I told her how to install the ball gag, and then wrap my lower face with duct tape. Then with my head firm against the chair, wrap the tape around my lower face and the chair, pinning my head to the chair. And finally, a wrap around the chair at the level of my forehead, around and around a couple of times really pinning my head to the chair.

In went the ball gag, and on went the tape. Then she bound my head to the chair as I had described. When she was done, she reinforced my legs and upper body with the tape over the rope. I was bound and gagged as firmly and strictly as I had ever been – as good as dad did and maybe better.

Julie stood back and admired her job.

“You look really great,” she said. “I can see why this is your favorite. I don’t think you can move much at all and I’m sure you can’t get free.”

She was right, and at that point, I couldn’t say much either. Julie pulled up a chair and sat down looking at me, and spent an hour or so talking to me, telling me more gossip about mutual friends, filling me in on things she had been doing, adding now and then how nice it was that I was “willing” to sit and listen. “I am really enjoying having you tied up and gagged,” she said.

“Now I know you will listen to whatever I have to say and won’t interrupt. You have no idea how much I’m enjoying this.”

Then Julie got out her books and studied for quite a while. Finally, she stood and said that she had to go. I made what sound I could behind the gag, but Julie ignored me. As she walked out of the room and up the stairs, she said, “I’ll leave a note upstairs telling your aunt and Derek where you are. Have a great day.”

Despite my pleas and grunts, Julie left leaving me strictly bound, gagged, and almost unable to move. It turned out to be a long boring afternoon, and after a while I really did desperately want to be untied. That wasn’t about to happen.

At around six o’clock I heard my aunt come home followed a little bit later by Derek. Apparently they found Julie’s note, and my aunt came down the stairs and stood looking at me.

“So, you let her tie you up,” she said. “And it looks like she did a superb job. Would you like to hear her note to us?”

I grunted into the gag.

“This is what she wrote, ‘Sam is tied up in the basement. Please leave him alone and I will be back sometime tomorrow and release him. Love, Julie.'”

“No! No!!! No!!!” I screamed into the gag. Of course, it sounded more like “Mmmmm Mmmmm Mmmmm” I tried to shake my head, but it could hardly move. I really wanted to be untied – badly! I did everything I could to communicate my discomfort and unhappiness to my aunt.

“Sorry Sam,” smiled my aunt. “But you let her tie you up and you know the agreement – any time we want, however we want, for as long as we want. Looks like you’re stuck until she comes back. If you want, I’ll try to call her and ask if we can release you.”

I grunted what I hoped he would understand as agreement.

Aunt Helen went upstairs. Quite a while later she returned along with Derek.

“Sorry,” she said, “but we finally got hold of Julie and she insists that she will release you sometime tomorrow. She said that it was your favorite bondage, and so she wanted you to enjoy it for a long time. And she says you told her that you like being tied up over night. Looks like you’re stuck. By the way,” my aunt chuckled, “looks like Julie will make quite a nice little dominatrix. I envy you Sam. She’s certainly the girl for you.”

Derek didn’t say anything about the dominatrix comment, but he argued with my aunt for quite a while, insisting that they should release me, but she insisted that I had gotten myself into this, or at least had willingly let Julie tie me, and that I needed to stick it out. I protested. I didn’t want to spend the night bound that tightly. But despite all the pleading I could muster, they finally turned off the lights, and there I sat – for one of the longest nights of my life. I managed to sleep a little but my muscles really ached and my jaw didn’t feel so good either. It was misery. I fantasized about being kidnapped, being held by beautiful girls who wanted to use me as a sex toy (It turned out that was a bad fantasy as it caused me to grow erect inside the chastity device and that hurt). In the end, even fantasy didn’t help. I had to just sit there and take it. I wasn’t happy at all.

I lost all track of time. Finally the lights came on, and there stood Julie. I just sat there and looked at her – as if I could do anything else.

“I think I’ll let you enjoy this for another day,” she said.

With that, I came unglued and moaned pitifully into the gag.

“Quiet down,” she said. “If you ask really nice, I’ll untie you.”

“Mmmmmmm Mmm Mmmm Mmm,” I grunted trying for Please Untie me.

“Sure I’ll untie you,” she said. “But pictures first.” She produced a camera and took about six pictures. Then she took the camera somewhere saying later that she didn’t want me to try to take it away from her after I was untied.

Finally she released me.

It was all I could do to move and walk and it took a while to get everything working again. I took off the soiled diaper and got rid of it. While I was naked, Julie inspected the chastity device and said that it was very nice and that she approved. I got dressed, and we went out for lunch to the local MacDonalds.

I have to admit, it was a great tie-up. And I had to tell Julie that I loved it, even though I didn’t entirely. I didn’t want her to think she had gotten the better of me, and that I was a wimp. I wonder if Julie will tie me up again sometime, but I hope it isn’t for so long or so strict. I wonder if I’m losing my love of being tied up?

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