Video – Prisoner 10 ’24 Hours in Captivity’

Another 24 hours of virtually non-stop captivity for the prisoner.
This time with longer periods of sustained restraint and only enough time to change clothing between changes of restraint position.
For the Friday night to Saturday morning session the prisoner was made to wear a skintight cycling skin suit. He was placed in a spreadeagle position on a king size bed and his wrists and ankles were roped tightly to each corner. His mouth was stuffed with cloth and layers of duct tape were wrapped over it and around his head several times. A zip-up rubber hood completely covered his head.
For the better part of Saturday day time the prisoner was kept in a traditional restraint position, again, on the bed. He was allowed to wear an Adidas hooded sports top, white soccer socks and shin pads, Nike Shox training shoes and a very tight white pair of lycra athletic shorts. His wrists were cuffed behind his back and his arms were pinned tightly to his upper body with a long length of thick electrical cable. Belts were used to tightly restrain his knees and ankles. A chain was used to fasten his ankles restraints to the frame at the bottom of the bed. To add to his discomfort, ropes were tied around his waist and then between his legs either side of his crotch clearly emphasising an already exposed lycra covered genital area. The gag and hood remained in place.
For the Saturday afternoon to evening session the prisoner was made to wear the PVC t-shirt and an extremely small, tight pair of rubber boxer shorts which caused severe discomfort even before any other restraints were put into place. The prisoner’s wrists were handcuffed behind his back and he was made to stand in the door frame of an airing cupboard. His cuffed wrists were attached to a length of chain which was in turn attached to the wooden framework inside the cupboard. A similar length of chain was padlocked around the prisoner’s neck and again attached to the frame inside the cupboard. A further length of chain was attached to the prisoner’s cuffs, through his legs either side his crotch area, back through the cuffs and again to the wooden frame. Even though the prisoner was locked in place with three chains a further length of chain was used to loosely shackle the prisoner’s ankles together. The gag and hood remained in place.
For the concluding part of the prisoner’s 24 hours of captivity he was placed sitting cross legged in front of the door frame. His crossed legs were chained together preventing him from uncrossing them. His wrists were re-cuffed in front of him and then pulled above his head where a length of chain was used to connect them to the frame far above his head. The crotch chains were re-adjusted slightly to allow the chain slack length to be pulled around his neck and a padlock was used to increase the tension on his neck and his crotch area. The gag and hood remained in place.

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