Story – ‘The TAG Kid’ Chapter 15, 16 and 17

Chapter 15

September 28, 2000

To My Diary

I’ve been busy with my graduate classes, and spending some time with Julie, my girlfriend, so again I haven’t been tied up for a while. On Saturday afternoon, about 4:30, Derek told me to put on my red speedo, and meet him in the den. This surprised me as I knew my parents were coming to visit and my aunt and Derek were going out to a movie and late dinner, so if Derek was going to tie me up, it could only be for a little while.

In the den, he waited holding rope and tape.

“But you’ll have to untie me before you go out, and that’s in just a little while,” I complained.

“Maybe, and maybe not,” Derek smiled. “We have things worked out.”

As he said this, he was busy tying my hands behind my back, wrists to opposite elbows. He used tape to secure the rope. Next he tied my legs above, below my knees and at my ankles. Then he wrapped five wraps of rope around my upper body binding my upper arms in tightly.

“That looks good,” he said. “Now sit on the couch.”

Our couch has six legs, two on each end, and two in the middle. Derek had me sit on the center section of the couch. He tied my ankles to the center support leg of the couch. Walking around behind the couch, he took more rope and tied it to the ropes that circled my upper body, then took it down behind the couch and tied it off to the center back leg.

“He looks very good,” said Aunt Helen who had walked into the room, “Have you told him what’s going to happen?”

“Not yet,” said Derek. “He’ll find out soon enough. Now, open wide, Sam.”

I opened my mouth, and in went the large plug of the leather gag. Derek fastened the straps using the Velcro to hold them in place. Now I was sitting there, unable to leave the couch, bound and gagged. I squirmed enjoying the tight feeling of the ropes that I love so much and wondering what they were up to.

Time went by, and it was almost the moment when my folks should arrive and the four of them leave when the doorbell rang. I figured it was my father and step-mother. I wondered how she would react to finding me tied up again.

“Get that will you Hun,” I heard Derek shout. It must be the baby-sitter.”

Baby sitter???!!! I was startled. After all, I’m twenty-two years old and in graduate school for God’s sake!. What were they talking about?!!!

Aunt Helen answered it, and I could hear talking, but couldn’t identify who was there. Then, Aunt Helen returned and I got one of the biggest shocks of my life. It wasn’t my parents, it was my girlfriend, Julie!!!

Julie stood and looked at me for a while, and then said, “He looks even better in person than he does in the pictures.”

Derek laughed. “Do you think you can handle him for the evening?

Julie sat down next to me, and looked over the ropes that bound me, and investigated the gag. I was really embarrassed, and shocked, but could, of course, do nothing about it.

“Sure,” she said. “He won’t give me any trouble at all. You go on and have a good time. Stay out as late as you want.”

“We have to wait for Sam’s parents to arrive,” Derek explained. “Meanwhile, understand that you can untie him any time you want. You can remove the gag.

Or you can leave him that way until we get home. We have an agreement with Sam. We can tie him up any time we want, any way we want, for as long as we want. In this case, we are going to let you decide when to free him. So Julie, it’s up to you.”

“Mmmmmmmpffff,” I tried to say meaning that I didn’t approve, but of course, they all just laughed and ignored me. A bound and gagged man doesn’t have much influence I had already discovered over and over again.

Shortly after that my father and step-mother arrived. Ruth just looked at me and shook her head. My father chatted with Julie and assurred her that he thought it was great that she had agreed to stay with me while they were out.

He hoped she would be with me a lot as he had heard only good things about her. Then they were gone.

Julie sat down next to me on the couch. She explained how her parents had taken her to my Aunt’s and how they had told her some time ago about how much I liked being tied up. Julie thought it was wonderful. On their next visit, my aunt and Derek showed Julie the pictures my aunt had taken of me in bondage.

Julie was, apparently, thoroughly delighted and quickly said that some day she would like to actually see me tied up – spend some time with me when I was trussed up and gagged.. That’s when my aunt and Derek told my parents, and they cooked up the babysitting idea. So Julie wasn’t really shocked when she walked into the room and saw me bound and gagged. In fact, as it turned out, she would have been disappointed if I hadn’t been tied up.

Julie went on talking to me about things at school – this is her senior year – about mutual friends, gossip about her girlfriends, and so on. It was as if she was used to being with someone who was bound – like she did it every day.

We watched television, and at one point she said, “Boy, Sam, for once you are listening to me when I talk to you. Usually you don’t listen very well. I guess when I want to talk to you, I’ll just have to tie you up and put that gag in your mouth. Would you let me do that.”

Needless to say, I nodded agreement quickly.

As we watched the next program on television, Julie put her hand on my leg where the rope held my upper legs together. Slowly she moved her hand up until it rested on the “bulge” in my swim suit. As her fingers touched me there, my penis jumped to attention and strained against the lycra.

“It’s trapped in there isn’t it?” she smiled. “I don’t think we should let it out.”

I was embarrassed, but hot at the same time. “Mmmmmpffff” I tried to say into the gag. I hoped she would remove the gag, and she got the idea.

“Take off the gag? I don’t think so,” she laughed. “We don’t want you talking me into doing anything that I shouldn’t. I think you’re just fine the way you are.”

Her hand continued to play with the bulge in my swimsuit, driving me crazy.

Finally, she leaned against me, and her hand just cupped my crotch. She dozed off, and I did too eventually.

At a little after midnight, Aunt Helen and Derek returned (my parents had gone for the drive back to their home) and found us together on the couch. Julie was asleep, but I woke with the sounds of them entering the house. Julie’s hand was still on my swimsuit.

Julie woke, and quickly pulled her hand away. Aunt Helen smiled. “Well Julie,” she said. “I see Sam is still tied up. When do you want us to untie him?

“Well” Julie started, still a little sleepy, “Could I come back tomorrow morning and untie him?”

“Sure,” said Derek. “No problem at all.”

“Mmmmmpppppfpppp mmmjmm mmmmmmpppp,” I groaned into the gag wanting to be untied then. More than anything I wanted to be untied so I could talk to Julie – sit with her, maybe take her home.

“Does he really want to be untied now?” asked Julie.

“Probably,” smiled my aunt. “But we ignore all of that. I’ll truss him up good for the night and put him to bed. He’ll be ready for you whenever you come around tomorrow.” I tried protesting into the gag again, but they ignored me.

“I’d like to see him ready for bed,” Julie said.

“Sure,” Derek smiled. He untied me from the couch, took me to the bathroom, and then into my bedroom where he hog-tied me tightly on my bed. Julie came in and inspected me, checking the rope and the gag. Then she kissed me on the forehead ignoring my protests. Finally she left and Derek drove her home.

I spent the rest of the night exactly that way.

In the morning, Derek took me to the bathroom again, then hog-tied me on the den floor. Julie showed up around 10:30.

“I suppose I have to untie you sooner or later,” she said. “But it is really nice looking at you this way. You’re so quiet, and you listen and watch me. I like that. You have no idea how much I like you even more than before, knowing that you like being tied up.”

Slowly, she untied me, leaving the gag for last. When I was free, we chatted for a long time. Julie assured me that she had no problem at all with me liking to be tied up, and that she would like to tie me up sometime too. Then we decided to have lunch and go to a movie that afternoon. All in all it had been a great two day weekend.

Chapter 16

October 10, 2000

To My Diary

My girlfriend, Julie, has apparently known about my love of bondage for quite some time, although she never said anything to me any of the times we were together. Now she has seen me tied up, and actually made me spend that night bound and gagged. She and I set a date for her to tie me up – last Saturday.

My aunt agreed, and we decided that she would do it in the den. A few days before that my parents showed up. My father sat me down and said he wanted to have a serious talk.

“Sam, we know that you enjoy bondage and so far things have gone fairly well with me or your aunt and Derek tying you up now and then. We don’t know if you will out-grow this or not, but it seems generally harmless enough although a bit unusual. But bondage is usually linked to sex with most people. And it appears that now Julie is in the picture and that Saturday she’ll tie you up and maybe again after that. We can’t watch you all the time. We are concerned that you and Julie might get carried away, and we have decided to do something to guarantee that your relationship is Platonic right now. I know you’re not a virgin, but we don’t want anything to go wrong with Julie and you when you’re alone and when you’re tied up.”

I didn’t understand “Platonic,” I explained.

“No sex,” said my father bluntly.

“You don’t need to worry,” I explained.

“I know we don’t,” my step-mother explained. “We want you to pull down your pants and shorts as your father has something for you.”

I stood and pulled down my pants and jockey shorts. My father opened a box and pulled out some plastic rings and things. He took the largest ring, and held it by my testicles, slipping first one ball through, then the other, and then with some effort, he pushed my penis through the ring and slid the ring right up next to my body. It felt fairly tight. Next came a plastic cage-like thing that slid over my penis, and attached to the ring next to my body.

“It’s a male chastity device,” explained my step-mother. “We found it on the internet. ( ) We think it’s the best on the market and you can wear it all the time. Even if you have to go through metal detectors at an airport. And it’s safe in the shower.”

My father secured the plastic pieces together, and then brought out a small padlock. He put on the lock.

“See if you can get that off,” he said.

I worked with the device, but it was on to stay. “I don’t think I like this,”

I said.

“That’s too bad,” said my father. “It’s an insurance policy. Now you two can play all you want, and you can’t get into trouble. I know she’s going to tie you up Saturday. I hope you enjoy it.”

“But what if I get a hard on?” I complained.

“The device will stop that and if you try, you’ll be very uncomfortable. Your poor little penis is in prison, Sam, and it’s going to be there for probably a long time. Get used to it. Oh’ and you’ll probably want to wear a jockstrap all the time to hold it comfortably in place so that it doesn’t pull down on you,” advised my father.

I decided that protest was not going to work, so I went to my room and switched from the jockey shorts to the jockstrap. The device made it bulge in odd ways, but under my pants it didn’t show. I went to the bathroom and found I could easily pee through the end of the device. So, even when I wasn’t tied up, my cock and balls were in bondage.

On Saturday Julie showed up, and we all talked for a while. My father, who had stayed over for a couple of days, wished Julie luck getting me tied up and keeping me that way. “Don’t let him get free until you want him free,” he laughed.

“You don’t need to worry,” she said with a cheerful smile. “I know what I’m doing.”

We went into the den where my aunt had laid out my bondage toys.

“How do you want me dressed?” I asked.

“As little as possible,” she smiled.

“I’m wearing a jockstrap,” I said. “Would that be okay?”

“Sure,” she said with a smile. “I would like to see you in a jockstrap.”

So I undressed, carefully putting my clothes to the side on a chair. Then I stood there in my jock with Julie looking at me.

“You look really handsome,” she said. “You really turn me on. But the pouch of the jock looks funny. Is that only you in there?”

I blushed. “My step-mother and father have locked a chastity device on me so that I can’t have sex,” I explained. “They don’t trust me around you, especially when I’m tied up. They say that bondage and sex go hand in hand, and that we might get carried away.

“If I tie you up the way I want,” said Julie, “there’s no chance that you’ll have sex with anyone. But the device is probably a good idea, however. Let me see it.”

I was almost naked anyway, so I figured why not. I pulled down the jock, and Julie took a good look at the chastity device. She laughed. “Looks good to me.

I don’t think you can get out of that until they remove the lock. Okay, let’s tie you up good.”

She tied my wrists to my ankles, so that I sat leaning forward. Then she tied my big toes together. It was quite simple, really. She took tape and taped my hands to my feet, so that I couldn’t move my fingers. Finally, she put the red ball gag into my mouth.

“There,” she said. “Now, I have school work to do, so I won’t bother you.”

Julie sat on the couch with her book. I squirmed around on the floor and found that I could not escape. She looked up at me and watched me now and then, but mostly concentrated on her work. My step-mother came in to see how Julie had tied me, but didn’t comment, and left. Dad came in later and looked too, so did Aunt Helen and Derek. And so I spent most of the day that way.

As always, I enjoyed being tied up, and I squirmed around while Julie read and did her school work. Part of the time she sat with me, and felt me here and there and talked to me like she had when she was my “baby-sitter.” Then she untied me, and we talked some more. Then she said she wanted to tie me up again soon. Then we went out to a movie and dinner. It sure felt different walking around with that thing locked into my cock and balls.

I hope Julie will tie me up again sometime. It’s a lot more fun and exciting than when my father or my aunt does it. I think I like Julie more all the time.

Sam _Sam’s Diary continues in part seventeen_ 09.06.02 If you’ve enjoyed this story, please write to the _author_ and let them know – they may write more!

Chapter 17

October 15, 2000

To My Diary

Every fall my dad comes over to my Aunt’s and he and Derek go deer hunting and they spend a weekend out in the woods. I have never gone along as hunting didn’t really interest me, and besides, they have never invited me. Dad has said that I could go sometime when I was old enough.

A few days ago, Dad asked how I was doing with my classes. For once I was a bit ahead, and was doing well. Happy about that, he said that I would be going on this year’s hunting trip and that I should get ready. Early Saturday morning, we left in my uncle’s SUV. We got to our destination before Noon, set up camp, and went out looking for deer. Dad said the best hunting would be in the evening, or early the next morning. But we didn’t find anything much.

That evening, around our campfire, after we had eaten dinner, Dad and Uncle Derek told me to strip. I asked what they were up to, and they said they were putting me to bed. I took off all of my clothes and put them in the tent.

Uncle Derek admired the chastity device ( that I still wore. Dad then brought out one of the adult diapers he had used on me before, and he put it on me fastening it with the little tape strips Then he and Derek started tying me up. They bound my legs at my ankles, above and below my knees. They wrapped rope around my arms at mid chest and at the level of my navel. They took strips of tape and taped my hands to my side. Then they put on my leather plug gag. I stood there wondering what they would do next.

Derek laid out a blanket on the ground, then he and Dad lifted me and laid me on the blanket. They wrapped the blanket around me very tightly. Then they took rope and tied the blanket around me at five or six places along my body.

Next, they put a heavy jacket with a hood over my shoulders, and tied that in place with lots of rope. Finally, they picked me up and put me in a sleeping bag which they zipped up around me. This they also tied up with lots of right rope. I could hardly move, bound, gagged, fully trapped in the rope, blanket, jacket, and sleeping bag. Derek took pictures with my aunt’s digital camera saying that he had promised her he would record the event.

They put me into the tent, and there I spent the night. I was really warm, but I liked the sensation squirming around in the tight wraps.

In the morning, they released me but tied my hands with one of those plastic zip-ties that police use. There is no way to get them off without using a heavy cutter. I was still wearing the gag and I was nude except for the chastity device. Dad took off the gag to feed me breakfast, then put it back on.

“We’re going hunting,” he said. “You can do whatever you want. Come with us, stay here, whatever Maybe somebody will wander by and untie you,” he laughed.

Again they took some pictures of me standing by the trees, naked and lightly bound.

I decided to hang around the camp, explore and see how it felt to be naked, tied, and gagged alone in the woods. They were gone a long time, and I worried that something had happened to them or that somebody would actually come by and find me, but eventually they returned. Still no deer.

“Well,” said Dad, “We have to take something home tied to the front fender of the car. I suppose we can use Sam!”

They both laughed. They packed up the camp, then finished tying me up and actually draped me over the fender of the car (I worried for a second that I would really ride home that way but they only took pictures), but then they hog-tied me and put me in the back of the SUV.

When we got home, they untied me, and we unpacked. I liked the camping trip and the new bondage. I thanked them for a great time, and then dad went on home.

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