12 Replies to “Fantasy or nightmare?”

  1. I’d love to try it too but be the one tightening all those lovely straps. Then I’d just sit and watch them squirm for hours. Maybe you could do something similar with your prisoner 🙂

    1. I’d love to see that.. but then, I’d ALSO love to find out where the person that took this picture got those restraints. I want a set JUST like them. The middle picture has a watermark on it–can anyone make it out, or can the author of the blog share what site the watermark is from? That would be a good place to start to find them.

  2. Extremly hot! this is what i love.. a litte afraid of being cloroformed though(some health problems)…other than that i’m all in for it.
    I love extreme bondage sitiations like this and being taken, or kidnapped is a big plus for me..

  3. i too would wonder how this would feel…and wonder how long i could stay like this….SAFEWORD!!!!!!!

  4. Skip the chloro -too dangerous ! Just get your guy strapped into that splendid suit and sit back to enjoy the next several hours…ignore his begging…(GRIN)

  5. Heavybondage, could you possibly post the link where you found these pictures, or what is written in the “watermark” in the lower right corner of the middle one? Please?

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