Video – Prisoner 07 ‘Bath Time’

The video shows how the prisoner was restrained for the afternoon preceding Prisoner 06 Weekend in Chains.
The prisoner was made to wear the usual PVC t-shirt and a pair of thin, black, silky, shiny 1980s style soccer shorts.
The prisoner’s wrists were cuffed behind his back. His arms were pinned to his sides with blue plastic banding. He was then placed in a full bath, initially sitting and then lieing on his back causing severe discomfort due to his cuffed wrists. His ankles were roped together and then attached to the taps at the other end of the bath.
The prisoner’s mouth was stuffed and then many layers of duct tape were wrapped over it and around his head completely covering the lower part of his face. The rubber hood was then pulled down over his head. The rubber and the duct tape produced a perfect seal making breathing even more difficult than usual.
For the bulk of this session the prisoner remained on his back. Towards the end – to increase his discomfort – his ankles were untied from the taps and he was turned over onto his front and his ankles were again re-attached to the taps. Keeping his rubber and duct tape covered face above the water level proved extremely difficult for the prisoner and water passing through his small breathing holes and gathering under his hood made regular and calm breathing virtually impossible.
The prisoner received a further shock when his ankles were suddenly pulled out of the water causing his head to completely submerge.
Further suffering was to follow in probably the most extreme and uncomfortable period of captivity which the prisoner has yet to face.

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