Story – ‘The TAG Kid’ Chapter 3

Tied up in a red speedo

Chapter 3

Tuesday, May 6, 2000

To My Diary

I’ve written before abut my tie-up adventures with my aunt and Derek. They have agreed to tie me up once in a while, and I’ve enjoyed the two times they’ve done it so far. My aunt and her partner, Derek, now call me “Bee-Bee, the TAG Kid,” meaning “Bondage Boy, The Tied and Gagged Kid.” My aunt says my liking to be tied up is great because she’s always wanted to dominate a man and Derek isn’t interested.

The last time they tied me up, I was tied for a day and a night, and I really liked it. After that I reaffirmed the agreement that they could tie me up any time they want, for as long as they want, wearing anything they want, without warning. I also added that I cannot take back that agreement which was something new.

Sadly, the end of the college year was coming, and I would be with my aunt and Derek only a few more days. Friday evening, nothing happened, and I was really disappointed, although I didn’t say anything to them. I knew my aunt was having a catered lunch party around the swimming pool on Saturday so they wouldn’t have me tied up then. Sunday they would be away with friends and they said they would never leave me alone when I was tied up. I went to bed Friday a bit disappointed.

Sometime in the night – I have no idea when, I woke up feeling something happening to my arms. I’m a sound sleeper, so didn’t realize what was going on at first – but quickly understood that my arms were up over my head stretched out, and being tied to the corners of my bed.

It was dark in the room, so I couldn’t see who was doing it, but there were two people and I assumed it was my aunt and Derek. I started to say something, but a hand was quickly put across my mouth. I struggled with the rope that held my wrists, and then felt someone grab one leg and stretch it out and tie rope around it, then the other leg the same so that I was fully stretched out to all four of the corners of the bed and not able to move much. The hand came off my mouth, and when I opened it to say something, someone shoved in a large ball, raised my head, and did something behind my head. Then someone put tape on my eyes. The ball kept me from saying anything understandable, and the rope held my arms and legs firmly. Next I felt something at my side – I wear only boxer shorts when I sleep – and something was happening to them. Then I felt something cold moving against my side, and then the other side and the shorts were pulled away – they had cut the shorts on each side and removed them. I was naked.

Finally, I heard a deep voice say, “Now we have the adults and the kid all tied up, we can search the house and split.”

Then something went into my right ear, and I heard music, then my left ear, and tape or something went over my ears. holding the ear-plugs in place. All I heard was the music. I was tied stretched-out on the bed, nude, gagged, blindfolded, and ears blocked with some kind of earphones that were held in place. It was wild!

It may have been my imagination, but I thought I saw three or four light flashes. Hard to tell. It might have been my aunt as she has a digital camera and right from the start she took few pictures of me each time they had tied me up. She says she’s putting them in an album that she will show me some day.

For her it’s a souvenir of her domination of a man.

I don’t know how long I was there, but it seemed like hours and hours. I squirmed around, but couldn’t move very much. Finally, after I thought I would be there forever, I felt something gently pulling the tape over my eyes. As I adjusted to the light (it was day time by then) I saw my aunt looking down on me and smiling with Derek behind her. She pulled the tape from my ears and removed the ear-plug-phones.

“Good morning, Bee-Bee. How are you?”

“Mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmm” was about all I could say around the ball in my mouth.

My aunt left and Derek untied my right arm, and held it while he untied my left arm, then he sat me up, pulled my arms behind my back, and tied them together – this time with one of those white plastic ties that the police use.

It zipped into place quickly and firmly. He then untied my legs.

“You go to the bathroom,” he said, “and then come on to the kitchen if you want any breakfast.” And he left.

I went to the bathroom, and while there looked in the mirror and saw a large red ball in my mouth, held by what looked like a thin leather strap that was buckled behind my head. My arms were tied at the wrists with the plastic police tie, and I still had no clothes on. I was reluctant to strut into the kitchen naked, although I was all but naked in that Speedo, and my aunt had already seen me on the bed, and I really didn’t have much choice. Sheepishly I snuck in, and sat down quickly. Derek laughed and said to my aunt, who had her back turned, “Bee-bee, the naked TAG kid is here for breakfast.”

My aunt brought out her camera, and made me stand and took my picture. I was really embarrassed.

“Well,” she said, walking over still looking at me. “Did you sleep well?”

“Mmmm” I said, nodding my head.


“Mmmmmm” I said, nodding again.

“Did you think you were being tied up by robbers last night?” my aunt asked.

“Mmm Mmmmm” I said, indicating no by shaking my head.

“I didn’t think you would,” she laughed. “It was crazy Derek’s idea to try to scare you. I’m afraid he’s getting into this bondage thing a bit. Now you have both of us to contend with tying you up and thinking of new ways to do it.”

“We’ll take off the gag,” said Derek, but remember the rules. “One word and it goes back and that’s the end of breakfast.”

I had learned my lesson the last time. I sat, hands tied, while they fed me breakfast. When they were done, Derek told me to open my mouth again, and in went the gag which he told me was called a “ball-gag” and he said that my aunt had bought it at a local store, along with a few other bondage things that I would see eventually. He cinched the gag up tight.

My aunt and Derek chatted about the luncheon that was due to start later that morning and that the women guests would begin arriving between eleven and Noon. They discussed some details, made some decisions and agreed on tasks to be completed. The caterer would come at ten or ten-thirty, my aunt said. It was seven-thirty then. I was up earlier than usual for a Saturday.

Derek looked at me and told me to enjoy myself for a couple of hours, but stay out of the way and that my aunt and he would “deal with me” before the caterer arrived.”

I looked down at myself, and up at him, trying to indicate that I was uncomfortable being naked. But Derek paid no attention, so when my aunt was busy with dishes, I got up and walked into the den and sat there “out of the way.” With my hands tied, I could still work the remote for the television, so I watched TV for a while. Then I walked around, looking at the preparations for the luncheon. It was really strange, wandering around the house with my hands tied, gagged, and naked.

I waited patiently the two hours. At 9:30 I expected either my aunt or Derek to come and release me. She came, but she didn’t let me go. Instead she took me into the kitchen. There she cautioned me not to speak, and she removed the ball gag. She replaced it with the small ball she had used before, she put on my rubber swim cap, and she began sealing my mouth with wraps of duct tape, around and around, under my chin and over my head.

“We need to be sure you don’t make any noise during the party,” she explained.

So, I was to remain tied during the party? A surprise!!!! But where would they put me. Surely not on public display!!

Derek took cutters and removed the plastic tie that held my wrists. He then brought out padded leather cuffs linked together by short chain of about one inch. He put one cuff on each wrist, adjusted them to the right size, and locked each in place with a small padlock. They were comfortable, but I thought he had made a mistake putting them on in front as I could reach up and remove the gag if I wanted.

My aunt looked over at me, and said, “Derek, have him wear something – just in case.”

“In case what?”

“In case someone finds him.”

“Nobody will find him.”

“I don’t care, just in case he shouldn’t be nude.”

Derek went into another room, and returned with one of his thong swim suits – a black one. He had me step into it, and he pulled it up into place. I had never worn a thong before, and it felt really strange.

Then Derek led me outside past the swimming pool. At the far end of the patio, there is a small building which has two dressing rooms and a third room that is for storage although there has never been anything stored in it. The third room is enclosed by two-inch-wide wooden slats about a half inch apart. This ventilation, Derek said once, is so that it would be safe for chemical storage. Derek opened the door and I went inside with him following me – there almost wasn’t enough room for two of us. Against the back wall, I noticed a number of new eye-bolts in the wood and in various places. Derek had been busy.

Derek reached into a bag he was carrying, and pulled out a bungie cord about a foot long. He attached one end to an eye-bolt in the ceiling, then he stood me up against the back and had me raise my arms. He ran the bungie cord down under the wrist cuffs, and back up to the ceiling where he hooked the other end into the eye-bolt. There was some give, but my arms were securely fastened over my head. No way to reach the gag then. He secured the ends of the bungie cord to the eye-bolt so they wouldn’t come loose if I jiggled or tried to move them.

He tied ropes to each ankle, had me spread my legs, and secured each leg to eye-bolts in the corners of the shed so that I could no longer bring my legs together. There were eye-bolts along the wall at both of my sides. He used more bungie cords to go from one side to the other, over my belly, chest, and one at head level over my mouth. He then took tape and taped the mouth cord in place so it wouldn’t slip. I was then held fast against the wall of the shed, arms secure over my head, gagged, and going nowhere.

“There,” he said. “You can look out a bit between the slats and see some of the party if you want.”

My aunt showed up with her camera and took a few pictures of me.

Then Derek closed the door, and I heard him fasten the hasp and put a lock on it so that nobody would accidentally open it and find me. It was dark inside so nobody would see me standing there.

I stood there, and between the slats I could sort of see the caterer who had started setting up. After a bit, somebody came to the door, unlocked it, and opened it. It was my aunt who looked inside, and after seeing me, said, “I wanted to double check that he did a good job so that you wouldn’t get away during the party. Say something.”

“Ummmm uhmmmm uhhhmmm,” I managed through the gag.

“Good,” she said. “I doubt that anyone out here could hear you. Can you see much around the pool?”

I nodded my head, yes. I could see some of what was happening.

She shut the door, and locked it.

Eventually women started to arrive. Most quickly changed into their swim suits, and since it was a women-only party (nobody knew I was kind-of watching), some of the suits were very skimpy, although none as skimpy as the string bikini my aunt wore in private. I really got a thrill watching them parade around in their suits. I was really glad they couldn’t see me as seeing them clearly had me aroused.

Later, they started eating. Three women and my aunt sat at one of the tables that was next to the shed where I was bound and gagged. They chatted for a while, and spent a lot of time discussing one of their friends who had been caught by her husband having an affair. They really raked her over the coals, although I wasn’t sure whether they were upset because she had the affair or that she got caught because she hadn’t been careful.

They discussed a few more things, and then one of the ladies, who I knew as one of my aunt’s best friends, asked, “Where’s Sam? I thought we would see him here today.”

“Oh,” said my aunt, “Sam’s hanging around, I suppose. He probably didn’t want to be involved with a bunch of women.”

“He sure is fortunate to have you and Derek house him while he’s at university here,” she continued.

“Yes,” said my aunt, “and he’s a pleasure to have around. We really enjoy him.” (Then my aunt started off on one of her ‘double-meaning’ joke trips – she enjoys puns and phrases with two meanings). “You know,” she added, “Sam and I, and Derek, have been doing a lot of bonding lately.”

“That’s nice,” the women agreed.

“Yes, I’ve really been showing the boy the ropes, and you know kids. Sam still gets himself into things now and then that he can’t get himself out of. Derek and I let him sweat it out for a while, then we come to his rescue.”

“He gets into trouble?”

“Oh no, he’s not into trouble. Just problems at school or with homework and especially with his hobbies. He has really gotten tied up in his new hobbies.

He’s really a great student – getting good marks. Derek says that Sam is a real TAG student in more ways than one. His dad will be pleased,” my aunt continued, “but soon the year will be over and he’ll go home for the summer.

The conversation then drifted to other things, and I listened, not being able to do much else. The women swam more, so I didn’t hear much after that. Later in the afternoon they started leaving, and I saw the caterer clean up and go.

Then Derek came, and I knew everyone was gone as he was in one of his thong suits. He unlocked the door, came into the shed, and released me from the bungie cords and tape. He unlocked the cuffs, put my arms behind my back, and fastened them with another police-plastic-tie. He untied my legs which were a bit stiff. He did not remove the gag. He led me to the bathroom, where he let me use the toilet. He didn’t replace the thong swim suit, and he led me to the pool.

“Join me for a swim and then we’ll eat,” he said. “Your aunt’s been eating and nibbling all afternoon so she’s not hungry.”

I moved around in the water, but with your hands bound, swimming is rather difficult. After the swim he dried himself and me off, then we went into the kitchen. Derek carefully removed my tape and ball gag, cautioned me not to speak, and fed me dinner which my aunt had prepared mostly from left-overs from the luncheon.

Derek then took me to the bathroom again, then led me into the den, and cut the plastic tie on my wrist. He then brought out rope, and tied me up exactly the way he had the first time, securing my wrists behind my back, my legs at the ankles, above and below my knees, and then a strict hog-tie. He used the duct tape to tape all of the bindings and my hands like he had before. The only thing different was that he took tape and taped my eyes shut. It was turning out to be a long long day of bondage. But I was enjoying it.

I lay there for a long time, and my aunt and Derek watched television. I heard them moving around, doing something – I couldn’t tell what. I guessed it was about eight o’clock by the program on television, when my aunt came over and slowly removed the tape from my eyes. As my eyes adjusted to the light, she said “I have a surprise for you – company.” She stepped away, and I saw that laying next to me on the floor, bound the same way that I was and gagged, was Derek – still in his thong swim suit.

“You see, Sam,” my aunt said, “Derek has been really enjoying tying you up and finding new ways to do it. For years I’ve been after him to let me tie him up, and he’s always refused. But he decided to try it just once so he let me tie him the same way that you’re tied. He said he wanted to see what it felt like for an hour or two.”

She stood and held up her camera and took pictures of both of us, and went back to the couch and went on watching television. Derek and I squirmed around on the floor, watching each other and making unintelligible noises. We tried to get together to see if we could untie each other, but the tape prevented that.

After two hours, my aunt announced that she was tired. It had been a long day and the luncheon wore her out. She walked over to me, and said, “Sam, Derek thought we should keep you bound and gagged all night again tonight – and well into tomorrow. It was to be a long session for you to test your limits. But now I’m changing the rules.”

There was an “umpfff” from Derek who’s eyes looked startled.

“He will indicate to me when to untie you. And then you will tell me when to untie him. You cannot tell me to untie him until you are untied. So the longer he lets you remain tied, the longer he remains tied. That’s my new rule.”

“Mmmmmm Mmmmmmm MMMmmmmm Uphhhhhhhh,” came from Derek who looked really upset and squirmed around looking up at my aunt.

“Sorry, Derek,” she smiled, “but you know the rules – once you are tied up, you stay as long as I want, where I want, dressed like I want. Those are our rules and they now apply to you too.”

Derek made a lot of noise in protest, but it didn’t get him anywhere. “I’m going to change for bed,” my aunt said, “and I’ll come back and give you one chance to tell me whether or not to untie Sam. If you don’t give me a sign, you both stay here all night.”

She was gone about thirty minutes. Then she came back.

“Well,” she said. “Do I untie him?”

Derek shook his head, no.

She turned and started to leave the room, but then he made more noise, and she looked back. He was nodding his head, yes.

My aunt untied me. It took a while, and I was happy that it was over as it had been a long long time since they came into my room and bound me during the night. I was really stiff, and my mouth ached.

“Well, Sam, when do we untie Derek?”

“Did he really want to keep me tied up all night?”

“Oh, yes,” she said. He was shaking his head, no and making noise in his gag.

“Then, let’s not untie him until morning,” I said.

“He may get even with you later,” she cautioned.

“I don’t care – don’t let him go until morning.”

Derek really made lots of noise, but I went off to bed and I slept well. No way would he come into my room during the night – I was sure of that.

In the morning I was up really early and down to the den to free Derek, but he wasn’t there. I went back to bed. Much later, at breakfast, he walked in and joined me and my aunt who was fixing the meal.

“I untied him this morning as you instructed,” she said.

I could see deep rope marks on his wrists, on his legs, and around his body, so I knew he had been tied until fairly recently.

“Did you enjoy it?” I asked.

“Just you wait,” he said, “You’ll pay for this and pay dearly. But yes, in a way it was fun. Your aunt made it a great pleasure, and that’s all I’ll say. I can tell she really enjoys this business of being in charge.”

I also had really enjoyed my third time being tied up by my aunt and Derek, and was sorry that school would be over in a few weeks.

Being bound and gagged gives me an endorphin rush, kind of like the thrill of riding a roller coaster. I find I really love it. But I love not knowing what they will do. I enjoy having my aunt in control. My aunt has assured me that she’ll keep an eye on us and guarantee that nothing harms me. That’s the way I like it. I don’t know when I’ll get tied up again but when it happens, I’ll write about it here in my diary.

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