Story – ‘The TAG Kid’ Chapter 9, 10 and 11

Chapter 9

June 19, 2000

To My Diary

My father tells me over and over that I am my own worst enemy. He is sure that some day I will get myself into trouble because I really like being tied up.

He hopes that someday I’ll find a girlfriend who understands my need for bondage and that we’ll be as happy as he and my late mother were. He says that bondage and sex go together, and he can tell that I find being tied up a significant turn-on. For now, he has agreed to tie me up now and then and so has my aunt when I’m staying with her and Derek at college. My step-mom thinks my love of being tied up is strange but she would rather have me tied up where she knows where I am and am safe than go off and have a stranger do it where there might be danger. Recently I told how my father really tied me up very tight, and how I had to let him know that I was uncomfortable with being so tightly tied for so long and finally he let me go. Then I had second thoughts and wished he had held to his original plan.

A few days later I had talked a lot to my father about the experience, and I had thought about it a lot too. I felt bad that I was kind of a wimp, not staying the full time that dad had planned to keep me tied up in a chair. I decided that I wanted to try it again. It was really a strict tie-up, but I had liked it, for a while anyway.

“When are you going to tie me up again?” I asked dad at dinner a few nights ago.

“Haven’t you had enough of that yet?” asked my step-mother.

“He’ll never have enough,” said dad. “And some day he’ll get into something he can’t get out of.”

“Well, that hasn’t happened yet,” I boasted. “I got you and Aunt Helen to let me go when you had me tied in the chair. All I had to do was whine a little and make a few noises, and you gave right in and untied me.”

“Oh, sure,” said dad. “You wanted out of there in the worst way.”

“No I didn’t,” I said. “I was really disappointed when you untied me. But I won a bet with myself that I could get you to do it.”

Dad just looked at me and smiled. “You’ve thought it over and decided that you want to try it again,” he said. “And now you’re trying to goad me into putting you back on that chair again aren’t you?”

“Maybe. Maybe not. Since you’re not likely to do it, it doesn’t matter does it.”

“How do you know I won’t do it?”

“I just know that you won’t.”

“You might be surprised.”

“Surprise me.”

“Okay, smart mouth. Here’s the deal. Your Aunt Helen and Derek and I have talked it over and we agree that if you want to be tied up, we should do it to keep you out of trouble and danger. If there’s something you want us to try, just ask and we’ll consider it. However, before any of us will tie you up again, you must earn it! In addition to your summer job, you must do things around our house – repairs, chores, and so on.”

“What kind of chores?”

“Well for example, explained my father, ” washing the car twice will get you a tie up, doing dishes for a week gets a tie up, washing the windows of the house gets you two tie ups, going three times to the store for Ruth gets your a tie up, and so on. When you’re staying with your Aunt Helen and Derek starting in the fall, they will set chores for you. Each time you earn a tie up, we’ll do it for you, or they will, or we’ll do it together. ”

“But it can’t be dangerous,” added my step-mother.

“We, or they, won’t tie you so that you miss any school and you must do the tasks assigned on your job. You won’t get hurt in any way physically or, hopefully, mentally. But the tie-ups won’t be easy, and if you give in and ever indicate that you want or need to be untied, you get assigned more chores around the house – dishes, yard work, and so on. If you get assigned chores because you wanted to be untied, they don’t count toward a next tie-up. Deal?”


My step-mother and Derek said that they would act as referees and they would see to it that I wasn’t hurt – that the whole thing didn’t get carried away.

So we shook hands and I went to work. That day I mowed the lawn and did the dishes and went to the store for my step-mother. I also finished up the last bits on the task and was ready to turn it in after a day or two.

Right after breakfast the next day, I was back in a diaper, trussed up on the chair, bound with rope and tape, my arms cinched up behind my back, my fingers taped with duct tape, my mouth gagged with the leather gag wrapped with the ace bandage and duct tape – I’ve described this in my last letter of July 15 – my body tightly bound to the chair with duct tape, my head also bound with duct tape at my mouth and forehead. My legs were bound up to the side of the chair -I could hardly move anything, using the same chair we had used before in my father’s work room. It was an exciting experience and I loved it. I struggled, made what noise I could into the gag, and generally enjoyed the thrill and feeling of being so tightly and securely bound and gagged again.

Why I love it, I don’t know, but I do. And I love the thrill of not knowing how long I’ll be tied.

This time I was ready. I could take it. Time passed really slowly, but I was determined to stick it out this time no matter how long my father kept me tied.

Finally, my father began to unwrap the duct tape around my head that held my head to the chair, then the duct tape around my head itself. Then off came the ace bandage, and finally he unbuckled the gag and removed it. Then my step-mother fed me a tuna fish sandwich and gave me some juice to drink. As soon as I had been fed, back on went the gag and dad fastened the straps. Next came the ace bandage, and finally the tight wraps of new duct tape. And he finished it off with new wraps of duct tape that held my head fast to the chair, around my mouth and my forehead.

My step-mother came in and watched me for a while, then my father said that I seemed to be doing just fine, and they left. It was great. My father kept asking me to give up and he would assign me some tasks, but I refused.

When they gave up and untied me, dad said I had been in the chair for eighteen hours. It was fantastic!

I took off the diaper, which I had needed. We had a long talk about the experience and I assured my parents that I still enjoyed being tied up as much as ever. I told them how much I appreciated them and my aunt and Derek being willing to bind and gag me now and then.

Right away went back to Dad’s office, turned in my finished project, and was assigned a new task, and I also looked around for things to do to earn the next tie up.

As soon as dad or Derek tie me up again, I’ll write about it here.

Chapter 10

June 22, 2000

To My Diary

I’ve been doing yard work, dishes, and running to the store for my parents, and I’ve completed yet another project related to my summer job. So I’ve earned a couple of tie-up sessions – I’m ahead.

The session I just finished was different. It started two days after my eighteen hour long tie-up in the chair that I wrote about. After breakfast that day, my father took me to the living room where he had some rope and duct tape and the red ball gag that Aunt Helen bought a while back and that they both have used on me a couple of times.

Dad had me take off all of my clothes and put them away in my room. When I was back, he tied my hands behind my back. Then he tied my ankles and my legs above and below my knees. Then he took the duct tape and wrapped my hands from above the rope to the end of my fingers. He put four or five wraps of tape around. He did the same at my legs and ankles. Then he put in the ball gag.

Finally, he took a plastic bag and slipped it over my hands. It went up to an area between my wrists and elbows. This he secured with lots more duct tape.

“That’s it,” he said at last. “You’ll stay like that until I decide to free you or until you give up so we can assign you some chores. I’ve got some painting that needs to be done If you can get to the table when we’re eating, we’ll remove the gag and feed you.

To move around you’ll have to hop – we won’t untie your legs. If we see any of the tape coming lose, we’ll add more. Otherwise, you’re on your own indefinitely. If we have company or if someone comes to the house, you can show yourself or you can hide. It’s your decision. If you need to go to the bathroom, there’s no problem because you’re naked. Have a nice time. It’s going to be quite a while. Grunt the code any time you want to give up.”

I sat on the davenport in the living room and wondered what to do. For a while I tried to see if I could free myself, but dad had put the tape on securely and even if I started getting it unwound, it would take forever to get it all off and the plastic bag complicated things. I was bound until they decided to free me and that seemed to be that.

I surveyed my situation. I couldn’t walk because my ankles were bound but as dad had said, I could hop from place to place. I could turn on and off the television using my feet, and with difficulty I could change channels using the remote control. It was simple and clever. They could keep me this way for a very long time indeed.

I lay on the davenport watching television, and I dozed off. When I woke up, I jumped. There looking at me was my mother’s cleaning lady! I was horrified.

What did she think finding a naked young man bound and gagged laying in the living room?

My step-mother walked in then, and calmly said, “Don’t worry about Sam. He’s doing an experiment for some college class he took.”

“But he’s all tied up,” she said. “And no clothes!!!”

“Yes, he’s doing a report on Houdini. It’s for a psychology class. He’s investigating the emotions one feels when one is tied up. He wants to do this for a psychological study of Houdini and other escape artists and also of people tied by burglars. So his father and I agreed to help and we’ve tied him up for a while. Isn’t that right, Sam?

“Mmmmmm” I said around the gag, nodding my head in agreement.

“But he has no clothes on!” repeated the lady.

“Well,” said my aunt, “we’ve read a lot about Houdini and very often he was bound nude. Sam wanted to be as authentic as possible.

“OK,” she said, “if it’s OK with him, it’s OK with me. But it seems very strange”

I looked at my step-mother in amazement. She had pulled that off calmly and without any hesitation. She was wonderful. Meanwhile, I decided to get up and hop off to my bedroom where I would be out of the way. There I lay on my bed dozing off again.

But after a while, into my room comes the cleaning lady, and she told me to get off the bed because she had to change the linen. So I maneuvered myself around and stood (not easy when your arms and legs are tied) while she changed the sheets.

“Are you learning much from being tied up,” she said looking at me.

“Mmmmmm” I said, nodding my head.

“Are you uncomfortable?”

“Mmmmmm” I said nodding my head to indicate no.

I wanted to die, her seeing me standing there helpless and naked.

“Well,” she said, “many times I would like to tie up my kid. And I may do it yet. He gets into so much trouble. I’ll bet when you’re tied up that way you at least stay out of trouble.”

“Mmmmmm” I said nodding yes. I just wanted her to finish and go away.

My step-mother came in and helped the lady finish up. “We have to hurry and leave him alone,” she said. “He needs to be alone in order to concentrate on his feelings while he’s tied up.”

“I understand,” said the lady. “I hope it helps his studies.”

“I’m sure it will,” said my step-mother as they left the room, closing the door.

They closed the door. I hadn’t thought about that. With my hands bound and taped, I couldn’t open the door. So I was stuck in my room until somebody came back. I stayed there until late afternoon when my father came home and came to my room looking for me.

“You didn’t come to lunch,” he said. “Aren’t you hungry?”

“Mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm” I said around the gag – nodding my head toward the door. I hopped to the door, and used my bound hands to indicate that I can’t open the door while tied up.

“Oh, oh,” he said. “A mistake. You were essentially locked in. Sorry.”

I went to the bathroom and then I hopped out into the living room happy that the cleaning lady had left. I was beginning to realize how effective this simple bondage arrangement was. Very clever. I wondered how long it would last.

Dinner went well, I watched television with my parents, and when I was tired, I went to bed. Sleeping bound that way was uncomfortable, but I managed. I figured I would get used to it. I made it to breakfast the next morning, sat with my father in his work room after breakfast, watching him work with his computer. He never spoke to me or offered to remove the gag which was only off while they fed me. Then came lunch. It was nice to have the gag out of my mouth if only for a short while. I had learned not to speak or they would replace the gag and I wouldn’t get anything else to eat until the next meal.

We had company for dinner – Aunt Helen and Derek. They had seen me naked quite a bit before so that didn’t bother me. I joined them while they chatted with my folks in the living room. My aunt said that I looked well and that she was happy to see me tied up. She was anxious for her next chance at me. I nodded my head and grunted in agreement.

“What makes you think we’re ever going to let him out of this one?” my father kidded. “We might just keep him this way for the rest of the summer.”

“Go ahead,” laughed my aunt. “He’s not complaining.”

When they went to dinner, I hopped in behind them and sat in my chair. My father removed my gag.

The food wasn’t on the table yet, so we sat and waited. My father and Derek chatted, then Derek turned to me and said, “Is the college soccer team going to be any good this year?”

“You bet,” I said. “It will be ……. ” I stopped.

My father was already on his feet, and he picked up the gag and went behind me, putting it into my mouth and fastening it.

Derek laughed. “Sorry Sam,” he said. “Gotcha!!

My father laughed. “Nice going Derek,” he said.

“That was mean,” said my aunt. Then she grinned and said, “I like it.”

My step-mother had returned with dinner, and she asked, “Why is Sam gagged?”

They explained. “Well,” that was a dirty trick,” she said. “I’ve gone along with this although I question keeping him tied up and you two can tie him up and keep him tied up but we’re not going to starve the boy. Take out the gag and he gets dinner.”

With a bit of a sulk, my father removed the gag and I got dinner. But as soon as I was through the gag went back in.

When I went to bed that night, after going to the bathroom, my father hog-tied me. In the morning he released the hog-tie. I spent the next day watching television, hopping around the house, happy that we had no visitors. I spent the next night hog-tied in bed again.

In the morning my father untied the ropes that secured me to the bed and released the hog-tie. I went to the bathroom and returned. My father retied the hog-tie. and sat there looking at me on my bed.

My step-mother came into the room. “You know this plan isn’t working,” she said. “You can keep him this way all month and he won’t give up.”

“Yes, I know,” said my father. “Helen and I will have to try something else.”

So they untied me completely and that ended the second session of the challenge. I had won again.

I don’t know what my father and aunt are dreaming up, but when and if it happens, I’ll write about it here.

Chapter 11

June 25, 2000

To My Diary

My father and my Aunt Helen tie me up now and then, and I’ve been telling you about the a deal I have with them. To get tied up, I need to help around the house. If I am tied up and give up and ask to be untied, my father can assign me more chores around the house which don’t count for a tie up. My step-mother and my aunt’s partner, Derek, are referees and there to guarantee that my father and aunt don’t do anything too rough in order to win.

Their last effort to tie me lasted a few days and got nowhere – I handled it easily and enjoyed it despite being discovered by my mother’s cleaning lady while I was naked and bound. Two days later we were invited to drive back to the college town to have dinner with my aunt and Derek, and my parents and I decided to leave early in the early morning so my father and I could enjoy the warm weather and swim and sit around with my Derek while my aunt and step-mother went shopping. I was overdue for a tie up as I’d been busy doing things around the house and was way ahead on chores. Things at my job had been going well – I had been complemented on the tasks I had completed, and was given more difficult things to handle. Dad said that after my graduate classes, I could probably expect an offer of a permanent job, which made me happy.

We arrived, and my mother and aunt headed off to the shopping mall. When they were gone I asked Dad and Derek if they would be willing to do me a favor.


“Tie me up in a way that I want to experience but the women might not approve.

It would have a time limit but be fairly strict and a little unusual. I’m sure Ruth would approve. Aunt Helen might even object.”

“I don’t know,” said my father. “We’ll talk it over.”

Derek sat with us on the deck next to the swimming pool in his thong swim suit.

“Sam wants us to tie him up in an unusual way so he can see what it feels like,” said my father. “It would be for a set time and I think he should even have a signal if he’s had enough He says it’s something his step-mother might not approve.”

“Well,” said Derek, we don’t want to do anything that would hurt you, Sam, or that is really out of bounds. We’re not into pervisions or anything.”

“What I have in mind is a bit unusual but it’s frequently done in pictures I’ve seen and there will be a set time and our regular signal if I need to be untied.”

“Oh, I suppose,” said Derek, “as long as it isn’t too weird or harmful.” “What do we need,” he said turning to me.

“Get rope and I’ll get a few more things.”

I went into their garden and pulled up a four-foot-long pole used to hold up flowers. Then I found a second one about a foot and a half long. In the house I got rags that my aunt uses when cleaning. Then I returned to the pool where my father and Derek waited. I got a pad off one of the chaise lounges and put it on the ground. Then I took off all of my clothes. I took the shorter pole and wrapped rags around it at the middle until there was a wad of cloth around the pole.

“This is for the gag,” I explained. “You put the cloth in my mouth and then take rope and tie the gag in place.” I showed them how to wrap the rope around my head, then lace it around the front and under my jaw and over my head. “Now we’re ready,” I said.

I had my father put the pole behind my back and I put my arms over it so that I held it there with my hands coming around in front of me. They didn’t quite meet in front.

“Tie my hands together as best you can,” I instructed. “Really tight.”

They did. “Good,” I said. “Now tie one piece of rope to my right wrist and bring it up over my shoulder, behind my neck and down and tie it to my left wrist. They did.

“Now, I can’t move my hands down but I can still move them up. Tie another long piece of rope onto my right wrist and pull it down between my legs.”

Derek was behind me, waiting for my father to pass the rope through my legs to him, but I kept my legs firmly together.

“I can’t get it through until you spread your legs,” said my father.

“Well,” I said, “Maybe there’s something you want to tie up while you have the rope there.”

My father looked up at me with an odd expression.

“Is that what you really want?” he asked. “You really want me to tie up your penis and testicles?”

“Yes,” I said. “And make it fairly tight.”

“Now I know why your step-mother wouldn’t approve of this.”

Derek said, “I don’t know about this. If your step-mother catches us she won’t approve at all. We’ll be in big trouble. On the other hand, I think Helen will love it!”

“They won’t be back until mid afternoon,” I said wanting the new inovation in bondage. “I’ll be long untied by then. Just this once, please,” I begged, “Did you see pictures like this on the internet?” my father asked.

“Yes, many.”

So my father cinched the rope around me next to my body circling my cock and balls and tied it fairly tight, I spread my legs and he then my uncle pulled the rope up between my cheeks, over the pole in back, back down between my cheeks, where my father tied it again, this time around my now very erect cock only, and then up to my right wrist. I liked the feel of that. When I tried to pull my hands up, I could feel the tug in a strange new way. To my embarrasment I really was excited and remained very erect, but my father and uncle said nothing about it.

“Are we done,” my father asked.

“No, tie my legs above my knees and at my ankles.” They did. “Now, help me kneel down.” When I was down, I said, “Now, tie a piece of rope to my left ankle.” They did. “Now bring it up tight and around the pole on the left side of my arm, wrap it around the pole two or three times, then behind my back and around the pole on my right side and back down to my right ankle and be sure to get it tight.”

“But you won’t be able to stand,” said my father.

“That’s the idea,” I said.

“You look pretty tied up to me,” said Derek. “This is stricter and weirder than anything we would do to you. I think it’s a bad idea.”

“Ok,” I said, “it feels good. I like it. Now gag me like I showed you. When I’m gagged, tie rope around the end of the gag pole and pull it down to the pole that holds my arms. Do it to each side. It will hold my head back and in place. Then blindfold me and leave me for two hours or unless I grunt three times.”

They put the pole with the cloth into my mouth, and began using rope to tie it in place. Rope went from the pole around my head firmly, then they laced it around the front criss-crossing over the pole and cloth until it piled up and covered my mouth area. They tied it from the pole under my chin and then over my head effectively tying my mouth shut on the pole.

“That’s quite a gag,” said Derek. “Say something”

“Ahhhhggggh” was all I could manage.”

Then they used pieces of duct tape to cover my eyes. And they used duct tape to seal up my mouth around the gag. I was in heaven, bound tightly, gagged, and loving the feel of the ropes as I struggled. My father and Derek played around in the pool and then lay around talking about this and that.

I was there for quite a while, and my legs began to ache a little and I was sure the two hours were just about up, so I would wait until then rather than give the signal. Suddenly I heard, “What have you two done?!!!”

It was my step-mother, and she sounded really mad. “What have you done to him?”

My father was defensive. “We just tied him up the way he wanted,” he said.

“I think this thing has finally gone way too far,” she said. “I told you I didn’t think you two should tie him up so strictly, and you’re not only done that, you’ve gone way way too far. This thing of his is getting crazy and you two are nuts”

“It’s something extra that he wanted to experience. We hadn’t planned to tie him up like this at all,” said my father “This was all his idea.”

“What do you mean,” she shouted, “do you think I would believe that he wanted this?”

“Ask him yourself. He gave us specific directions on how to tie him up. We did exactly what he asked.”

I couldn’t see, but I could tell from her voice that my step-mother moved around in front of me. “Did you tell them to do this to you?” she asked.

“Mmmmmmm” I said nodding yes as much as the ropes holding my gag would allow.

“You asked them to tie you up this way specifically?”

“Mmmmmmmm” meaning yes again.

“Are you happy tied up this way?”

“Mmmmmmmmm” meaning yes once more.

“When are you supposed to untie him?” asked my mother.

“Well, just about now,” said my father. “We were supposed to be done before you got back. It was for a short time only.”

“Are you ready to be untied?” asked my mother.

My legs ached a bit and I was embarrassed. “Mmmmmm” I said nodding yes.

“Are you sure?”

“Mmmmmmm” I nodded again.

“Okay,” said my step-mother to my father, you untie him (there was a pause and I heard my father start to get up) – but you do it when I tell you to do it.

He likes being tied up. He got you two to tie him up this way. He says he doesn’t want to be in control and he’s said he really likes it when he’s bound and wants to be untied and can’t figure out how to get untied. So that’s the way he is now. He’s tied and gagged and he’s going to stay that way for a while. Until I say so. Maybe it will teach him not to get into such weird situations and that they are dangerous and foolish and strange and stupid and bizarre. I thought he had learned that lesson, but I guess not.”

I didn’t do anything, and neither did anyone else. (My father told me later that my aunt just stood and stared at me, smiling). When my step-mother was mad, nobody crossed her. Especially my father.

So I remained there kneeling, naked, tied and gagged. After a while my parents and my aunt and Derek started talking again quietly. It seems like my mother and aunt got tired shopping and since they weren’t finding anything to their liking, they decided to come home early and have a simple lunch by the pool.

As things had seemed to calm down, I decided to find out if I could get free as I was becoming increasingly uncomfortable. I grunted three times.

“What’s that for?” asked Ruth.

“It’s the signal we established. It means he wants to be untied,” said my father. “I’ll do it.”

“No!!,” said my step-mother. “He’s got quite a while to go. He’s not getting untied until I cool down and that may take a long long time.”

“But he might be in trouble or hurting,” said my father.

“Too bad,” said my step-mother. “He should have thought of that before he had you two truss him up that way. Now he can just stay there and enjoy it.”

I think my aunt took pictures as she usually does. Otherwise the conversation was quiet with long pauses when nobody said anything. Nobody went into the pool. They ate something that my aunt fixed. I stayed put, a victim of my own crazy fantasy.

It was a great tie-up. I struggled and loved the feel of the ropes and I grunted the code a few more times into the gag, but nobody paid any attention.

I think my step-mother and father both checked closely to be sure I wasn’t in any trouble.

They ate dinner and nobody came near me. I was starting to be in agony again.

After dinner my step-mother said, “I think we should go home – it’s a long drive. Can we take him out to the car that way?”

“Do you really want to take him home naked and all tied up that way?” dad asked.

“He’s got quite a while to go,” said my step-mother. “For sure all night and probably much longer and I’m still really angry at both of you.”

“I think we should untie his legs so he can stand straight,” said my father.

Then Derek and I can help him.

“Do it” said my step-mother. And they did. It was wonderful being able to stretch my legs again and to get off my knees. They managed to get me into the car despite the pole. I only hoped none of the neighbors were watching. And that nobody saw me in the car on the way home. At home dad and Ruth got me out and into the house through the back door. In the kitchen Ruth said, “Make him kneel down again and retie him the way he was.” Dad did it.

“How long are you going to keep him this way?” asked my father. “He only wanted a couple of hours and it’s been almost nine hours already.”

Then my step-mother started in on me, and went into a long harangue about how stupid I was getting myself tied up this way, and what would happen if my father and Derek or someone else got carried away and hurt me or if I had some sadist or child molester or some pervert, tie me up and really got into trouble.

She went on for a long time. Then she said, “No more tie-ups for a while. You certainly aren’t showing any common sense about all this – none of you, you Sam, your father or your aunt (there was a pause) Untie him in the morning,” she said. “It will give him time to think over what I’ve said.”

Time went slowly. I was kneeling on the hard kitchen floor, not on the pad as I had been at the swimming pool. They went to bed and left me in my agony.

Early in the morning my father came into the kitchen and released me. It was all I could do to stand, and my mouth ached.

“I’m in a lot of trouble with Ruth,” he said. “You and I had better lay low for a while. I think that ends tieing you up for a while – until she cools down, if she ever does. She and I have guests for the Fourth and then a couple of out-of-town trips coming up. You might get tied up again. I just don’t know when. It will be a while.”

And that’s the way we left it. I went to work on my latest task and I don’t know what went on between my father and step-mother, but they have been quiet around each other since then.

If I ever get tied up again, I’ll write about it.

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