Video – Prisoner 03 ‘Extreme Chain Captivity Again’

A further period of this extremely uncomfortable and claustrophobic form of restraint was required for the prisoner.
The prisoner’s wrists were cuffed behind his back. He was placed sitting in a cross legged position and his ankles were chained together so that he could not uncross his legs. Chain was then wrapped around the prisoner’s neck, around his thighs, back around his neck and then padlocked down to his ankle chains. The chains were pulled very tightly so the prisoner’s neck and head were forced forward towards his ankles.
The prisoner was made to wear the usual PVC top and a pair of small child size, silky, black, shiny 1980s style soccer shorts.
His mouth was stuffed with a cloth and golf ball which was duct taped into place. The skintight rubber hood was once again applied.
This method of restraint does not cause pain but it is extremely uncomfortable and does create feelings of absolute helplessness, fear and claustrophobia. Ideal for a prisoner who needs to know who is in charge.

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