Video – Prisoner 12 ‘Chairs, Chains and Skintight Rubber Shorts’

Click HERE to view the xtube.

The prisoner was forced to wear a black PVC t-shirt and extremely tight rubber cycling shorts. On both occasions shown in this video the prisoner was placed in a chair and his wrists were pulled behind the chair and handcuffed. A variety of chains were then used to restrain his neck, arms, upper body, waist, crotch area and legs.
A ballgag and head harness was tightly strapped to the prisoner’s head and a tight rubber hood with only two small nose holes was used to provide partial sensory deprivation.

2 Replies to “Video – Prisoner 12 ‘Chairs, Chains and Skintight Rubber Shorts’”

  1. Looking forward to new footage. I’d like to see the Prisoner being allowed to drink, or comforted in some way. Poor baby, he needs a break.

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