Story – ‘The TAG Kid’ Chapter 12, 13 and 14

Chapter 12

July 6, 2000

To My Diary

As things turned out, my parents had to go out of town on business and they decided to extend it into a summer vacation. They suggested that I might want to return to my aunt and Derek’s rather than staying home alone in an empty house. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance as I thought it might bring another opportunity for a tie-up with my aunt – since my mother was still angry about our last episode and had forbidden my father from tieing me up at all lately. ..Besides, I missed my friends, and my girlfriend, Julie Peterson, most of all. I had dated a few girls around home, but Julie is still my favorite.

I drove the hour and a half to my Aunt’s house, and settled in. As the Fourth of July was approaching, they said that I could invite some of my friends over for a “Fourth Pool party.” It sounded good to me. And my aunt winked and said to me that later she might help me with some of my TAG projects.”

Of course, “TAG” to her meant “Tied and Gagged,” and was something of an in-joke with us. My aunt, in private, calls me Bee-bee, the TAG kid.

Privately, I told my aunt that I hoped she would tie me up really well some time while I was there – something strict and different and I reminded her that I like to stay tied up for a while – a few hours at least – even over night. My aunt said she would try to think of something. There were limits, however, she stressed. Nothing painful or too stressful.

Nothing that would set my step-mother off again if she found out.

The Fourth was on a Wednesday this year. I arrived on Tuesday, and helped get ready for our Fourth celebration. About ten of my friends, including my girlfriend, Julie, arrived on Wednesday, and we had a good time playing in the pool (we played Marco Polo and water volleyball). My aunt and Derek provided food, and when it got dark, we shot off fireworks. It was fun. I love being with Julie, and we managed to spend some time off to the side alone.

Thursday during the day we cleaned up, and relaxed. After dinner, my aunt told me to meet her and Derek in the den. There they told me to strip completely.

My aunt tied my hands in front of me, sat me on the floor, gagged me with the red ball gag, and inserted the bar from Derek’s weight set between my bent elbows and arms – just as she had a while back – the night she fell asleep in her chair. Then my aunt brought out her digital camera. She had photographed me each time she and Derek tied me up, but had missed that time because she had fallen asleep. She took the pictures, and then they immediately untied me which was a disappointment as I like to be tied for a while.

But it wasn’t over. Next my aunt brought out a roll of plastic wrap and some tape. She tore off a piece of plastic wrap about two feet long and placed one end against my stomach just below my navel. She had me hold it with my right hand while she pulled it down in front of me, between my legs, and up behind, bunching it up so it was like a thong – a clear thong – or a wedgie. She had me hold it in back with my left hand. Then she took the clear plastic tape, the kind used to do packages, and wrapped it around my waist holding the plastic in place. It was the most unusual jock I’d ever worn. Of course it didn’t hide anything – I was still really naked.

Next my aunt had me stand straight up with my hands at my side palms next to my upper thigh, my legs wide apart. She taped my right hand tightly to my right thigh, my left hand to my left thigh with the transparent tape going all the way around my leg fastening my hand to my upper leg. Then she had me put my legs tightly together and she put a wrap of tape around my ankles and another wrap around my legs and hands so that it firmly held my hands to my sides.

My aunt brought out one of those clear plastic films that come over dry cleaned clothes when you get them from the cleaner. With Derek helping her, she pulled it over me, down over my body with my head sticking through a hole at the top. It fit very tight and even stretched here and there. It reached down to about my ankles. They were careful not to rip or tear it.

“I don’t get it,” I said. “What are you doing?”

My aunt laughed. “You wanted something different and something strict. We’re turning you into a mummy. A transparent mummy.” My aunt pulled out her camera and off and on photographed the process as they bound me.

While she talked and took pictures, Derek took more of the transparent tape and wrapped it around my legs at the ankles, below and above my knees, and again tightly around where my hands were taped to my legs, then below my navel, all around my body, then at mid chest. The wraps of tape held me in tightly.

Derek then lifted me up while my aunt pulled a plastic bag up over my feet.

Derek put me down, and they secured the bag wrapping my feet in clear tape making it look like the plastic was solid from my feet to my neck.

“Time to open up,” my aunt said as she pushed the ball gag toward my mouth.

I opened and in went the ball. Derek put two strips of clear plastic tape over my mouth covering and sealing in the ball – the tape went all the way around my head. He pressed it into place, then my aunt brought small clear plastic bag and pulled it down over my head. It was really tight. When it was in place, she carefully tore a small hole for my nose. She checked carefully to see that I could easily breath. Then Derek wrapped tape around the plastic bag – two wraps at the level of my mouth and one around my forehead. A final wrap went under my chin and up over my head. Then they carefully wrapped tape to connect the head bag to the plastic that covered my body. Derek took more wraps of tape around my body until most of my body was taped. My aunt held me so that I wouldn’t fall over. Now all of my body was covered with clear plastic except the hole for my nose. If felt great!

As my aunt held me, Derek went outside and returned with a board about a foot wide and just a bit longer than I am tall. He put the board up against the wall near his exercise equipment, and then they carried me over and propped me up against the board which leaned up against the wall. As my aunt held me, Derek taped me to the board – a wrap at my ankles, at my waist, at my upper chest, and then he put a piece of tape over my mouth, wrapped it around my head, then around the board, and back around my head. A final wrap went around my forehead and around the board and back.

I was then a transparent mummy bound to a board. They had really thought of something strict, confining, and different.

“How are you doing, Sam?” my aunt asked.

“Mmmmmmmm mmmmm” I managed, trying to say OK.

“Let me see you breath in and out,” she said checking to be sure my chest wasn’t bound too tightly.

My aunt took a few pictures and then my aunt and Derek settled down to watching television and ignoring me.

Each time they tie me up, my aunt and Derek try to surprise me in some way, so I wondered what they would do this time although the way I was tied all by itself was quite a surprise!. For a couple of hours, they did nothing. I didn’t do anything either – I just laid back on the board and struggled and enjoyed the strange feeling of being totally wrapped and helpless and gagged, the warmth of me sweating inside the plastic casing. It was great!

After the late news, when my aunt and Derek usually go to bed, Derek came over to me and asked if I was ready to be unbound. I couldn’t nod or do anything but grunt into the gag.

“I don’t understand,” he said “one grunt for yes, two for no.”

I grunted once.

“Pity,” he said. “Mummies are prepared to last for long periods of time. Not just a few hours.”

“Years and years,” added my aunt.

Derek and my aunt then picked up board and with one on each end, they carried me into the guest bedroom where I stay. They propped me up against the wall next to the bed. And then they went to bed. I couldn’t believe it – were they going to keep me that way all night? Wrapped that way it was impossible for them to let me go to the bathroom.

I didn’t know what to think, and I was a little worried. They left me there until just after midnight, then they came back and took me down, and with a knife carefully cut me free. Derek said that they had kept the knife handy in case of an emergency so they could quickly free me if needed.

It had been a great experience, and I really enjoyed it. I went to the bathroom, and I took a shower, then went to my bedroom In the morning we had a great breakfast and talked about my latest bondage experience. I assured them that it was the best one yet.

Now I look forward to college starting in late August. If my aunt and Derek tie me up again before that, I’ll write about it then.

Chapter 13

September 6, 2000

To My Diary

I haven’t written for a long time because I haven’t been tied up for a long time. Once my parents returned from their trip, I went back home, and worked at my job for the rest of July and August. I dated a bit, relaxed, and waited for school to start.

At the end of August I had to leave, and return to my aunt and Derek’s getting ready for my graduate classes at college. School’s been going since the start of September and I’ve been busy with getting oriented to graduate school, long paper assignments and with my girl friend, so I haven’t had much time to do other things anyway.

And I’ve been tied up only once since returning, and that was very brief.

After dinner on Sunday, over a week since I had arrived back at school, I walked into the living room where my aunt and Derek were watching television.

My aunt stood and took me to one corner and there she took a piece of rope and tied my hands in front of me. Then she had me sit, and put my hands down in front with one arm on either side of my bent knees. Then she put a pole under my knees and above my bent elbows. Finally she added the red ball gag that Derek had bought. That was it. I sat there watching television with them.

Before they went to bed, my aunt untied me, and that was my latest tie-up. It was simple and I had hoped for much more. – especially after the spectacular transparent mummy they turned me into just after July 4th. .It was a disappointment, but I tried not to show it.

If I get tied up again, I’ll write about it here.

Chapter 14

September 15, 2000

To My Diary

Since classes started, I’ve been back staying with my aunt and Derek. I’ve got an unusual load this year, and that’s been keeping me busy. Only three classes, but they all require detailed and long papers and considerably more reading than I’ve ever had before. Two are seminars where the group is small, and each of us had better know the material for discussion. My parents planed to come over and visit with us during the weekend, and My aunt and Derek said I should clean the swimming pool and scrub and hose off the pool deck to get ready for their visit. I did it early Sunday and spent almost three hours doing it.

Then Derek and I swam in the pool. My aunt said she didn’t feel like swimming.

She was busy fixing dinner for the afternoon meal. Then she came out and joined us.

“Well,” said my aunt, “It’s time to tie you up, Sam.”

I had been waiting and hoping for this. “I’ve a wager to make,” I said.

“No wagers,” said my aunt. “We don’t want any more trouble.’ “No,” I said, “This won’t cause trouble. Here’s the deal. You tie me up really well. When my parents get here, I’ll do whatever I can to indicate that I want to be untied – that I’m unhappy and uncomfortable. If they untie me, I win. If they don’t, I lose. OK?”

“What do you lose?” asked Derek.

“I don’t know,” I said.

“OK, let’s make it worthwhile. If they untie you, I owe you ten dollars. If you stay tied up and are still tied up when they leave, you owe me ten dollars and another pool cleaning without any tie-up reward. Okay?”

I thought about it and said, “OK, but the tie-up must be good enough and strict enough that my father and step-mother might believe that I really wanted to be untied.”

We decided that my aunt and Derek would tie me to a chair exactly the same way my father had tied me twice a few months ago.

Derek got rope and tape and a few other things. With my swim suit still on, he tied my arms behind my back, wrists to opposite elbows. He bound my hands to my arms with duct tape. He wrapped rope tightly around my arms and upper body.

Then they sat me in the chair. Derek tied each of my legs up to the side of the chair so that my knees were bent back and my heels almost touched my hips.

They put rope around my stomach and around the chair, and another wrap around my chest and around the chair. They took duct tape and taped over my legs, around the under-side of the chair, back up over my legs and around about three times.

Derek then put a small spongy ball in my mouth and my swim cap on my head to cover my hair. He then took strapping tape and started on top of my head, down under my chin and up and over about three times, then he came down from the top of my head and across over my mouth and under my chin and back up the other side over my mouth and he continued this about three times. I found I couldn’t hardly move my jaw or open my mouth. Then he took duct tape and went around my head over my mouth front to back three times. He had my put my head against the back of the chair and he wrapped duct tape around my forehead and around the chair. Then he wrapped duct tape over my mouth and around the chair. He stood back and asked me to try to move. I was again really tied up tight, gagged so that all I could do was moan and groan. It was great!

About an hour later my parents arrived.

“I see Sam earned a tie-up,” my father said when he saw me flashing a big smile.

“Yes,” said Derek. “And I want to warn you,” he said looking at my step-mother (who had a rather unhappy look on her face) and father, “that Sam and I have a bet. He bet me ten dollars that he can con you into untying him and I win ten dollars if he’s still tied up when you leave for home.”

I grunted into the gag – that wasn’t fair telling my parents about the bet.

Derek laughed – he knew what I was upset about. “Sorry, Sam,” but we didn’t say I couldn’t tell them about the bet.”

He was right. I protested but the gag kept me reduced to moans.

All through the afternoon and while they ate dinner, I did what I could to get my step-mother to feel sorry for me and untie me. I made the “S-O-S” sound. My father did come over and check my hands and feet to see if I was warm and if I was okay, but he never untied me and Ruth seemed not to pay any attention at all. So I sat in the chair bound, gagged, trussed up, while they chatted happily and ate dinner. My aunt said she would save some dinner for me to eat whenever they untied me – maybe for breakfast. They all laughed – even Ruth.

Finally my parents decided to go home and I was still tied up. After they were gone, Derek removed the gag, and my aunt fed me dinner. They did not untie my arms. I sat bound to the chair with them watching television for a while. When they got tired, Derek took me to the bathroom, and then surprised me when he took me to my bedroom, released me from the chair, put the red ball gag into my mouth, tied my legs, hog-tied me and left me on my bed.

In the morning we talked about my latest experience, and I said that they had surprised me in a number of ways – leaving me tied on my bed, and winning the bet, although I argued that Derek had cheated. My aunt laughed. “I guess I’m just really enjoying having you back and tied up fairly often,” she said. “But we’re looking for that perfect girlfriend for you – one who will really know what you need and how to give it to you!”

I like Julie a lot, but I hope they find what they’re looking for.

When and if they tie me up again, I’ll write about it.

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