Story – ‘The TAG Kid’ Chapter 4 and 5

Chapter 4

May 16, 2000

To My Diary

On Saturday my aunt and Derek invited some of my friends to come after lunch and swim in their pool with me. Earlier in the day I put on my regular swim suit and then walked to the pool but Derek put me on a pad and tied my hands behind my back and more rope around my chest. He had me lay on the pad and he tied my legs and made a hog-tie and he put the ball gag in my mouth. So I was tied up again.

Derek sat in his chair next to me and read the newspaper. My aunt took pictures of me and then sat and read her book. Derek said he was thinking of keeping me tied up until my friends came so that they could see me tied but he was joking. They sat until lunch. Then Derek untied me and said that would be all.

After lunch I swam in the pool and then my aunt and I looked at some web pages where people are tied up. We found one where people tie themselves up and my aunt made me promise that I wouldn’t try to do that as she thinks it’s dangerous to. My friends came in the afternoon so I was back in the pool with them – four friends from the soccer team and two of them came with their girl friends and Julie, my girl friend, came too. And then my parents, who drove into town, came and joined us. Then my friends and I went out to get something to eat and my parents had dinner with my aunt and Derek. After dinner we just walked around and then I took my girlfriend home and then I came back to my aunt’s.

With everyone gone, my aunt showed me the scrap book that she had been making for some time. She takes my write-up of each tie-up adventure and adds it to the pictures made with her digital camera and puts them together in her book.

It’s like a diary for her to have. It was interesting seeing myself in bondage. I wondered how many different ways a person can be tied up.

I expect that I’ll get tied up one or more times before the college year ends, but I don’t know when.

Chapter 5

May 28, 2000

To My Diary

So far my aunt and Derek have tied me up four times and it’s been fun – even this last time which I’ll now write about. This last time was different.

As the college year ended and final exams came, I looked forward to the inevitable parties that would celebrate the occasion. Especially since I was due to graduate, I was ready to party My father never let me attend such parties when I was in high school because he said there was always trouble and drinking, and he wanted me to stay home and my step-mother was even more insistent that I not go to “wild parties.”. I figured my aunt and Derek would not know the difference, and this year I would go and take my girl friend too.

Nothing was said about tying me up for a while but I didn’t care because there were finals and reports to finish and so I was very busy with school work.

The last week in May, right after the Memorial Day vacation, was the last week of finals. Thursday was graduation, and my family had a party to note my graduation. Friday, June first was the first vacation day. When I got up, tired from the events of the night before, Derek was there alone. He congratulated me being officially a college graduate. We chatted about a few other things – family news and so on. Then she said, “By the way, I don’t want to spoil his surprise, but your aunt has bought a few more toys to use when she ties you up – a kind of graduation gift. She’s excited about them and she may even want to have you try some things on just to see if they fit and work. Go along with her if she does – she is really getting a kick out of this ‘hobby’ the two of you have gotten into. I think I like to see you all tied up too,” he added with a smile. “You do you still want us to tie you up now and then don’t you?” he asked.

“Oh yes,” I said. “I really enjoy it. The more, the better. Besides, we have a non-revocable agreement don’t we? Will she tie me up again soon?”

He said he didn’t know for sure. I said that I would go along with my aunt, curious about what she might be up to. She clearly liked surprises.

After lunch, Derek and I swam for a while. Then late in the afternoon we dried ourselves off, and while I was still in my speedo swim suit, he sent me into the den where my aunt waited for me. There she had a box that I had never seen before.

“Bee-bee,” she said (Bee-bee is her and Derek’s nickname for me – short for Bondage Boy – she calls me Bee-bee the TAG Kid – that’s for Tied And Gagged), “I have some things here that I would like to show you. Are you interested and do you have a few minutes?”

“Sure,” I said. I was free for the afternoon as the graduation party I was going to wasn’t until after dinner.

My aunt pulled out a large tan canvas bag-like thing out of the box – only it wasn’t a bag and it had lots of straps.

“Do you know what it is?” she asked.

“Not sure,” I said.

“Put out your arms in front of you,” she said.

I did, and she moved the canvas so that I could see that there were arm holes into which I put my arms. My aunt went behind me and began fixing the straps which attached with Velcro, pulling the thing around me. I then quickly realized that it was a straitjacket. Wow, I was excited. She worked to pull all the straps into place so that my arms were tightly hugging my body. She had fun kidding me about how tight she would pull the two crotch straps, but got them into place comfortably, holding the jacket down. More straps went over my hands in front and one went around my upper arms really locking them in place. She explained that the Velcro would allow anyone to get the jacket off in a hurry in case of an emergency.

“Well,” she said, “what do you think?”

“It’s neat,” I said. “I’ve never been in a straitjacket before.”

“Try to move around and get out,” she said.

She laughed as I wasted time and energy trying to get out of the jacket.

“Let’s try on the other things,” she said.

My aunt pulled out a strange leather thing out of the box, and said that it was a leg binder. She put it on my legs and it held them tightly together from the ankles to above my knees. The binders closed with Velcro also. It had a few silver rings on it here and there. My aunt said the rings could be used to tie me to things. Then she got something else out of the box.

“This is a gag,” she said. “It’s supposed to be a good one – better than the ball gag that I used on you a while back. The bulb here (she pointed to it) goes into your mouth and fills it up. Do you want to try it on?”

“You bet,” I said.

“So, open your mouth.”

My aunt put the large leather bulb into my mouth and it really did fill my mouth. The bulb was attached to a wide leather strap that wrapped around my face which it covered from my nose to my chin. My aunt fastened the Velcro strap that held the gag in place. She again told me that using Velcro made quick removal of the gag possible in case of problems. More straps went up on either side of my nose and over my head – from them straps went around my forehead to the back of my head. The one over my head fastened down in the back. A final strap went under my chin and held my mouth firmly closed, clamped against the bulb.

“Well,” said my aunt stepping back, “how about that? Looks good.”

“Mmmmmmmph” was about all I could say.

Derek was in the room now, watching. He had my aunt’s camera with him and handed it to her.

“He looks fine,” she said. “All wrapped up and no place to go.” She laughed.

“I like the gag.” She took a few pictures from different angles.

“Do you think you would like to spend a while in this gear sometime?” Derek asked.

“Mmmmm Mmmmm” I said, nodding my head.

“Good,” said Derek. Because you are going to remain in it until Monday!”

“Uummmmmm Mmm Mmm Mmm,” I tried to say, going no, no, no.

“Yes, Yes, Yes,” said Derek.

“You see,” said my aunt, “your father made us promise that you would stay here and not go to any of those graduation drinking parties that some of the boys have at the end of the school year. So much binge drinking among college students – not good. They don’t want you to get into any trouble and we agree.

And so Derek and I now have you bound and gagged and you will stay in the straitjacket that way until Monday morning, right here, safe and sound. And you will wear the gag most of the time too.”

“If you want,” Derek added, “You can consider yourself a prisoner or a kidnap victim. I guess that’s about what you are.”

I was really angry, and I struggled with the straitjacket and made all the noise I could into the gag. Derek left the room, returning pushing one of the large kitchen chairs that has wheels. They made me sit on the chair, and they used the rope to tie me to the chair.

I did everything I could to beg them to release me, but nothing worked. I even tried tears, but Derek said only, “Nice try Bee-bee, but we know you love being tied up, and there’s no way you can get us to let you go. We won’t release you until we’re ready, and nothing you can do will change that!”

At dinner time, Derek pushed the chair into the kitchen and put me at the table.

“Now, I’m going to remove the gag so that we can feed you,” he said. “But one word and on goes the gag and there it stays.”

He took off the gag, and no sooner was it out of my mouth when I started, “Please let me go – please, I really want to go with my ….. ummppppfffff,”

I was interrupted as the gag went back into place with Derek tightly fastening the straps and cinching them in place. I never had a chance to explain about my date with my girl friend, Julie, and that she would be waiting.

“No dinner for Bee-bee tonight,” said Derek.

“Pity,” said my aunt. “But I guess he prefers to chew on the gag to a meal.”

I fought and struggled, but of course it did no good. Derek saw to it that I could go to the bathroom, but I stayed bound to the chair until bed time. Then they wheeled the chair into their bedroom, and left me there. So I stayed there trussed up and gagged. And I spent the rest of the night tightly tied up and gagged.

In the morning, Derek took me to the bathroom, releasing me from the chair and undoing the crotch straps of the straitjacket. Then he refastened things and took me to the kitchen.

“I’ll remove the gag,” he said. “But one word and no breakfast either.”

I didn’t say anything because I was really hungry, and so I got breakfast. As soon as it was over, Derek regagged me with the leather gag fastening the Velcro straps tightly, and then he untied me from the chair. They untied my legs, and my aunt said that I had the freedom of the house but would remain in the straitjacket and gag. It was clear that I wasn’t going anywhere.

They ungagged me again for lunch and there was a bathroom break. Then my aunt gave Derek a list of errands to run. He asked me if I would like to go along for the ride.

“Mmmmmm Mmmmmm Mmmm,” I said, trying to say “Untie me.”

“Don’t understand you if you won’t speak clearly,” Derek laughed.

“Take him along,” my aunt said. “He needs to get out of the house for a while and it will be easier for you to watch him than it would be for me here because I’ve got a lot of things to do.”

Derek led me out to the garage. He opened the back door to their SUV, and had me sit in the middle seat. There he tied my legs, put on a seat belt, and used more rope to really truss-me up in the seat. When he was done, I could hardly move, sitting there fastened to the seat so securely. The SUV has tinted windows on the sides, so I guess he and my aunt figured nobody would see me.

Once I was secure inside, my aunt showed up with her camera and photographed the scene.

We drove all around, to the store (Derek went inside leaving me in the SUV only briefly), to the gas station, to the post office, and to some other shops where Derek picked up things. While we were parked along the street, I saw one of my friends, and he walked right next to the SUV so close that if I hadn’t been tied up and gagged, I could have reached out and touched him or yelled to him. I wanted to laugh at what he might think if he could see me sitting there watching him so securely bound up and gagged. I wondered how much fun he and the others were having at the parties that I was missing. Altogether Derek and I were gone for over two hours.

Back home, Derek released me from the SUV, and I went into the house, free again to wander around in my straitjacket and gag.

We had dinner around 6:30 (I kept quiet and ate this time) followed by another bathroom break. I have to admit, Derek and aunt were good about seeing that I was comfortable while tied up. While they watched television that evening, I was hog-tied on the floor. Then, after the news, the bathroom, and then I was retied to the chair in their bedroom with a blindfold added. And there I spent the second night bound and with the leather gag in place. Derek said he didn’t want to be wakened in the night again unless it was an emergency. I slept a lot the second night and it was really interesting to wake up suddenly and realize that I was still tied up.

In the morning, Derek took me to the kitchen, after the bathroom. They took off the gag for breakfast and they didn’t put it back on. Derek said that they would completely untie me after a while. I stayed only in the straitjacket for a while. Just before Noon, they took that off too.

The first thing I needed was a shower – I had sweat a lot in the straitjacket and both it and I really smelled bad. My aunt said she would have to wash the straitjacket as it was awful.

I was angry about missing the parties, and curious to know what I missed. My friends asked me where I had been – that I missed some great times. A couple of parties were raided by police, and two guys I know ended up in jail at least briefly. I was said that I had missed all the fun but at least I got to spend the weekend tied up thinking that I was a prisoner. I liked that. I’ve decided that I am still very happy with my arrangement with my aunt and Derek.

Derek said that he thought it a little unusual for someone to like to be tied up and for as long at a time as I do – most of the people we read about only are tied up for an hour or two. We talked about it for a long time, and I tried to express to them how I felt when I was tied up, and how I liked to struggle and try to talk with the gag in place and that I found it a pleasurable experience. I like not knowing how long I’ll be tied up, and to be surprised. My aunt surprised me when she said that sooner or later we would need to let my parents know about this and risk their disapproval. I said I hoped they would keep this a secret as I was sure that my parents would be upset by it.

It’s hard to express the fun of being tied up. It still strikes me as strange that I like being tied up and gagged, and I don’t understand why, but I sure do and I guess I’m lucky to have found a safe way to do it. This time was the longest that I have been tied up, and I loved it although I hated missing the parties. .

I can hardly wait until I find myself bound and gagged somewhere again. And I know that with my aunt and Derek, I’m now more safe than before.

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